Friday, April 7, 2017

Microsoft Officially Unveil the Xbox Scorpio Features

Xbox one images wallpaper

Finally we know something more about Project Scorpio with the mini-presentation, although for the moment it is just cold numerics and some exotic name put on a list. First of all, we must say that to expect anything more from the event was actually risky. A presentation entrusted exclusively to the phonebook of a site, no matter how prestigious it may be, is not exactly an orthodox method of announcing a new console on the market, although it is a semi-generational upgrade or whatever you want to classify it.

Also the fact that the only communication on the ads today was a brief short message given to Twitter by Digital Foundry, without any prior announcement by Microsoft, was to make it clear that it was not the place for the announcement of Halo 6, in conclusion. For an actual presentation you expect a dedicated location and a minimum of prior notification, therefore, there is little to discuss about the vagueness of the information shown and the lack of material, because it was not this an opportunity to present games or announce new ones.

Microsoft's well-established habit is to concentrate all the important messages in the E3 conference, leaving something for the Gamescom, but using in each case the large well-established institutional events in the industry.

The vision maybe a little outdated, at this point, but certainly affect the public and the press. On the other hand, entrust to the pixel counter by definition a first examination of the hardware features, as we have said, however, is a hit choosing a precise meaning to show the sense of Project Scorpio, as decided evolutionary step for the Xbox technology.

We come, therefore, to the findings. The custom CPU with 8 cores at 2.3 GHz seems to be based on the Jaguar architecture, GPU with CU 40 to 1172 MHz and 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM. Truly a beautiful little animal, which should ensure the ballyhooed 6 TeraFlops of computing power that are in fact the basis of the Scorpio project. According to some estimates it is a hardware that exceeds the performance potential of PlayStation 4 Pro by around 43%, and considering the increase already offered by the latter on the previous console is not exactly little.

However, we are rather far from the wildest predictions that were made in previous months, when AMD was talk of a great success of design in regard to the SoC Scorpio many have started thinking about the implementation of CPU and GPU architecture Zen Vega, actually.

But they were best guesses? The use of newer technologies so surely would require a considerable economic effort in terms of design and production for a console set to arrive in stores in a few months, which would be reflected in a parameter completely out of money, when you consider that even with this configuration Scorpio is probably intended to cost more than PlayStation 4 Pro, and this is a delicate aspect to the product failed.

What emerges is a more balanced project, certainly not revolutionary compared to what we saw so far but definitely able to correct the technological gaps that characterized Xbox One compared to direct competition. Instead of betting on completely new architecture, Scorpio has very interesting optimizations, such as the CPU section that processes the information to be sent to the GPU, which promises to greatly simplify the process of draw call releasing a large amount of resources.

It is, in short, a machine designed and perfected to go to better today's engine, rather than think about possible solutions of tomorrow.