Book Review: Sinful Crossroads - Gaurav Tanwar

Sinful Crossroads by Gaurav Tanwar is an interesting, original and exciting novel that promises wonderful moments and live in the balance between the desire to discover and learn about the author's thoughts that followed flowing freely between the words well chosen and the curiosity to discover the male protagonist's point of view.

Gaurav and Mayank are two worlds and two different personalities who are looking for redemption in life. They did not lose the confidence in themselves. With a suitcase full of dreams they start their trip together to unknown lands but does not know that their life is about to change.

With questions ranging from money, popularity, love to women, they are always forced to wear a mask as they are confused with their true identity. But something is going to bring to light their true feelings, what no one has ever known that they hide under the mask.

Once started we experience the moments experienced by Gaurav and Mayank and find out what there is to tell through different points of view. This enriching novel bears the strong feelings that reach the face and eyes with smiles and tears with a short, pleasant, simple and fluent reading.

As we start reading we are drawn into this story as the adventures of Gaurav and Mayank runs quietly, but there are passages where you realize that the storm is around the corner.
But it's when you find yourself reading the story you discover the true essence of this storm that will change both their lives!

In this book, we have two protagonists who carry on their shoulders the past and the future, which will be gutted slowly. The author has been good in the characterization of the characters in the story with a fluid and smooth writing. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the troubled life of Gaurav and Mayank.

The book has the point of view of both the protagonists. The situations faced by the two personalities make you suffer and be doubly happy. The book is written very well, with characters and locations recounted in great detail. Reading page after page we get more and more fond of the characters and you want to be there to pull the ears of both since they are very special characters.

It took a few pages to kidnap me and let born in me the desire to continue reading. The book is very well written and, in fact, is addictive with issues that we all encounter every day in our love, life, and work.

The book is absolutely recommended, to those who wish for a simple but very nice story with a well-written book, which is really worth reading. I found it a fantastic choice and it is not at all confusing, but very well structured and managed. The story is not trivial but one that will leave you to smile with even an air of mystery and curiosity.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: 10 February 2017 ○ ISBN-13: 978-9382665823 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 144