Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch Review

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Before delving into the real driving tips, we start from an interesting aspect. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, thanks to the versatility of Nintendo Switch, offers many different types of approaches. While having found the commands with the single Joy-Con more comfortable than budgeted, are certainly not an optimal solution, nor to give the maximum, nor less to learn. There are two possibilities of using either the Pro Controller, or both Joy-Con (disconnected or not, does not change anything).

This will allow you to easily reach all the buttons for necessary action, besides the fundamental backbones. Given the weakening of the fire hopping, a technique of the original Mario Kart 8 allow to go faster right and left repeatedly. This time it is also possible to achieve the highest levels through the use of motion control. The gyro controls are accessible via any pad, but tend to generate uncomfortable solutions.

To play well, or at least with dignity, with basic peripherals like Nintendo Switch, the only way is to connect the two-Joy With the base and use them as if they were a steering wheel. Not the best, and it is not comparable Wiimote/steering wheel, but it's a good compromise. We have not tested the small steering in which trap the Joy-Con, which we suspect may be another viable alternative to approach the game through motion control: after all makes up for the shortcomings of the two single-With Joy, or the size of the pad and the position of the dorsal (on the steering wheel are larger and placed back, as they did on the Wii).
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150cc is a mode many of Mario Kart players that does not like, but there is no better way to learn to drive that engage in time-trials. For two reasons. You can challenge your ghost, and then to understand where and how you should carry out a particular operation. Secondly know how to drive it is important to know as much as memory circuits, their curves and their reliefs, and also in this case the time trials are the ideal place to make experience. Clearly we do not want to tell you that it is the only way to learn, and even that it is the most fun, but it sure is faster and more efficient.

Speaking to 150cc mode, if you do not have any experience we recommend you start with a light character on an equally agile kart while, once you reach a certain level, it is preferable to use a fast vehicle (even at the expense of acceleration) with a medium or heavy character (in the first case is less strong but it starts better after a collision in the second case the exact opposite).

If you follow our advice and you throw it right away in melee without addressing the time trials, remember to turn off the guider that although does not allow you to exit the track, does not allow either to take advantage of shortcuts or to use the Ultra Turbo Light, one of the novelties of this Deluxe edition. Here, choose your favorite pad and your ideal character, there is just one thing to do: learn to use well the drifts, those that are made with backbone R (accessible by the right index finger).

It is a basic technique, but it makes the difference between a poor player Mario Kart and one capable. If you've never mastered, to understand its functioning try to keep them activated for as long as possible on a broad curve, understanding what and how they can be wider or narrower, while pressing inclined R the control stick left and right, thereby lengthening or shorten the maneuver. There is no alternative to master this technique, so do not give up if at first you encounter problems. Drifting here and there you will find that, after a certain path space in this position, by the wheels begin to colored sparks

This implies that, once left the R key, the kart will get a small acceleration. This move is called Turbo Light, and there is - for the first time in the series into three types - normal, super and ultra. Understanding when and how to use the right one, that is, if they should release the second or continue to charge the third, as always depends on the knowledge of the circuit. Often it is useful in the chicanes press press R a single time (which causes a small jump) between a curve and the other

It comes with Turbo Light from the first, you click R to tighten towards the opposite direction, finally makes another drift, now that it is in the ideal position to approach the next bend. Before proceeding to the displacement 200 we will give you two other recommendations: at the end of each ramp press R, so as to obtain an acceleration of the car landing, and especially remember, just before jumping, to tilt the control stick toward the right direction.

For example, if there is a ramp prior to a curve to the right, at the end of the climb and just before the jump click R and tilt the right stick, so that the landing will be ideally placed to steer. As you will notice from the time trials, collecting coins up to ten is crucial: more coins you have, the faster you go. Whenever you can, divert the direction of the way, if not after a judicious study of the circuit and only in time-trials. Finally, the starting rocket, a classic of the series: in this Mario Kart 8 is obtained starting to press the gas shortly after the appearance of the "2" on the semaphore of Lakitu.

When you know well the circuits and you will have mastered the drift, you will have a good chance to compete for the top spots. However Mario Kart is still Mario Kart, and even you were so good to follow a race in your head, you'll have to pay attention to the other players' weapons. A central object we have already mentioned, namely the coins. Another very important, to retain as long as possible especially if first or second is the horn is the only tool capable of destroying the infernal blue shell, the executioner of every good driver hitting the car leading the use time.

To protect yourself from others' attacks it is important to remember to put the shield arms behind the machine, through the continued pressure of the left dorsal, an action that can be carried out with red and green shells, bananas and bombs. In the latter case it is preferable to throw back by clicking L and tilting the analog down a moment before impact, otherwise the explosion could also involve your vehicle.

Regarding the attack should never be underestimated boomerang, although its online use is often hampered by lag, and especially the balls of fire, one of the few powerful tools sometimes granted to pilots in third or fourth position: use them sparingly and evaluating rebounds and any carambola, wanting also against the trackers.

If you remember the star that not only allows you to go faster but also allows you to go through almost unscathed the dirt roads, and above that is the only possible response to incoming lightning from the back, so if you are in mid-table and you have the a peck of luck, is not so stupid retard use to make the most of the powers. Well, we conclude: for the remaining part of the article we will discuss the displacement 200, so if you are not interested you can just stop reading now.

This mode will make you look very slow other displacements, so at your own risk, bearing in mind that online - unfortunately is now relegated to the tournaments. Alternating frequently between 150cc and 200cc is not easy, because, in addition to the different sensations, is quite unlike the ideal approach to the circuits. A 200cc often convenient to load longer a skid rather than make two, so as to achieve the ultra Turbo Light, and at the same time often is preferable not to take advantage of an accelerator which is on the ground, or simply the result of a ramp.

We really rebuild the circuits from another perspective, an unusual perspective in which at times may agree not speed, and where it is often necessary to tap the brakes during tight corners, so as not to hit the guardrail. If you are going to seriously approach this mode, be patient and mingle with the time trial of the Yoshi Circuit: if and when you can beat the CPU ghost, then you may have guessed something of this displacement.