Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Update: A Look at the Future

Heroes of the Storm images wallpaper

From the beta of 2015, Heroes of the Storm he has never stopped innovating. The Blizzard MOBA has been enriched with dozens of new heroes, some of them characterized by a truly unique and innovative style of play. How can we forget Cho'gall, which can be governed by two players simultaneously, or the same Ragnaros, with the power to substitute for a strong and bombard your enemies with devastating abilities.

There have been even new game arenas, some studied all around the peculiar dynamics. Towers of Ruin was the first map where you could not win by making inroads into the enemy base, but only by activating the altars can damage the core. It is evident, then, that Heroes of the Storm continues to experiment and to innovate, to continue the run of the competition numbers (DOTA 2, League of Legends), which aims to achieve, though, in a very creative way and in perfect Blizzard style.

Now, for the past two years after its debut, the game prepares to make another big, step forward. We welcome you to Heroes of the Storm 2.0. The update of Heroes of the Storm 2.0 backbone is constituted by the massive update to progression. Henceforth the latter will be more frequent, meaningful and rewarding. We will have to say goodbye to any level cap, is that of individual heroes than to the profile, also the player's level will now be represented by the sum of the levels achieved by the characters.

Blizzard also has softened the progression curve to achieve the highest level hero such as 20, which was the cap will not be needed hours and hours of play. These changes, which will especially like the most seasoned players, they want to mitigate the grinding needed to acquire more substantial rewards, but also want to break down the imbalance between the rate capture the player levels and elephantine slowness, however, the leveling of heroes.

The unification of the two progression systems is also accompanied by a whole new reward system, inspired by that of Overwatch. The loot chest will also come in Heroes of the Storm and will contain unreleased aesthetic elements and even heroes. Developers keen to stress that the contents of the boxes is totally randomico, but at some milestones such as the 10 level of a character you will get special and rare rewards.

Clearly all the experience previously obtained will be transferred, and with it will also come the speakers, so be prepared to eat your phalanges in a wild unpacking. It will continue to earn gold and portraits, but Blizzard has completely revised the microtransactions system. Gold will always serve to buy new heroes, but the premium skin, that were available for purchase exclusively through real money, may be obtained by spending the gems, the new in-game currency. The gems will also unlock special heroes and objects of the shop and, of course, will be bought, but there will be opportunities to well as level reward.

They were also introduced to the shards of the fragments obtained from the destruction of the duplication that will help us to forge aesthetic elements. The accessibility of premium content also to non-paying users is definitely a very pleasant and rewarding, but will need to evaluate the price of the gems and the frequency with which such issues can be found.

The cosmetic items, in fact, have increased exponentially in number and variety: the color variations of the heroes are now counted individually, the same goes for your animals will also be added high aesthetic elements such as banners, sprays, emoji and there will also be the opportunity to change the voice announcer or select specific jokes as to pronounce the character during the game. An injection of monstrous content, which wants to emphasize the new progression system and the consequent greater frequency in rewards, but that also aims to keep intact the typical microtransactions system of a free to play.

During the presentation the developers have said they will introduce the objects that will only be retrieved inside a crate. The first case is the skin Prime Evil Diablo (the same look he had in Diablo III), but in the future there will be other such situations. Therefore was introduced the possibility of making the Reroll of loot chest through the gold the "relaunched" Case content will be the minimum of the same rarity of that just opened, however there may be even higher quality content.

The operation of this new system is still to be verified, but it seems that Blizzard is taking the example of working models, such as that, already mentioned, of Overwatch. Some additions, however, did not convince us greatly, elements such as emoji, take some 'all game heroes, sprays and the same voice line, which must be activated via a menu, are elements that could affect the livability of the matches rapid and, in part, of a competitive match.

There is in fact to consider that the most disengaged clashes are often marred by unpleasant incidents, and other distractions may amplify this problem. Much more pleasant are the banners, which will be automatically placed to conquer a field of mercenaries and after the destruction of a strong, or even the voices of the announcers: you the feel of playing a game with Clearwings that initiates or Fosky that foments a kill streak?

All of these items will be collected in a known Collection tab, which will be very easy to navigate and display the objects in our possession. To customize our heroes, however, we will have to fiddle around with the loadout menu, which replaces the one dedicated to the skin and to their mounts: you can set up to three different loadout, which you can change at will before the start of a match.

The news which we have just discussed will be released in beta in these days, but it will become official only late April. During a chat with Matthew Cooper , Lead Game Designer, we also asked if there will be the update also to competitive matches, the response was quite smoky: Blizzard is aware of the problems that plague League Team and Hero League and is there working, but for now the changes will affect only progression system.

Maybe we would have preferred more of a job-oriented competitive balance and revitalization of Risse, despite that all incoming content with the 2.0 update represent a big step forward for a progression too plastered and unrewarding.

With Heroes of the Storm 2.0 also will debut an old acquaintance, revived on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the series Diablo: Cassia the Amazon. Armed with spear and shield, Cassia is an assassin ranged fairly simple to use, but very situational. His line, Avoidance , earns 65 Physical Armor, reducing 65% of the damage suffered, but only when he is standing still, without horse: ability that enables it to be effective against teams of killers who rely almost exclusively on normal attacks, as The Butcher, Zul'jin o Valla.

Its first ability is instead Lightning Fury : Cassia launches a javelin straight line that, once you hit an opponent, emits two electric discharges perpendicular to the direction of the attack. Lightning Fury can be upgraded with special talents and is moderately effective when used against very tight groups of enemies. Then there Blinding Light, a beam of light that affects a circular area of average size and blinds all the targets inside.

This ability does not inflict damage, so it can not be used to highlight any hidden heroes or to unseat the mounts, but allows Cassia to inflict damage increased by 15% to enemies blinded (this is true even if the effect is Blinded It was inflicted by other heroes, like Li Li o Johanna). The rider can also valent lavish in an attack called Fend : it will be possible to use the average distance by clicking on the target, which, when reached, will be studded by a forest of shots.

The ability affects in a conical and is also useful to engage multiple enemies at once, but inflicts damage reduced by 50% to targets not heroic. Fend is the move that most exposes Cassia in flanking and to crowd control, the latter the most effective weapon against the skilled warrior. Developers have therefore thought of a talent (Inner Light) that, when selected, allows the heroine to give off a flash of blinding light whenever you are stunned or blocked (this will only happen every 6 seconds). In this way heroes as The Butcher are almost unable to hire her, while those who use Muradin will have to think more than twice before you hit it with his hammer.

The first Eroica Cassia is called Lightning Ball , a ball bouncing on enemies and damages them, forcing them to divide to not suffer excessive damage. The ability can also be used in the one on one: in the absence of targets, in fact, the ball will bounce on Cassia same without damaging it. The rebounds are limited to six, but the talent level 20 will get rid of this limit.

The second is heroic Valkyrie. Once enabled, a Valkyrie will hit an area dealing damage and dragging the first enemy struck in the sight of the Amazon stunning him for 0.5 seconds, all other enemies in the area will be rejected. At level 20, the move can be enhanced with the talent Imprisoning Light and the damage inflicted by valchiria increase and hit opponents will be blocked for 4 seconds.

Cassia is a fun hero to play, but that could be discarded in its high-level matches for the great bulk of the counter that is found. Magicians like Gul'dan, Li-Ming, Jaina or Chromie, for example, are devastating to him (especially when using Fend) and very little suffering the effects of his talent and Blinding Light. Although this is a pick absolutely mandatory to dramatically decrease the incidence of heroes focused on physical attacks or to neutralize completed as Taz'dingo of Zul'jin.

Cassia will debut along with the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update in late April. We will see how he will be placed in the meta and, especially, whether it will be subject to changes or upsets. Then continue to follow us, also because the news does not end here of course, but more about that later.