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Star Wars: Battlefront II is a third-person shooter game developed by Pandemic Studios and LucasArts, released in North America on November 1, 2005 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PSP, and PlayStation 2. It is part of expanded Universe. Compared to the previous Star Wars Battlefront, this sequel allows you to play as Jedi Knights and Sith, to deal with space battles and undertake more in-depth game modes. It also has several content of Revenge of the Sith, and pisodio of the saga Star Wars came out the same year.

Star Wars: Battlefront II tells the story ranging from the Clone Wars to the rise to power of the Empire through the diary of a clone soldier of the Legion 501, Division choice directly to the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Sent with the official position of supporting the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi commanders against the separatist forces of the CIS, the unit actually had the task of supporting the imminent takeover of the Registrar and perform the objectives designated by this. Finally, they secretly conspire against the Jedi Order.

After the first test of Geonosis, where the legionnaires of 501 debuted heading the Republican army, the story continues retracing the historical battles in the icy ruins of Mygeeto, the orbit of Coruscant, in the forests of Felucia, orbit and on beaches of Kashyyyk, on Utapau, to the Jedi Temple of Coruscant and the events immediately following the execution of the Order 66, showing the incredible drama of clashes addressed by 501, the difficult relations between the soldier and the Jedi units and highlighting the human clones side.

In Star Wars: Battlefront II there are various game modes. In Immediate action mode, the player chooses a scenario and start a battle against the opposing faction with the Empire against Rebel Alliance or the Republic against the CIS. In Galactic Conquest mode, while choosing a faction or moving a fleet, you have to win all thirteen planets of the galaxy from three in its possession. By sending a fleet to a planet starts a planetary battle. If you collide two fleets it takes a battle in space. If the two fleets collide on a planet and the attacker wins, it would follow a planetary battle.

In Rise of the Empire mode you see the Legion 501 as protagonist of the story. They will have to complete different missions with different objectives and follow in all its stages in the transformation of this group of soldiers of the Republic of soldiers in Galactic Empire. In the online mode you fight via Internet in real time with other players all over the world as the Immediate action mode. In addition, there are various game categories.

Like the predecessor, the game offers only four factions of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Galactic Republic, the Sith Empire Galactic and the Rebel Alliance. Each army has six different types of units in planetary battles and two types of units in the space battles.

The biggest difference between Star Wars: Battlefront II and its predecessor is the ability to play as Jedi and Sith. The Empire and the CIS use the Sith, while the Republic and the Jedi Rebels. These also can unleash powerful attacks back at the end of a race and during the descent to the ground from a jump. Finally, they can travel great distances and perform long jumps. The stroke of the jump potential and are influenced of the resistance that the unit possesses, such resistance is regenerated with the passage of tempo.

The Jedi are endowed with a lightsaber that affects in a combination of up to three shots; it can be launched and shooting like a boomerang. In addition, the Jedi have the powers of pushing and Strength. In the The Fall of the Knights campaign is used the Army of the Republic led by the Sith Anakin Skywalker.

In the game you can get medals and bonuses for special merits. These bonuses are only available after they have been released four times the ordinary soldier. After being unlocked 64 times the state Legendary will be available. However, it does not apply to the rifle of regular soldiers, as the super battle droid, to get the triple blow to the degree legendary required in fact 128 medals.

There are also degrees of influencing the game. At the beginning the player has the rank of a private soldier, it can command a unit when you get twenty medals become a sergeant and can control two units in addition to his own. With a hundred medals will become captains and you can drive three units. Upon reaching a total of three hundred medals it was general and have under his command four units.

In Star Wars: Battlefront II were introduced new vehicles and aircraft, divided into classes. The scout vehicles have light weapons and armor and are suitable for reconnaissance and rapid incursions. To this class they belong the Tauntaun rebels, the Speeder Bike imperial and rebels, the Speeder Barc Republicans and STAP separatists. These vehicles can be folded down as they have little life.
Average assault vehicles have good weapons and armor. They are useful against enemy units or into other vehicles. To this class belong the AAT droids, the AAC-1 rebel alliance; AT-RT Republican; the IFT-X Republican; the IFT-T imperial; the wagon armored droid; mobile launchers droid.

The heavy assault vehicles, such as the AT-ST Imperial and walker spider separatist, are slow but have high firepower and armor resistant. The heavy assault transport have the mobile command posts, as capable of transporting troops. These vehicles have a huge firepower incontestable and impenetrable armor, and can fire in several directions. To this class belong the AT-AT Imperial and the AT-TE Republican.

The starfighters, as the starfighter droid; ARC-170 Republican, the TIE fighter Imperial and the X-wing rebel, are quick and balanced versatile aircraft capable of attacking in swarms also inflicting damage to larger ships. Fighters scouts are small and very agile aircraft suitable to shoot down enemy fighters with sophisticated weapons. This class of aircraft, however, has weak armor and is easily collapsible by warships. The scouts are hunting the jedi starfighter Republican, the interceptor TIE, the A-wing rebel fighter and droid tri. Even the rebellious Snowspeeder, present in the planetary battle of Hoth, is a scout hunting.

The bombers are slower ships and bigger fighters and armor and weapons clearly superior. They are suitable to attack the main enemy warships with their bombs and training can be very dangerous. To this class belong the assault bomber CIS, the V-wing Republican, the TIE Bomber Imperial and the Y-wing ribelle. In case of imperial bombers and insurgents, it is possible to have an ally on the ship, which will shoot in the first the case of guided missiles, in the second of machine gun shots from a mail turret above the Y-wing.

The transport aircraft and assault are slow but powerful ships capable of transporting troops to board enemy ships from the inside, also will also serve as command posts to fall into the enemy mothership. They turrets that can shoot in various management and great firepower and armor. The gunboat THE AT-Republican, the droid gunship, the Imperial Shuttle and the aircraft of the Alliance are assault transport aircraft that will land and assault.

There are also various planetary and space towers with different powers of fire and armor useful to eliminate vehicles and enemy units. You must choose to enter the tower suitable for the situation that presents itself. Indeed some towers can easily shoot down enemy infantry with its thin and fast projectiles, but do not cause much damage to vehicles instead. In response there are turrets instead of quickly break down opponents powerful vehicles, including Heavy Transport. But their bullets are slow and not suitable for the infantry, small and fast.

The command posts in Star Wars Battlefront II controlled by the player's faction are colored blue, while in the first episode are colored green. You can eliminate an enemy unit with a simple, precise, quick blow to the head with the sniper rifle. Only Droideka (CSI) are immune to this strategy. A useful strategy for winning space battles is to infiltrate the hangar of the enemy ship and destroy the weak points in the various rooms with timed charges (equipping pilots) or launchers (which are equipped Marines).
The manual of the original game instructions, between recognition's, contains the marriage proposal to a woman named Luci Wolfe.
The mine can destroy anything with a beat apart from AT-ATs and AT-TE.