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Slovenia – The Land Of Beautiful Nature And Wonderful People

Small countries should never be underestimated because they are quite often a true tourist oases. Slovenia is undoubtedly such a destination, and it will completely blow your mind once you start to explore. So many places in a such a tiny space make Slovenia one of the most picturesque countries in the world.

Basic Information

Although many people mix it with Slovakia, in fact, these two countries can't even be compared since Slovenia is far more interesting. Namely, the small nation has a unique location - it is a place where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet together. Such a detail makes Slovenia a perfect place for both, skiing and sunbathing.

So, you can visit any time of the year. That is not all because here you can enjoy every activity you could possibly think of, such as hiking, biking, rafting, scuba diving, canoeing, and much, much more.

Slovenia is a part of the European Union and it has a modern infrastructure which can be used to reach any part of this amazing country. You should certainly not get deceived by its miniature size, there are many completely different regions you can visit, depending on your interests.

For example, if you love skiing and other winter activities then go to the Julian Alps or Pohorje region, if you are more for water activities, then go to its Coast region. You can find amazing natural beauties such as the spooky but also incredible caves in Karst, and if you love rivers and good wine then head to the east of the country. Its capital city, Ljubljana, will provide you with a little bit of everything, it's definitively the best place for learning a bit more about Slovenia.

Inexhaustible Source Of History

Many different nations and cultures have shaped Slovenia throughout the ages and they've all left some characteristic marks. Humans have lived in Slovenia since they started to walk on Earth but the Slav tribes were the ones who have settled here permanently. Ever since they have arrived, they had intense communication with neighboring Germanic tribes and it seems that this fact has determined the future of Slovenia.

For centuries Slovenia has been a place where these two great cultures have intertwined. For more than a thousand years this small Slav country was a part of two Germanic empires, The Holy Roman and the Habsburg Empire. Later on, the country became a part of Yugoslavia. However, they did not stay in this federation for very long, less than a century actually, and Slovenia finally became an independent state, ready to show its rich past to visitors from all over the world.

What To See?

The best way to start an adventure in Slovenia is to go to Ljubljana. There you can find out everything you need and want to know. To truly understand Slovenian culture check out some of its museums such as the National Museum of Slovenia or National Museum of Contemporary History.

You won't have any troubles finding them. University Botanic Gardens is also a must-see place as is Tivoli Park, which is the main park in Ljubljana. People in Slovenia are very pleasant and communicative, so finding people to talk to here is not a big issue at all.

Roaming through streets of Ljubljana is an activity I would strongly recommend. Head straight to Metelkova City which is a self-proclaimed independent state of art and culture in the middle of the city. It is a very cool and unique place where you will feel like Alice in Wonderland, surrounded by artists and musicians. But Metelkova is also known for its wild nightlife, so check this part of Ljubljana in the evening too.

There are many other places in the city you will want to see, but the best part of the story is from Ljubljana and from there you can easily reach many other close but amazing destinations. For example, Postojna Caves is something you have to see when you come to Slovenia.

Visiting and riding through these caves is an experience you can't get anywhere else in the world, that is a promise. Also, go to the incredible fairytale-like lake called Bled with its castle and splendid mansions of famous nobles and presidents. Forget Paris and Rome, because celebrating a New Year here will be the best experience in your life, without any doubts.

Accommodation For Every Taste

When compared to other countries in the world, Slovenia, which is a small tourist country, can indeed be a positive example of a land that has many options when it comes to accommodation. Visiting this Balkan country means having a wide variety of choices, from luxurious hotels to hostels, private rooms, inns, mountain lodges and cabins.

In reality, accommodation options depend on the part of the country you plan to visit, should you wish to stay in the capital, Ljubljana, you will have many hotels and hostels as well as private rooms and apartments to choose from.

Of course, the most beautiful city in the country is Ljubljana, which offers its tourists wonderful attractions and great service. That is why choosing a hotel in the capital is easy, because all of them are great.
You may, for instance, check out Vander Urbani Resort. The hotel is placed in Ljubljana's Old Town, near the river Ljubljana and a few steps away from the most interesting tourist attractions such as Ljubljana Castle or even the lovely baroque and gothic architecture.

Vander Urbani Resort is rather a small hotel, which employs young and friendly people, ready to assist you in anything you may need. For that reason, it is an excellent choice for all those who have pockets deep enough to pay around £100 per night.

There are also many hostels throughout the whole city. One of them is called Celica Hostel. It is more than interesting as it was used as a prison in the 19th century. Today, it is renovated and the former cells are now hostel rooms. The hostel also offers a restaurant, a cafe, and a lovely garden terrace which is suitable for long talks, book reading or simply having a rest after a busy day spent sightseeing.

Celica has another significant advantage since its location is excellent. It is placed only five minutes away from the bus and train station, The Triple Bridge is also not far from this great lodging. People who have spent nights in Celica hostel are more than satisfied, and the price is also one of the preferences. Namely, spending the night in Celica can cost you from £9 onwards. It seems this place is suitable for every pocket, which is exactly what most of us are looking for.

In addition, websites on the Internet are flooded with private lodging offers in Slovenia. Therefore, if you enjoy privacy when in a foreign country, then do not hesitate to rent a suitable apartment in the center of the city.

In case you want to stay in other parts of the country, especially in the region of the lake Bled, then you will be surprised by the lodging on the offer. Hotel-type clients will have the chance to enjoy the marvelous Grand Hotel Toplice, which is by far the most beautiful hotel in this region.

Grand Hotel will provide you with a royal-like treatment, with extraordinary interior and all inclusive service. Lake Bled is also suitable for finding various villas to stay overnight. One of them is called Villa Mila. You would be thrilled with the amenities and fairy-like atmosphere in this lovely villa.

Apart from the above-mentioned lodgings, one can find hundreds of other options, some of which are more expensive than the others. Inns, for example, are a great way to spend your nights in Slovenia. They are friendly, cozy and cheap. Visiting Slovenia does not have to be an expensive trip at all.

Slovenian Cuisine – A Mix Of Different Flavours

Before you visit this country, famous for the unbelievable natural beauties, you should know more about its cuisine. Slovenian cuisine is characterized by using a wide variety of bakery products, dumplings, and many kinds of soups. However, it is also largely influenced by the neighboring countries cuisines such as Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary.

For that reason, you may find sausage from Austria, pasta from Italy, goulash from Hungary, and paprikas from Croatia. Also, other Balkan countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina have influenced Slovenian cuisine, so one can find Bosnian meat-pie called 'burek' in restaurants all over Slovenia.

Most of the restaurants in the country offer both, traditional and international cuisine, my advice is to go for traditional. Don't hesitate to choose at least one delicious meal. You will undoubtedly enjoy it.

Great Variety Of Outdoor Activities

Apart from being polite and friendly, people in Slovenia are also great sports enthusiasts. That is why they have a large number of different activities they perform very often, and many tourists follow the lead as well. Choosing to visit Slovenia means that you can enjoy swimming, trekking, and rock climbing activities in the area of the Lake Bled.

As the country abounds with mountains, you can easily find a number of other activities such as cross-country skiing, mountain biking, horse riding and paragliding. There is also crystal-clear rivers which tourists are particularly interested in for rafting activities. The most famous one is Soča River rafting which will take your breath away.

Slovenia may be a small country, but it has a rich and wonderful offering, which is sure to satisfy everyone's appetite. Don't miss the chance to visit this European pearl.

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