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The May 2017 Clash of Clans update introduces interesting news within the app. Let's see what awaits us. With the new version of the famous title distributed by Supercell, you can create a base named "Manufacturer's Base" thanks to which we can develop a number of new units or defenses that will be introduced along with some interpretations of elements already present, including we find Sneaky Archer, Rage Barbarian, Cannon, Double Cannon, Boxer Giant.

You can also play with a new hero called "War Machine", which will represent a weapon created and used by the manufacturer itself. We will find the "Mine of Gems" and, as you can already make in Royale Clash, we can challenge other players in the Night mode.

The manufacturer in New Island mode will have an enhanced version and it will build several new structures to be able to defend yourself (you may notice next to the buildings of the levers or small cannons). In the pictures you can also notice the new structure of the Manufacturer Hut, much bigger than we are used to. The mason could become a Storm Trooper that can inflict enormous damage using the hammer (in true hero style on the islands).

Also, thanks to the new Builder, you can strengthen defenses already on the village by allowing them to get special benefits such as the ability to double or triple the damage inflicted on the enemy! There will be new types of traps or new structures with completely new goals and purposes of the classic mode. You may notice, for example, a clock tower, a completely new building.

Also to be noted is that some structures have a lever (Archer Tower) which would enable it to rise and fall according to the attack or not by the opponent. The rewards could be tripled if you win three fights in a row.

The update does not, however, concern only new things, but also in its classical base will adopt a defense system that will strengthen structures already active such as the Multi-Mortar. Let's start off with the arrival of new troops. This innovation should be in the standard mode and provide for the arrival of Night Witch, being also released on Clash Royale.