Bling Bling in Las Vegas - Travel into the World of Poker and Glitter

We travel to Las Vegas, the largest city in the state of Nevada known for casinos and glamorous shows and events. It is a Mecca for gamblers. The city attracts tourists throughout the year. Let me be honest about the Sin City. I never wanted to visit Las Vegas. I did not care about the gambling den.

Still, we decided to visit the city of the gamblers during our 3-week California tour. Once in a lifetime, you have to be there and watch Americans enjoy drinking in public. Several credit cards sprint between one-armed bandits. At the same time, they sip chilled margaritas. That's why I've written down everything you need to know before a Las Vegas visit.

Las Vegas offers a huge variety of topics in the smallest space. Where else can you get from ancient Egypt (Luxor Hotel) to ancient Rome (Caesar's Palace) in minutes? The Eiffel Tower (Paris Hotel), the canals of Venice and St. Mark's Square (Venetian Hotel) are close by. Las Vegas is sure to be a pseudo-world, but once you've done it, you are succumbing to the fascination.

Are you in Las Vegas for the first time?

I recommend you visit some of the casinos as well as the top attractions in Las Vegas on the Strip. Even though it is all very touristy. Before my visit to Las Vegas, the city in the desert of Nevada did not interest me at all. During the road trip, I wanted to see other places. Gambling is not my thing as little as the big hotels and the glamorous shows.

Still, it was an interesting experience after a few minutes with the one-armed bandits.

Arrival in Las Vegas

Whether traveling by car or by plane, the arrival in Las Vegas will leave you amazed. In the middle of the desert rises the glittering city of Las Vegas. Especially in the twilight and at night one can already see the light from afar.

All other highlights Las Vegas and what awaits you, you can find here:

Top attractions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip

During the day it is only a large wide street, which you must never actually go. The routes are in such a way that you have to cross almost every hotel and also the casino located in it. Course included.

At night, the strip glows and flickers at every corner. People with costumes and disguises, always have a drink in their hands. You will be able to observe limousines driving up and down the strip. A freak show.

Explore Las Vegas first time on foot

After your arrival and a short refreshment at the hotel explore the city on foot. Let yourself drift and explore the strip on foot. You should not run once in one of the huge hotels with casinos. After all, the sound of the strumming coins will animate you, even to take a room at the table.

I've stopped counting how many times we've lost ourselves at Caesars Palace. Desperation has at some time given way to an exhausted laugh. Try to see as many hotel complexes as possible.

The Venetian Hotel makes you feel like you are in Venice and is also the largest hotel on the Strip. There is a canal on which you can ride a gondola, like in Venice. There are also artists offering free street performances all-day. Whats the difference with Venice? It smells better.

Other hotels worth a visit are the Mirage Hotel. They have for years the famous show of Siegfried & Roy white tigers. Bellagio has giant water games and is my favorite because it is simple in style. Caesars Palace got popular after the film Hangover.

And then there is the Paris Las Vegas. From the Eiffel Tower replica, you can have a wonderful view of the strip and the surrounding hotels. Excalibur has reconstructed Disney locks. Luxor Hotel has a Sphinx and the Pyramid. New York has a reconstructed New York skyline.

Bellagio and the water games

My absolute favorite hotel is the Bellagio. We did not stay here but I enter the lobby. I imagine George Clooney walking down the broad staircase in the Ocean's Eleven. For hours I could watch the water at the well.

Red Rock Canyon

27 km outside of Las Vegas is the impressive Red Rock Canyon. It is in the middle of Nevadas high desert.

The 21 km long panoramic road through the canyon is worth it! The rock formations and colors are beautiful.

Las Vegas Stratosphere

From the top deck of the Stratosphere Tower, you get a wonderful 360 ° panoramic view of the Strip and the city.

The largest free-standing tower with observation deck in the USA is worth a visit. The entrance costs $ 30 and with the Las Vegas Explorer Pass you even come free to the tower.

Las Vegas Travel Tips

1. What place can you find in no travel guide about Las Vegas?

The city is already a tourist hub. So it is, of course, difficult to find a spot that is not recommended by any tourist guide.

If you want to take a look beyond the glittering facades, hire a taxi and head to one of the burger hubs across the Strip. There you can get excellent burgers and an impression of the real life. Apart from the casinos and luxury hotels of this city.

2. How does Las Vegas smell?

If you ask ten people how Las Vegas smells, you get ten different answers. Everyone associates the gambling metropolis in the Nevada desert with a different scent.

The reason is as simple as obvious. The big hotels on the Strip all have their own, specific scent. So the time-honored Flamingo Hotel & Casino smells sweet, almost kitschy. While the Venetian has an elegant, subtle scent. Almost every hotel has its own smell, which is as unique as the different theme worlds of the hotels.

3. How do you recognize a real local in Las Vegas?

At the friendliness. This is not because the inhabitants of Las Vegas is a particularly friendly species. Rather, it is the history of the city that gets reflected in the character of the people. Las Vegas is a city built on fun, entertainment and gambling. Almost every inhabitant get employed in the entertainment machinery of the city.

And here the service providers, be it the dealer in the casino, waiter or taxi driver are omnipresent. In the USA the service concept and the friendliness at the customer are quite more pronounced. This is one of the characteristics of the character that catches you the fastest.

4. How do I move around Las Vegas?

With a car in Las Vegas, you are almost as lost as in the endless labyrinth of the casinos of the city. If you want to get on the world famous strip it is usually the fastest on foot. One should not underestimate the distances. Since the walkways lead through the casinos and hotels, the actual distance differs.

You can see an awful lot of bizarre or interesting people on their way across the Las Vegas Boulevard.

5. How do I get to the center from the airport in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas International Airport is right at the southern end of the Strip. At each terminal, you will find taxis that will take you to your hotel in a few minutes. Depending on the location of the hotel on the strip, you pay between 15 and 25 dollars.

6. What is the popular food in Las Vegas?

The legendary Chicken Bellagio at the Cheesecake Factory at Caesars Palace. Chicken breast gets breaded with a light parmesan crust and basil pasta. There is a light pesto cream sauce at the top.

7. Where can you relax in Las Vegas?

There is no time to rest in Las Vegas. You can use the countless pools of the hotels also wonderful for relaxing. The entrance is actually only for the hotel guests. But, you can assure the Securities that you want to play a round of blackjack in the pool area. Yes, there are play tables and you are in the middle of the wet pleasure.

8. In which hotel and which bar in Las Vegas can you go and celebrate?

The best night in Las Vegas begins at the Ghostbar of the Palms Hotel. This rooftop bar is an absolute highlight to start off with a breathtaking view of the Strip into the night.

Continue to Encore Hotel. There is the XS nightclub with a pool and world-famous DJs. If you are still hungry after the celebration you can have a small snack at the Cafe Bellagio.

9. Where can I find the best bargains in Las Vegas?

If you want to visit a show in Las Vegas you can buy the tickets on the same day at different sales outlets on the Strip. You can make drinks as a tourist in the casinos. One must know that everyone who tries his luck at the machines or game tables gets free drinks. So it is best to try your luck at a cheap vending machine while enjoying complimentary cocktails.

Do not forget that the cocktail waitresses expect at least 1 dollar tip per drink.

10. 5 things to include in every travel suitcase when you travel to Las Vegas

Swimming trunks: The big hotels also have a paradise-like pool. It is ideal to cool down when the temperature climbs in the summer even beyond the 40 degrees

Sunglasses: The sun shines here brighter than elsewhere. It is also due to the glittering facades of the hotels reflecting the sun.

Camera: photographing is a must in Las Vegas. Be it the famous Las Vegas sign at the southern end of the Strip or the world famous hotels. There is always something to snap.

Headache tablets: After a long night in the clubs and bars of the city you may need an aspirin on the following day.

A big purse: Las Vegas is also the city of consumption. Be it in the shops, restaurants, clubs or the casino. It is better to take a little more cash.

11. 3 things you should not miss in Las Vegas

The city at night from a distance: A sea of lights in the midst of the deserted desert, a mad sight

The Neon-Sign Museum: Here the neon signs of the old hotels and casinos of the city, the stories of a long past time

One of the shopping malls of the city, for example, the Fashion Show Mall. It is a gigantic shopping experience in the middle of the city.

How to save money in Las Vegas?

1. City Card for Las Vegas

With them, you often save money if you want to visit some attractions and do some sightseeing. With this pass, you get free or discounted admission to many attractions. You save more than half the costs. Get the Explorer Pass. These are available for 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days and 5 days. It is thus not limited to activities, but to time. There are also several attractions.

Attractions included in the pass include -

Stratosphere Observation Deck with VIP Access

Hop-on Hop-off bus Las Vegas for one day

A meal at the Planet Hollywood Restaurant

Entrance to the Eiffel Tower during the day at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Vegas Rockstar Club Tour and CSI: The Experience Tour

Hoover Dam tour and Vegas! The Show

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas and much more.

2. Coupon booklets

Throughout America, you can save money by buying coupons from coupon booklets. You can have them in any hotel or motel or online. Usually, the coupons are for restaurants, bars, shows, and nightclubs.

3. Player cards for gamblers

Some hotels have joined together to offer so-called Playercards. By playing in the connected hotels you get points. You can then use these in the restaurant, hotel, activities, and shows in Las Vegas. The cards are free and you should get yourself if you plan to try your luck while playing.

How to get a cheap Las Vegas Hotel?

If you're already on the road in the US, you've already noticed. Here you'll find lots of discount codes for accommodation at the Strip.

On my first stay, we could get a cheap room. The hotel is right in the center of the Strip, opposite the Caesars Palace and the Venetian. It was perfect and cheaper than the newer hotel complexes.

When big events are happening in Las Vegas (boxing matches, concerts), the rooms are scarce. And especially on weekends. So you should reserve a room before your Las Vegas trip.

Las Vegas Travel Guide

Travel guides are the source par excellence for individual travelers. They have great tips, lots of maps and photos. Download the Las Vegas travel guide app on your smartphone. It will be compact with insider tips and updates. You can find out more about the Strip, themed hotels and where you can find a piece of the Berlin Wall.

In Las Vegas, no one uses cash, except for a tip to the waiters at the casino. They help you get more and more a free drink at the gambling. Make a credit card before you travel. You can withdraw money in America without having to pay fees for withdrawing money. These charges add up. I speak from experience.

Every tourist in Las Vegas should buy a souvenir of the legendary movie Hangover. Be it a cup, shirt or cap, who has seen the film and is in Las Vegas vacation does not get around it. In the shop of the Venetian Hotel, there are the original playing cards from the casinos. They are an ideal souvenir for friends.

My best moment in Las Vegas was with friends and a cool drink in the bar, the view of the city and a good song in the ear. It was an incomparable feeling.