Book Review: Rafflesia - Gautam

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Rafflesia, The Banished Princess by Gautam is an introspective novel and psychologically is a journey into the human psyche, where the truth is hidden in the most secluded corners that often remain enigmatic.

The novel is about a very strong emotional bond, of inestimable value, which at least once has probably broken in the lives of all of us that binds us to our friends and in particular those of all time of the accomplices who have grown with us, with whom we shared the most important moments of our existence, whether good or bad.

The book begins with Appu through the years of adolescence, whose character is made of light-heartedness, transgressions and complicity. I appreciated the way in which the author presents the world of adolescence where everything is seen through the lens of youth with hopes, desires, dreams, freedom and the want to feel emotions.

Then as Appu grows up and moves on across India and abroad, it turns out that life is like a canvas on which there are beautiful pastel colours that create serenity, hope and strict dark colours that undermine our certainties generating concerns. Colours and emotions create the energy of life that is concentrated in the seeds of a sprouting plant.

For the first part of the book I have often wondered where the author wanted to take us and then I realized. I realized that this was a necessary prelude to frame the character, to make us understand who is Appu, and the nuances of his character.

This book has a simple and not complicated plot, yet it contains so much strength and beauty. The cinders is the fire, the passion that burns powerfully, like love, friendship, infidelity, hatred and revenge, and when it afflicts, the human heart triggers passion and light and begins the search for stark and clear truth.

You cannot help but love this novel, and even after it is finished, you won’t be able to resign yourself to the idea of seeing the cover closed. So you reopen and begin to browse those pages where you're immersed until the day before, looking for something, and read eagerly hoping to get lost.

The one told in this book is the story of many, in the banality of a consolidated report, in the ordinary awareness of betrayal, with jealousy, love, envy, maturity and we find all this in the book, which then is not so short. It tells us, seen from within, the story that all, in some way, we have lived.

Despite a bit fragile character, this is a book I would totally recommend to all, a story that reminds us the sentimentality that is unusual among these pages, and made me reflect on the precious gifts that I have found in my life!

This is an emotional book with deep intensity, written in a fluid style that is compelling and manages to pierce the human soul that makes us understand that life can be unfair and harsh but we should accept it and deal with it day by day in joy and pain.

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing • Published: 20 March 2017 • ISBN-13: 978-9352017164 • Language: English • Binding: Paperback • Pages: 397