Sunday, March 26, 2017

Travel in Las Vegas

The departure to Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, the capital of entertainment, shopping and gambling, start from the JFK International Airport in New York and then moving to the second terminal for the flight to Las Vegas. We take a taxi ride to the hotel with large rooms with every comfort, soundproof glass window, overlooking the city, and ultimately was a good choice.

We decide to leave immediately to the assault of this sprawling city, right from Bellagio, which is a quiet and secluded location, yet only a few steps away from the great animation. We decide to go to the Downtown, in the heart of the old LV. Fremont street is the pedestrianized artery where there is the history of the city's first casino.

Despite being only late morning, the area is already crowded with tourists who are intrigued by the many attractions, from the sellers to the impersonator of famous artists who pose for a photo at a cost of a few dollars. It was, and is still a mecca for gamblers. Las Vegas is a city invented in the desert and a phantasmagoria of neon colors, forms and cultures. Las Vegas, today reinvents itself.

Walking along the Strip, nickname of Las Vegas Boulevard, is like taking a virtual trip in a few hours from Paris, New York, Luxor, Rome and Venice, in a space-time jump when you adapt quickly sucked into a conscious collective oblivion in micro cities that meander like mazes with whole streets, shopping malls and zig zag paths.

Between low ceilings and LED lights, roulette, gaming tables and slot machines, alienate the dichotomy between inside-out and fake-real, in a perpetual cinematic dark night h24 no clock and no time. Las Vegas has always been so, but for some tries to build the identity of a normal city, with so many resources to offer. It seems to do.

We have lunch with burritos. In the afternoon we return to the Strip and we start the visit of the big hotels with their numerous attractions. After a first outside look at the Venetian, we move to the Palace, the Mirage with a very nice show that reconstructs a volcanic eruption, with flames that emanate from the top of the rock at the heart of the lake.

With a free train we move from Mirage to Treasure Island, and this one is worth a visit. We conclude the evening with the hotel buffet, including the cascade of shrimp and filet. The choice of a buffet dinner in the large hotel proved to be extremely successful, both for the quality, for the locations and also the prices. We had dinner in the elegant lounges, with fast and discreet waiters.

For breakfast we choose a place that had a beautiful low terrace above the Strip across from the Bellagio. Obviously the seats outside are in great demand. The breakfast is well served by attentive staff. We start with visiting someone else's famous hotel from Planet Hollywood at the MGM Grand, then cross the Strip and visit the Excalibur to get to Luxor with its form of huge pyramid complete with a sphinx.

Here we visited the Artifact Exhibition of Titanic, an attraction full of testimonies about the sinking of the ship and well thought out. At the entrance is delivered at random, a boarding pass with the data of an actually present Titanic passenger, and at the end of the trail, it was very impressive, as it will detect whether or not your name is among the survivors.

We continue to the Mandalay Bay, near which we have lunch at a good Mexican restaurant with burritos, toasted corn and corona beers. We took the free monorail that links together Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur. In the afternoon we stroll across the huge New York, Monte-Carlo and then the Bellagio.

After a whole day of relaxation and a late and substantial breakfast as usual, we start wandering aimlessly through the city, snooping around and stopping often to look at a host of crazy characters who flock to the various areas.

The visit of the Caesar Palace was likely to be the most tiring but at the same time also the most rewarding. The size of this hotel is great and visiting it, all, with the necessary calmness may take away quietly 3-4 hours. Towards the late afternoon a taxi take us to the restaurant with fantastic food in a dream location with dinner with views of Las Vegas brightly lit. We chose the delicious menu of starters, majestic fillet with shrimp and sweet duo plus a good bottle of pinot grigio.

Everything is possible in Las Vegas. What do you wish? Here is the city of toys and with a fistful of dollars, everything is possible.

On the last day of vacation here in Las Vegas, after the usual breakfast, going from the hotel Bally's, we take the Monorail until SLS Station and then the bus to Fremont Street, and then go back to see the old Vegas and we enjoy life among attractions of various kinds. We return to the Strip again in a bus and we go to the Bellagio hotel buffet.

The day ends with a nice evening stroll and at the end the famous spectacle of water features and music on the lake overlooking the Bellagio itself. Our stay ends, and it is the hour of departure. But I do not want to leave as I got used to the comforts quickly and the glam of this fictional city. An amazing journey in many ways, Las Vegas proved to be a city that can be loved or hated, called beautiful or hideous, made to live or to despair.

The colors, the lights, the music of Las Vegas wait for us and we will return.

Las Vegas Travel Tips

Las Vegas is known to all for its unsurpassed entertainment on offer. Everywhere you look, from the colossal shelters to the famous Las Vegas Strip and the bright lights that illuminate the Fremont Street Experience, it is an incredible variety of things to see and do.

Although Las Vegas is an abundance of entertainment, the most played games are always those in the casino. Those who love poker has to choose between different local ones such as the Draw, Five Card Stud, Lowball, Pai Gow and Texas Holdem, while for sports fans racing halls and sports betting are available, where you can bet on the favorite teams sipping free drinks.

Every year in Las Vegas is called a large number of visitors who visit for sports events, conferences and competitions like the Golf PGA Tour Championship, university rugby championship matches arena and several boxing matches valid for the world title.

Today more and more people are discovering that this oasis in the desert is also a wonderful golf paradise. You can play on over 40 championship courses designed by some of the greatest characters of this fascinating sport. Both beginners and expert golfers probably will like the variety of terrain, the mountain scenery, the paths between rows of trees, the elaborate aquatic scenery and the natural environment of the desert.

The downtown of casino groups occupies the 4 blocks most enlightened in the world, thanks to the Fremont Street Experience, a pedestrian promenade sheltered by an arched tent. A focal point is the Plaza Hotel and Casino, built on the site of the old Union Pacific train station. Just outside downtown to the north, lies the Lied Discovery Children's Museum which offers interactive science exhibitions.

Going from downtown to the south we first find the Stratosphere Tower, which is the tallest building west of the Mississippi and marks the beginning of the most important place of the city, the famous Strip which is a stretch of about 7 km to South Boulevard with its glittering hotels and casinos.

In Las Vegas there are an infinity of things to do and see. No matter where you are going to stay take a trip of patrolling in all the other hotels. You can walk or take the monorail connecting several hotels (MGM-Bally's-Flamingo-Harrah's, Monte Carlo-Bellagio, Mandalay Bay-Excalibur). Of course here in Las Vegas it is not just a hotel but is a veritable citadel full of surprises.

Each hotel has a different setting and theme from the one with the setting of Venice with its canals, its shops and even the gondoliers singing in Italian; the Paris with precise reconstruction in every detail of the Eiffel Tower; The New York-New York, typical American, with a restaurant serving steaks with giant Stars and Stripes; The Luxor with its gigantic pyramid, Circus Circus, where at all hours there are shows with circus acts for young and old. All the hotels have an endless amount of restaurants and beautiful swimming pools and at Mandalay Bay there's even a sandy beach and the waves as if we were at sea.

Las Vegas often hosts the best shows in the world, so do not hesitate and participate in shows and attractions. With celebrities in the foreground and fabulous variety shows, most of the rooms offer two night shows. It is advisable to dress more formally for evening shows and those with dinner at the table.

If you want to have a drink and enjoy a little, stop off along the strip to the outdoor bars. Do not miss the spectacle of the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel. It is staged every half hour from 3 to 7 pm and every quarter of an hour in the evening until the stroke of midnight. Each hotel has always different shows every day and is best to book in advance by choosing the best seats.

At the Mirage, visit the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat where you can see lions and white tigers and learn about dolphin life. Every night then there is the spectacle of the artificial volcano that kicks in every half hour from 8 until midnight. Climb the Stratosphere Tower for a beautiful view of the city from above. There are also bars and restaurants. For the more daring there is a choice between four different alternatives: SkyJump, The Insanity Ride, X-Scream and Big Shot. Also try the roller coaster at New York Hotel.

If you are a modern and adventurous couple who dreams of a marriage, Las Vegas is your city. An idea that at least once in a lifetime will come on your mind, to say the fateful yes in a place of legendary glamor, immersed in a whirlwind of lights and music, including the location for all tastes and prices for each portfolio. Hence the unbridled fun knows no limit.

In 'Sin City' everything is possible. And getting married in this cathedral in the desert and spend the honeymoon is a real adventure, worthy of the most famous games of chance. Not to be missed are the impressive rock landscapes of the Grand Canyon not far from the city. And what about the legendary Route 66, for an experience you will never forget.

Without wasting too much time, without too many frills and stress you become in less than no time a husband or a wife. If you want to get married, it's easy, organized with flowers, limousines, church, pictures and clothes. Only few hours are necessary to make the documents, book the place and manage the ceremony.

Just go to town to the Marriage license bureau in the County Court House and get the marriage certificate that can be obtained by filling out a form at the counter in the form of self-declaration. Then choose the church or the wedding venue with its package via a agency or a direct contact on site and you book the time of the ceremony. The chapels are open 24 hours, so you can get married at any time.

Since the 30s here some of the most famous faces have promised eternal love from Bon Jovi to Robert Trump, from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley, from Paul Newman to Angelina Jolie, via Britney Spears, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore and the list is really long. Not counting the many screenplays in Hollywood who have seen protagonists the streets and casinos of Nevada's capital. How to forget the fact of Doug enterprises, Phil, Stu and Alan, faces of the most crazy bachelor party in the history of cinema, in a night by lions, or the irresistible performances by Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher in What Happens in Vegas?

Today in Las Vegas, the arts, food and entertainment in Strip and Downtown is a challenge for creativity. And together they balance the residential area of ​​Henderson. Beyond the consumption, there is the want to impress, and propose alternatives to the starred restaurants, in response to a growing demand for formulas on a human scale, for the hipsters, artists and gastro-explorers.

The unique environmental resources of the Grand Canyon Park complete a scenario to be explored, all obvious, even unsettling for the more cynical, as happens in the early morning, when the dawn collects everything in the golden magic of the desert.