Nintendo Switch: The New Hybrid Console

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, the new console presented for the first time on 20 October, has a name, a form, and an early catalog. That's a lot for a project, known by the code name NX, which remained mysterious for a year and a half. But for consumers, many issues remain to be clarified.


As the name suggests, the Nintendo Switch can flip at any time for home use to mobile use. With a docking station, it connects to a TV as a classic home console. But its high definition display integrated directly into his body also allows it to be used as a portable console. With the color code of the Wii range, Nintendo opted for a more austere black and gray, which is also able to evolve in the next few months.

Interestingly, in its trailer for presentation, the manufacturer staged no children, but adults caught in situations of daily life (airplane, dog walk, barbecue with neighbors, etc.). This leaves hear that the switch would aim, at least initially, plus thirty their potential offspring.


If they have names, they already have clearly defined universe. Nintendo introduced four new iterations of its franchises house, Mario, Splatoon, Mario Kart and Zelda. The latter, called Breath of the Wild, was the star of the video game Salon E3 last June.

According to information of pixels, it will be the first episode of the series to take advantage of voice acting for all major characters. Other titles will enrich the catalog, as akin to an adaptation of Skyrim, simulation basketball NBA 2K, the dance game Just Dance 2017, or role-playing Dragon Quest XI. Many more titles are planned but have not yet been announced.

The shifters. Baptized Joy-Con and detachable, they can be used in two different ways. Either hand in hand, vertically, by the same player, either horizontally, by a player, like the Wii controllers in platform games in two dimensions. Thus, at any time, possessor of a Nintendo Switch can invite a friend to share a part. Another more traditional controller, called Pro will be sold separately.

Backward Compatibility

The Switch will read either the Wii U disks nor Nintendo 3DS cartridges, said Tatsumi Kimishima, president of Nintendo, in an exchange with Japanese trade magazine Famitsu. The release date. If we do not know the exact day, we know that it will be in March.

Nintendo has already announced, and has anyway no choice the Japanese fiscal year ends on the night of 31 March to 1st April. The timing of its release is obviously not delight those who hoped to Christmas. According to indiscretions the English site Eurogamer, the console was ready, but the new Mario, himself, was not, and Nintendo relies heavily on it.

The screen. Unlike the Wii U controller, it will not serve as a second screen, Nintendo had considered this use inconvenient for the players. Besides, it is too early to say that it will or will not touch, in all logic games will not be. Indeed, they must be able to appear on both the laptop screen of the Nintendo Switch on a conventional TV.


A crucial point for a portable console. Among the thin evidence, we know that the Nintendo Switch run on an optimized version of the Nvidia Tegra chip, already used in different shield portable game pads, rarely able to hold more than 2 h 45 min, but in the absence of information on the type of battery the machine difficult to know if the battery is comparable or not.

According to information of pixels, each Switch Nintendo game will run in two different versions. It is not excluded that the two serve precisely to reduce the consumption of energy in fashion nomad. The display of the console is anyway much smaller than modern TV, loss of graphical detail is not necessarily very visible.


This is the major unknown, which may decide the success of the console just like the Wii, a price to 249 euros or be one of the reasons for its failure in the image of Wii U launched to 299 or 349 euros depending on the packs.

Mr Kimishima was committed to the console is not, at worst, much more expensive than previous machines manufacturer, what reconfirmed the night a spokesman for the firm in Wall Street Journal. Note: the two detachable controllers and the dock will be included. Nintendo was however not able to confirm that the Joy-Con Grip, the accessory for attaching the handles them would also be built.


Strictly no detail was available about what remains for now the low point of Nintendo. On the Wii U, the operating system was slow, the submenus of the shop dematerialized very ergonomic and skins, graphics and especially sound, far from making unanimity.


On the Wii U, Nintendo began to take a turn already initiated over the previous generation by its competitors, that of online multimedia applications with YouTube and Netflix, for example. If, in the past, the manufacturer is often pleased to take against the foot of the trends, it is difficult to imagine a nomadic console switch audio and video usage in 2016.