Amazon Unveils Echo Show with Touchscreen and Video Calls

Amazon Echo Show images

Amazon has revealed its latest member of the Echo family in terms of Internet of Things and digital assistants, Echo Show, something that goes well beyond the smart speaker, which compared to the normal Echo also has a touchscreen. Echo Show is essentially a classic Echo device that is similar not for appearance but for functions, and then equipped with Alexa AI, but with the addition of a 7-inch touch-screen.

The device measures 187x187x90 mm and weighs 1170 grams, so you can check weather forecasts, read the lyrics of songs on Amazon Music and perform all other already possible activities with Echo, but with the advantage of being able to view many more information than if they were given vocally.

Echo Show, supported by a system with eight microphones with noise cancellation and one Dolby speaker also allows you to play streaming video, including content from YouTube and Amazon Video, searching with a voice command. There is then also a built-in camera of 5 megapixels to make video-calls and is supported by integration with smart home devices.

The best, however, obviously is Echo Show gives it in synergy with other Amazon solutions. Taking photos from Prime Photo for example can function as digital photo frame, while playing songs from Amazon Music will automatically display on-screen texts. The device also can connect via WiFi to video surveillance devices, with the ability to interact by asking for example to Alexa to show a specific plan or home room.

Amazon Echo Show is already available to pre-order in the United States where it is sold at $ 230 for a single unit or $ 360 for the bundle with two speaker/smart screens. The shipments will start on June 28.