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After a series of rumors and speculation finally the new chapter of Call of Duty will be World War II. The site dedicated to the new episode of the famous FPS, published by Activision, leaves no room for interpretation. Call of Duty is back to basics, abandoning the much-discussed exoskeletons and futuristic background.

The official presentation will take place on Wednesday, April 26 with an event created specifically that will obviously be followed from live streaming on official channels of Activision. At the moment the details on the new FPS-known episode are completely shrouded in mystery, but the setting has been confirmed. The players will face repeated conflict on the battlefields of World War II.

Call of Duty: WWII, for the uninitiated is in development by Sledgehammer Games and just a few weeks ago, the leaders of the team said that when players see the new episode of the series, they will go completely out of head. The hype is now skyrocketing and then we just have to wait until April 26, the day when you finally discover many details on this new installment of Call of Duty.

When it comes to Call of Duty it is inevitable considering the multiplayer mode as the base on which all the hopes of the game; Unfortunately, during the various summer fairs we had not been given the chance you see something related to this mode, great queen of the title, finally left as icing on the cake of a COD XP that promised to be full of novelties.

The COD XP for the uninitiated is the result of an event which took place in 2011, at the launch of Modern Warfare 3 that tries to encompass in one big celebratory event the Call of Duty World League, the first hands-on presentation of Infinite Warfare multiplayer and lots more besides.

This year, in fact, next to the epiphany of the multiplayer that will catalyze the scene of the next season of the World League , we also found the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Zombies in Spaceland.

In short, a total immersion in the world of Call of Duty awaiting the arrival on November 4 of the new FPS weblog Activision season. For the official presentation we heard Dave Stohl then followed by Joe Cecot, respectively, the one at the head of the study and development of the other designers, ready to illustrate what in a few minutes we were going to touch. But let's understand in practice what are the innovations that Infinity Ward wants to bring new competitive mode of Infinite Warfare.

It all starts with the usual trailer reveal much action, the usual rousing tune, but especially so many aspects that seem, as usual, firsts for the series. During this article we will analyze them one by one, but for now we can summarize them in: New classes with different characteristics ready to give space to all types of players, even those just starting out. To give a general explanation of this statement appear in the screen the following items Rigs, Payload and Traits. For Rigs we mean the outer structure that goes to make up the armor and the exoskeleton of the character, for Payload means of the weapons or skills particular, for Traits instead of passive skills or characteristics still automatically be reactivated.

In practice, combining these three elements, paraphrasable into classes, consumables and passive perks, you will get the setup more akin to our style of play. Once then create more combinations, you can save these so that they can be changed without stopping during the game. This, moreover very close to Exo Suites that we were accompanied by Advanced Warfare, made us understand how even for Call of Duty's future competitive is closer to the structuring of the characters of a team in different classes with each other, and no longer all equally customizable characters.

Choose a combat rig over another does not in fact allow you to access all kinds of payloads or traits, but only those dedicated to that particular category, yes guaranteeing wide freedom of maneuver, but still limited compared to the past. Then let us remember that this whole classroom management is combined with the usual equipment's structure and killstreaks. The Rigs available in total are six, each with a particular propensity to be played with a certain set of weapons and a predefined range.

The first and the most similar to the classic soldier Call of Duty is the Warfighter : is a totally dedicated class attack and is the most for 1v1 combat in the middle distance. Merc is instead the support tank, more resistant and perfect for providing cover fire against various enemies. FTL is a fast class and suited to close combat, all can cover short distances the skills in just over a minute, managing to capture every enemy by surprise.

The Striker is instead equipped with all the tactical equipment and therefore is able to provide this kind of support to each partner. Phantom, as also says the name, however, is the rig for those who like to be like ghosts and disappeared into the shadows before in a lethal hit even from considerable distances. Synaptic , the last, is represented by a very fast combat robot who depends on close combat or melee or with a very short range weapons. the thing that we have noticed during the hands on is that the differences, evident from the aesthetic side are not equally in the gameplay especially comparing the title to another hugely successful enough contemporary, Overwatch.

Whether we appreciate it or not, it is inevitable to agree that the Blizzard title has 22 characters (for the time) of which each completely different. But here we are left with the same basic gameplay, the same weapons, lethal weaponry and tactical identical with only detectable differences in the additional skills, which certainly customize the experience, but unfortunately fail to make it unique.

During the matches made, in fact, it can be estimated with 90% taking the time to exploit their paraphernalia, and only 10% of what to enjoy the payloads and selected traits. We do not deny that the experience can be linked to the duration of the test and inexperience in the face of these changes, however, we must also admit that the potential read in the trailer to have something really revolutionary have not hitherto seen.

After the speech on the rigs, we move on to the arms embargo. All belong to futuristic setting that is desperately trying to stay in touch with the present. The design of the guns, as completely revised, does not differ that much from the concept behind the current ones, confirming an unequivocal will to maintain a strong link with the present. This appearance was also maintained by the feeling of the point of view that each iron is capable of expressing, both those equipped with bullets, both those energy-based.

The latter have a different management of the mechanics of charging, in fact, add the tactic possibility of being able to wait just a moment longer to see their virtual counter of ammunition to go to fill up, and then continue to shoot without making any manual charging , however possible . What we can confirm is that other than that, use a rifle bullet or an energy is very similar, failing to provide the same goodness of feeling to the hand pad. That yes, not much different from other targati COD titles, but undoubtedly continues to convince and pleasure.

Then this year for the first time in the series, we will add a further element of the common customization of the GDR in the world, but unusual in this kind of shooters: we are talking about crafting. Through an in-game currency from salvage name, we can enrich our arsenal, creating some truly unusual weapons, not only with special in-game bonuses, but also with skins from the plots too eccentric. Among these there are some definite ELITE, which completely distort the way they operate, and that they really effective additional features.

We end the conversation with the maps, such as usual are structured in a variable number of lanes, all different. The important thing in all Call of Duty has always guarantee space for every kind of player in the overall balance of the game, with the sniper supported logistically by two or three stations tactics to rotate, and others who in one way or another may face the battle in the middle distance, or astonish the enemy before him at any moment using alternative steps, presumably using the wall-running. In the session we managed to test in sequence Breakout, Frontier and Frost .

Breakout is a medium-sized map, with meetings pace not too fast, where classes balanced able to easily get the better of others, especially in the middle lane. For those who enjoy close quarters there was always still a chance to get to more confrontational, so also there is that approach also seems functional.

Frontier instead is a circular map, with two lane, the phantom in this case is the class that we feel discouraged, because even on the slow-paced lane is preferable to an intermediate attitude. In this situation we could not help but appreciate the rapidity of the FTL and Synaptic really exceptional when paired with a shotgun or SMG.

Finally Frost, the largest map among those that we could try. It's a map where the multiple steps to connect the various lanes make it necessary to perfect teamwork, as to make us prefer the use of a support rig as stryker or Merc, so being able to offer the right coverages is offensive, such as turrets, both defensive, as portable shields. in Frost we could play one of the two new game modes, we are talking about Defender a kind of ball game, similar to the classic one for possession for the school football, where the goal is to keep the ball as much as possible trying not to lose it even passing it among the team members. the mode in question has a lot of fun there and will join the other 16 that make up the total package, consisting of 15 classic and two unreleased.

After the hard work done in favor of the single player campaign, to insert zero-g sections with displacements of really credible game boards, the result of direct collaboration with NASA, leaves a bad taste in the mouth do not see them replicated even in multiplayer. In one of the three maps because once killed an enemy, this began to float in the air, a symptom of a lack of seriousness, but did not affect in any way the rigs, whose movements have remained completely immune to this lack.

Last final postscript of discourse to go to cover the mission teams, which will be, depending on the chosen faction, a series of parallel objectives to those of the various match, which once completed, will unlock some items and equipment from the legendary weapon that faction.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has put so much but really full plate in its competitive mode, wanting to offer something more than the usual small improvements or refinements to the gameplay. We do not deny that the evolution of the gameplay will be much more significant in the medium term, once you understand how best to exploit payloads and Traits, the real innovations of this year.

As for the weapons, we find the great addition of crafting, which looks promising especially if he can provide several guns but at the same time well-balanced with the rest of the abilities and power-ups. A little 'surprise not to see yet any map with zones in zero-g, as we hoped for after the test of the single player, who saw in this very feature one of his strengths.

Despite everything, however it has once again the feeling of being in front of a Call of Duty, with the feeling of weapons typical of the series, and certainly always recognizable even in this last iteration. We refer any closer to the title in the judgment of review, recalling the release scheduled for November 4. Stay on our pages for news on the title.