Book Review: Quarter Life Crisis - Anshuk Attri

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Quarter Life Crisis by Anshuk Attri invites you to become aware of your own lives and to be careful in your actions. What happens when a boy of just 23 years discovers that his girlfriend is pregnant? The answer is in this book, a story to explain the way teenagers react in these cases.

The one narrated in the book is the story of Prachur, a boy who has just crossed his teens who loves life and spends his time with his best friend Neera. Together they have fun and face everyday life happily that leads them to have a relationship and that will be fatal as Neera soon discovers she is pregnant. The two must learn to fight together for life.

Since that day they had to face the problems of society without knowing what is best and who to contact for help. For Neera the biggest challenge is to live next to a boy who is becoming a man. Because what at first was only an innocent friendship, moment by moment turns into an attraction that binds them increasingly inextricably.

I admired the strength and courage of Prachur to love and go on when his destiny changes forever. Prachur has no fear of being unpleasant and a snob, who has a good heart, but he is a complicated man, perhaps self-defeating, because his instincts has stronger reason. The thin line is the stretch of border that delimits of being the children and becoming a man or a woman. But when that line is crossed at too young age, when we still do not have the maturity to deal with a pregnancy everything seems insurmountable.

Although the book tells a love story, the reading was not easy, because there is also so many other issues, and all of great importance as the coming of age, unwanted pregnancy at a very early age, society, love and friendship, and it develops into a stimulating narrative.

The crude language, tell the reality as it is and shows in every detail the contradictions, fears, thoughts and weaknesses of individual characters, the anguish with which we are told this story. It was like I suddenly realizing how fragile we are, how difficult it is to be consistent with ourselves.

The same is true for all of us who always dream of what we have, without realizing how lucky we are and that true happiness is closer than we think. The book surprises and warms the heart and you can hardly forget that I would recommend to all mature readers looking for a beautiful story that does not leave a bitter taste.

The value of this contemporary romance for adults is undeniable, as was the author's skill in dealing with the theme of pregnancy between a very young boy and a girl and the result is marvelous. The story allows a total immersion in the novel, as seen from the eyes of the male character.

The book is a complete and captivating novel. Here, then, that the novel is credible from start to finish interspersed with dramatic moments. With a linear storyline, thrilling adventures and characters characterized really well, do you want more from life?

Publisher: Maple Press • Published: 1 April 2017 • ISBN-13: 978-8193324820 • Language: English • Binding: Paperback • Pages: 304