Book Review: The Princess of a Whorehouse - Mayank Sharma

Sensual as a modern version of Lolita, The Princess of a Whorehouse - The Story of a Swamp Lotus by Mayank Sharma is a powerful but surprising and original novel, where the line between victim and perpetrator becomes increasingly blurred and ambiguous page after page in a book that tells a disturbing story, in which hides some shameful secrets.

The story of Ramya, who after losing her husband was pushed into flesh trade by her husband’s friend, Anjum and her daughter Aparajita is powerful, painful and complex. The story unfolds between past and present, between the lights and shadows as Ramya try to move forward, to start a new life with the monster's shadow looming over her.

In the midst of these changes, Aparajita grew up and become an ambitious teenager but suffers as she tries to give identity to her ambitions and forced to become aware and take control of her life, deciding for herself. Her cry for help is likely not to remain silent for too long, with a time that creates in her an irreparable rift made of ups and downs where there are bright and serene days while there are others of discomfort and disturbance.

The daughter calls into question all our certainty as the victims are the same executioners, and the innocent are guilty as well. It is a powerful novel that keeps the reader glued to the page, just by virtue of a psychological ability that reveals an author perfectly aware of his literary talent.

What most struck me about this novel is undoubtedly the style, which I found incisive and profound and definitely at a higher level than what you would expect from a newcomer. The book plays, provokes and seduces with ingenuity and craftsmanship at the same time.

The descriptions are poetic as well as beautiful of those found in almost hundred pages that make up the book. The style of author enchanted and dragged me into the story. The characters are complex and ambiguous, who can be hated and loved at the same time.

The book plumbs the sobering and indignant relationships that leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth after it finished. The debut of this young author could not have been better than this. His style is so captivating, incisive and addictive.

The book shows the eyes of a woman forced to live a change that sweeps away all the landmarks, narrated from inside trying to capture all the nuances. The complexity of the plot, interspersed with events contrasted with simple, dialogues and descriptions allows us to fully experience the story. This is a pearl for lovers of the genre.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 112 ♥ Publisher: Notion Press ♥ Published: 23 October 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1946129789