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YouTube is a candidate to become an increasingly bitter competitor of TV or maybe an ally. In a post published on the official blog of the video platform, Cristos Goodrow, VP of YouTube engineering revealed that currently it has been viewed a total of 1 billion hours of video to YouTube every day, including website and mobile app. Just to clarify, the manager writes, if we were to look at videos on YouTube for a billion hours, it would take us about 100 thousand years.

This figure seems to confirm that the road for some time taken by the Google Video platform was rewarding. YouTube, which initially owed its fortune to a user-generated editorial model, has recently tackled its initial proposition, switching to a more quality model of its offer.

A model which now points to the enhancement of quality content, help in particular the so-called influencers also from a point of view of the possibility of monetization. And that thanks to an increase in the level of content, also aims at television advertisers.

It's a clear example of the program Google Preferred, a new advertising solution that allows brands and media agencies to advertising plan in only 5% of YouTube channels most appreciated by users for popularity and engagement with mode very similar to those of television, including an offer for demo target partner.

YouTube in short has long proposed as a platform, which is complementary or is an alternative to TV. And from here also has a particularly valuable and hard-to-reach audience for brands who plan on the small screen the light TV viewers, that is, those who watch less than 3 hours of television a day.

A few months ago YouTube has released the results of a study on the composition of its audience, and the data showed that not just one out of two people access YouTube every day, but this percentage grows right in the presence of light TV viewers, coming to 2 of 3 people who use the platform daily.

In addition, 63% of respondents said they watch YouTube while watching TV and in this case in 77% of cases the use has no correlation with the transmitted program. In the 25-44 age group, also, as much as 23% of users said they watch YouTube more often than television. That said, it is clear that YouTube has the potential to get to the big spenders of the small screen. However, over the months other competitors they are put in his way.

Primarily Facebook, which has made it clear several times that they are heading seriously on video advertising, such as with the recent debut of the mid-roll format, already active on Facebook Live and still being on video content test does not live in the company, or with the opening to the spot with active sound. But also rising stars like Snapchat, which has recently launched several new features on the front of video advertising.

But the competitors of these numbers are still far from the YouTube numbers. Just to make a comparison with the billion views per day hours we were talking about before, Facebook in January 2016 revealed that on its platform everyday are seen daily 100 million hours videos. In Netflix the figure rises to 116 million hours.

Meanwhile, in the aim to be an alternative to the small screen, YouTube filed on February 28 YouTube TV, its first television streaming service. The project, currently only launched in the US market, will allow users to subscribe to a group of popular channels of pay-TV, which costs $ 35 per month.

Unlike Youtube RED, it will allow you to see all videos from YouTube without advertising and gives access to movies, original series. YouTube TV is basically a streaming service, which will give users access to a number of television channels.

The project, in fact, whose pregnancy has lasted for years, has planned to launch a series of agreements with various media companies for the distribution of content on the platform. The content will also be recorded on the cloud, and the project will also be operated by Google Home.

The content will be monetized through advertising. On the occasion of the presentation to the press, the company said that both Google and the television networks sell advertising through the service.