Samsung Galaxy S8: Review, Price, Features

Samsung will supply many of its smartphones such as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus with an update to Android 8.0 Oreo. It is unclear when the update appears. The development of the update for the two smartphones has finally begun. After Google released Android 8, some Nexus and Pixel devices got supplied with it.

The delay in the release of new updates has almost become normality at Samsung. Due to the modified interface, Samsung takes a lot of time to adapt the new Android versions. Features like the Samsung Knox, the iris scanner and other features for Android 8.0 gets adopted.

Since the development has only begun, it would take a few months before the final version release. There will still be beta testing.

List of Samsung devices getting Android Oreo?

The new Galaxy Note 8 will get an update on Android 8.0. Other smartphones of the middle class and the Galaxy S7 models should also be there.

How well do Samsung Galaxy S8 and its big brother S8 + perform? Away from all emotions, get a closer look at the Bixby Assistant and the new Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy S8 Design

In the smartphone area, there is nothing new, many think. But with the Galaxy S8, Samsung has broken with old self-understandings. For a decade, the smartphones had a touch screen display in 16:9 format packed it into a more or less thick frame. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is different. The display changes to an 18:9 format and the edge shrinks to a few millimeters. So it is even narrower in width than the S7. Since the back is also rounded, the Galaxy S8 is comfortable in the hand. And furthermore, it is waterproof to IP68.

Galaxy S8 Infinity Display

Samsung has also been able to add more pixels to its so-called infinity display. The S8 reaches the unusual resolution of 2960x1440 pixels. The screen size is still enormous at 568 PPI. As long as you do not use VR glasses or super-sharp photos from close up, this high sharpness is unnecessary. Using the "Power Mode" icon in the status bar, you can activate the so-called high-power mode. The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the first smartphone displays that carry the UHD premium logo.

Galaxy S8 Home Button

Home button and other control icons like most Android rivals get hidden at the bottom of the screen. There is no clear pressure point. Samsung wants to have a pressure-sensitive layer installed under the actual display.

Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Sensor

Without a home button, the fingerprint sensor also had to find a new place. It now sits on the back unlike the Huawei Mate 9 or P9 and not in the middle, but right next to camera lens and LED flash.

Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner

The new fingerprint sensor is the biggest weakness in the S8. But, there is an alternative. The Galaxy S8 is the first device of the S-Class to have an iris scanner. For this purpose, a small camera gets installed in the front.

Galaxy S8 DeX Station

For Windows 10, Microsoft has a vision. After connecting to a PC, Windows smartphones turn into a kind of computer. Samsung is bringing a similar technology now on Android. If you plug the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus into the DeX Docking station, the mobile phone screen turns off. On the PC appears a Samsung-adapted desktop display. You can also use Office programs in multitasking mode with mouse and keyboard. Unlike Windows smartphones, there is no USB type C or WLAN connection (Miracast).

Galaxy S8 Camera

The S8 uses a 12-megapixel sensor with fast autofocus as with the S7. The front camera is sharper (8 instead of 5 megapixels) and has an autofocus for the first time. Compared to the S7, the S8 camera quality improved when it came to shooting in low light. Here the pictures showed better details and were also less yellowish than with the Galaxy S7.

Galaxy S8 Camera App

The new photo app is a big step forward. New effects offer funny alienation à la Snapchat or Instagram. You can adjust many details such as exposure time, color temperature or sharpness in Pro mode.

Galaxy S8 Bixby

With great expectations, the smartphone world looked at the language assistant Bixby. In fact, the Galaxy S8 has its own Bixby button. For market launch, the Bixby language control only works in Korean. Pressing the virtual home button starts the Google Assistant!

Galaxy S8 Battery

The Galaxy S8 is not a real runner, but the battery is 20 minutes longer than the predecessor S7. It has the fast charging mode. The replacement of the battery is hardly possible.

Galaxy S8 Processor

The Galaxy S8 is the first smartphone with an Exynos 8895 instead of the Snapdragon 835. In fact, the Galaxy S8 is very fast. Yet, the increase in tempo over the S7 is unimaginable. A practical innovation is Bluetooth 5.0. The brand-new Bluetooth 5.0 standard is a novelty for smartphones. For the first time, you can play the music with the Galaxy S8 in parallel on two Bluetooth devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price and Release

The S8 is available on Amazon as well as various mobile telephony providers. The S8 Plus costs 899 euros and the S8 price is 799 euros. The delivery of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in normal trading starts on 28th April 2017. The following colors are available - Midnight Black, Orchid Grey, and Arctic Silver. There are also versions in other colors, such as gold or blue.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

The Galaxy S8 creates a small revolution in display design. The idea of the ultra widescreen display is even better than LG G6. Despite giant display, it is even narrower than its predecessor. The iris scanner is reliable. It has a new processor and a improved camera. The only real drawback is the back-mounted fingerprint sensor.