The Irresistible Irish Soda Bread

by - March 17, 2017

Bread is one of the staples of our diet as well as in the rest of Europe, Middle East, India and America. Therefore, we can find many varieties of breads with different textures, flavors, sizes, ingredients. In this post you'll find some of them.

Soda bread is a type of quick bread where sodium bicarbonate is used as yeast rather than the more common yeast. The ingredients of traditional soda bread is flour, bread soda, salt and whey. They can also add ingredients like raisins, egg or different nuts. The whey mass contains lactic acid, which reacts with the soda to form small bubbles of carbon dioxide. Soda bread can dry quickly and hold well for two or three days. This bread is usually served hot or toasted.

In Ireland, it is usually made with wheat flour lightly. This mode is best done with the flour cakes are made, which have lower levels of gluten flour used for bread. Throughout Ireland there are several types of soda bread, and white or whole grains can be used. Northern Ireland in the integrated variety is known as "Wheaten Bread" and is usually sweet, while the term soda bread refers to it is not comprehensive.

Soda bread dates back to around 1840 when baking soda was introduced in Ireland. There are several theories about the meaning of the cross on soda bread. Some believe that the cross was placed in the pan to avoid evil (the devil) or to let the fairies leave the bread. However, it is likely that the cross was used to aid in baking bread allowing air circulation and thus to increase the size. Cross also serves as a guide for slices.

At certain times in history, soda bread became a staple in the Irish diet. In ancient times, like today, soda bread is used as an accompaniment to other dishes.

Ireland is a sparsely populated island, much of the population also is scattered on farms and the weather does not help, or fermenting mass or carry bread between farms, so people prepare bread systematically at home. This is a surefire recipe that works with various types of flour and can be prepared in about three quarters of an hour.

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The baguette is a bread of French origin characterized as long, thin and crispy. To get the texture of the bread you need to perform a special kneaded to produce air bubbles inside. Baguette bread is perfect for breakfast, if we cut it into slices, or if you open sandwiches in half.

The cheese bread is one of the most exquisite dishes of Brazil , whose main ingredient is cassava flour, cassava, which they call polvilho twelve and whose preparation is very easy. The Cuban bread is like a baguette but with a different form of development, so that besides having a hard and crispy crust, inside is tender and flaky.

The focaccia is a traditional Italian flavored bread and is characterized as similar to pizza but is a spongy mass which may contain cheese, onions and other ingredients.

The pita bread is very typical of the countries of the eastern Mediterranean. It is one of the oldest foods whose origin is attributed to Egypt and Greece. This bread is usually opened and filled with ingredients like meat sheets, called Turkish döner or Greek gyros.

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