The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

zelda breath of the wild images

While the last episode of the series The Legend of Zelda is about to be released on Switch and Wii U, its developers have delivered some secrets of its design. Each year, at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, creators hold conferences where they share their experiences with other professionals in the sector.

The opportunity often is to fill up anecdotes about the making of of famous games. It's the Zelda development team to unveil some secrets of the development of the new episode of The Legend of Zelda, available from March 3 on Switch and Wii U.

It's not exactly a surprise before launching a project of several years, developers are experimenting, testing, and delineate the fundamental mechanics of their game via various prototypes. Those of Breath of the Wild have this particular that they use the graphic representation of The Legend of Zelda, the very first episode of the series released thirty years ago.

A nod no doubt that necessarily evokes another Nintendo game, released in 2015: Super Mario Maker, sort of toolbox that allowed the player to serve mechanical and graphics of the old Super Mario to make their own Levels.
We know that before getting a commercial release, Super Mario Maker was first considered as a simple tool reserved for Nintendo employees. Would a similar fate await these seductive Breath of the Wild prototypes?

Once the prototypes have allowed to define the rules of the game, remains to invent his universe. Before opting for the classic fantasy universe that has already proved its worth in the Ocarina of Time episode, Nintendo teams have considered telling the story of a Hyrule at war or invaded by extraterrestrials. Preliminary sketches thus show an improbable Link in spatial combination.

This is not the first time that the idea that a science fiction Zelda is contemplated by Nintendo. Thus, the first episode of The Legend of Zelda originally had to have a foot in a fantastic medieval universe, the other in a future rich in machinery and electronics.

An idea taken up ten years later in the Ocarina of Time episode , even if the leap in the future, less spectacular, was only a few years old. In his direct sequel, Majora's Mask, Link even met mysterious kidnappers of cows, whose very existence was then questioned by the most reasonable of the inhabitants of Hyrule. It's hard not to see extraterrestrials.

A note that other preparatory sketches Breath of the Wild let glimpse a particularly relaxed Link, in jeans and jacket, an electric guitar in hand, proudly riding a motorcycle. Even in Mario Kart 8, where he was entitled to a two-wheeler, Link was not as rock'n'roll.

After the prototyping phase and preparatory sketches, it was time for the Breath of the Wild teams to tackle the modeling of the game itself. Again, the GDC conference allowed us to discover the gropings of Nintendo. Before getting to the heart of the matter, the developers have indeed trained by reproducing, in HD, the characters and some of the scenes of the previous episodes.

Spectators attending the conference were able to discover high-definition modeling of the heroes of the Wind Waker or Skyward Sword episodes, as well as a new, more beautiful and detailed version of the original Twilight Princess village and its inhabitants. Like a postcard sent from a parallel dimension, where Twilight Princess would be entitled to a suite on Switch.