Call of Duty WW2 - Players Rip Up the Open Beta on Steam

Call of Duty WW2 is out for players, who already liked the first parts. But, according to the first impressions of the PC Beta, the game is much unbalanced and too fast.

It's not a return to the roots. Call of Duty WW2 is in the open beta phase since late September, where PC users can watch the game for free. Yet, the first reviews on the gaming platform Steam are sobering. Of the approximately 16,000 reviews submitted so far, 75 percent are negative. Only a quarter of the players are very satisfied with the game.

Many gamers see in the game only another part of the ever faster and more hectic series. Instead of a return to the slower and more deliberate game concept of the first parts.

Too strong SMGs and tiny maps

The biggest criticisms: Balance problems, crashes and poor designed cards. The spawns are terrible, because the maps are so damn small. Almost everyone uses the same rifle. Submachine guns continue to dominate the gameplay. Often the same graphic engine and the modest graphics are often addressed.

We still remember the classic first two parts of Call of Duty. Sometimes we have to agree to the reviews. In fact, the game is very fast. The running and shooting is more efficient than deliberate goals behind a cover.

This is how the iconic Stg. 44, which has been around since the first part, accurate from the hip, while the weapon lasts much too long. From the beginning, this weapon has put on a holovision technology. It almost did not exist in the Second World War. The maps speak more against rifles such as the carbine 98k and machine guns and shotguns.

But, the game is by far not as fast and hectic as the direct predecessors Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 3. Alone the lack of jump and parkour elements takes pace from the gameplay. The running speed seems to be a bit slower.

Developer responds to bad reviews

In a forum thread on Reddit, the developer responds to the bad review with a few announcements. The performance issues, bugs and crashes in the PC version would get fixed. Also changes to weapons will be also made: The Stg. 44 has less recoil and all submachine guns should do less damage.

Yet, compared to Call of Duty 1 and 2, this still leaves a feeling for the game. The open beta for PC will run until October 2, 2017. On November 9, the game will then appear final.