Destiny 2: Where Is Xur? Location and the Exotics

Destiny 2 released on September 6. How Bungie's online shooter gets away in the preliminary reviews, you can find here with us! Destiny 2 is a successor to a successful online shooter game. After all, many fans want all the goodies of the predecessor and a lot of cool innovations and features. In no case, yet, should they surpass the fancied gunplay of the original.

We have collected some of these tests and reviews here for you. So you can already take a snap of the game and its strengths and weaknesses. The first preliminary reviews are already on Metacritic, IGN or Gamespot.

It's as if Bungie had perfected his own "Destiny language" over the years with the DLC. It has implemented this know-how to create exactly the game that Destiny want from the outset. The gameplay fits, and the staging top the predecessor by lengths. The characters are sympathetic and the elevation of the figure is fun.

If you did not like Destiny 1, some of the criticisms in the second part will improve or worsen. Yet, one should also wait and see how the game develops. Destiny 2 does not differ from the first part. But it would make many things better. The story was better around world's and information was better conveyed. The weapon categories improve and the new maps would be a lot of fun.

Fans of Destiny 1 should not miss the second part. Especially the story and the many quality-of-life improvements are great. Destiny 2 would put a promising start! Destiny 2 has a super gameplay. The gameplay is fantastic and the story motivates. In essence, the game would still be a real Destiny, which works as a shooter. But one still needs to see how the game develops further.

In the form of the so-called adventures, we stumble on the planet of Destiny 2 over and over again and again. There are subcontracts, each telling their own stories. Sometimes you have to switch off a supply group for an NPC, put a backstab or even a huge boss. Even these sidequests exceed the level of many of the main emissions from Destiny 1.

The campaign last six to eight hours. The adventures are actually a compulsory program for every type of player. It almost doubled the pure story volume.

Anyone who wants to get around the worlds of Titan, the Earth, Nessus finds random patrol missions (enemies killing, finding things). There are secret dungeons (so-called Lost Sectors), or public events. Various players gather, fight against the Robo. That's already in the predecessor. The tanks and event types are now more challenging and more versatile.

Social cause

Of course, you can also play Destiny 2 completely in the coop. In the campaign, this is more of a whimsical addition than a playful necessity. The level of difficulty adapts itself to our ability. But in the Strike missions after the campaign, it looks different.

In the Koop, you almost always have to go with the most group strength of three guards. The level of difficulty and the boss fights increase compared to campaigns. Before the release of the first raid, the five strikes form the strategy content of Destiny 2. When we first played, we had a lot of fun with the crisp missions, after release in the long-term test. Destiny 2 relies on the same inventory slots as its predecessor. Also, the character editor is identical.

It looks like the PvP, which we want to take under the magnifying glass under live conditions. The fight against other games feels like the predecessor after a first test. It is a solid alternative to Call of Duty with similar game modes (Deathmatch, control points hold and so on). At the end of the day, yet, it will not be the PvP mode, which inspires people in the long run for Destiny 2.

How much grind is there?

Compared to Destiny 1, you can play Destiny 2 like a story shooter. And then you can think about perfecting your character. This is the right way to meet the players who do not want to invest tens of hours in hunting for this one heroic item. People find the usual reward spiral again even more straddled by new possibilities. Whoever sacked items in the Open World can, for example, trade in special NPCs for fat rewards. Then can increase their own reputation among the factions.

How much fun is Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is very like the first part and does not re-inject a wheel. The story, despite its good production, does not cross the Good-Evil scheme at any point. There is a lack of new opponents, the classes also resemble the predecessor. The perfect reconciliation with all the critics so remains.

The Vex is a cyborg breed, which relies on shields. To defeat them, we need energy weapons. But the bottom line hurts the game when one could start with the gameplay of the predecessor. The second part works with the same kit but creates a better game. The campaign is more staged, the game works as a story shooter also for people who do not like the MMO aspect.

The weapon handling and the grind has returned in the right places. There is much more to do in the Open World - Strikes, Adventures, PvP. Story missions create a game world where you can spend tens of hours.

Where is Xur - Destiny 2?

And what does it offer? We have the first time answers to these questions. Xur emerges for the first time in Destiny 2. In this article, we collect all information about its location and its offer.

For those who do not know what this means. Xur is a mysterious trader, who has always appeared in the game world from Friday to Sunday. It has a weekly changing assortment of Endgame items in his luggage. Players could shop with him for a special in-game currency.

His first appearance in Destiny 2 is Xur on 15 September. He remains until 19 September according to the official website. Meanwhile, on the Bungie page, the 22 September to 26 September was also found. How accurate the information is, remains unknown. So players will have more time to shop.

Xur dives in Destiny 2 every week at a different location on the planet zones. This time he makes it comfortable on Nessus in the Guardian's Gug. You can already see his position in the Director and can also mark it as a target point for you. To find Xur, go to the fast journey point in the Guardian's Gug. Once there, turn to the left and follow the path. The agent of Nine stands on the first larger tree on the right.

Destiny 2: What is Xur selling?

Xur sells four exotic items. One weapon and one piece of equipment per class. In the following, we list the current offer of the weekend trader. The prices are as follows. 29 legendary fragments are due for the weapon. The equipment cost 23 legendary fragments.

Hunters can grab the breast guard. Fast attacks in succession with the Ark Staff increase the damage and duration.

Warlocks also get a chest protector from Xur. With daemons equipped, you will remain in the air for a short while aiming with weapons in the air. Precision hits increase the duration of this effect.

The exotic weapon this week is the Fusion Rifle, which is very strong in the final game. Non-lethal hits reduce the charge time.

Destiny 2: Shopping with legendary fragments

You need legendary fragments. You will get this currency by destroying legendary items. Since Xur is several days on the spot, you still have the opportunity to earn the currency.