Book Review: Radha - Leena Saldanha

Radha by Leena Saldanha is a classical collection of poems that depict the most intense moments of the love stories between Radha and Krishna from their meetings, the yearning, the long nights, envy, nostalgia, the desires and confidence that hold disenchanted reflections on the world and life

As the multicoloured, shiny pieces of a mosaic, loose verses are the favourite poetic form in India. The book is structured very well with each richly annotated poems and wonderful verses coming from a unique culture that is rich and highly evocative.

The book has a detachment from subjectivity, lightness, a serene impersonal tone of a periodic ritual tormented by the idea of sin and the attempt to find everything what is inside with the supreme synthesis of the lover and the beloved, but that energy moves that go beyond and invest the whole of reality and the cosmos.

For the poet, the loving couple has a chance to make their experience more full and complete with the sacred and profane, soul and desire, spirit and flesh, language and nature that is inextricably intertwined.

In this melodic verses and wisdom, love becomes fruitful and therefore the desire arouses images and visions that are able to regenerate and rejuvenate continuously in joyful creative ferment passion and need for ethical truth. The experience of abandonment, of loneliness, which is the last, tragic facet prism of love, is tempered in poems that appears more and more like a real alternative of faith.

The attention of the poet is directed mainly to the emotions of Radha. It reads like a dream, as an overwhelming passion in a delicate, luxurious, erotic, sensual and refined book.

The poems seek to bring the reader at the top that want to constitute a sort of staircase to a different view and at the same time tragic which makes us mindful, for a moment of a common destiny, which is always certain through the disappearance of the non-sense of the abyss into which a human life is to cut out a sketch of an intelligible plot.

The poems are musical that bring peace to the hearts while singing a sacred melody that is a perfect synthesis with a marriage of sounds that strengthen the poetry and fortify the empathy. And that's the real magic of this book.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 220 ♥ Published: 1 February 2017 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352017515