Book Review: The Origins of Faith - Mike Kelley

The Origins of Faith by Mike Kelley is designed to support a living witness, as a starting point for a personal proposal and give off all their direction if placed next to a moment of prayer and an exchange of dialogue on themes once again addressed on the sense of believing and the future that awaits us.

When Jacques Gendron experiences the unruly might of fundamental Islamic forces, he sets out to unearth the answer to the issue of so much violent behaviour in the name of the world's leading religions. The answers he uncovers are astonishing, alarming and perilous as Jacques takes a rollercoaster outing through many countries, from Canada to Pakistan, with a high price to pay.

The book draws, with competence and discretion, a journey of rediscovery of some basic themes of faith. It focuses on the sense of belief, the role of the word of God and the gestures of the celebration. The result is a proposal for a wide-ranging involvement of not only the intellectual dimension of knowledge, but life in its totality.

This book proposes a route to raise once again the wonder that seduces. These simple pages are written with skill, but in a simple and a direct language that aspire to become anchor of other stories of faith to cater to the young and the adult alike who want some real suggestions.

Books like this are to be congratulated for the effort to re-search the religious tradition in the light of contemporary sensibility. The plots of the faith are also existential plots that open the mind and heart to the language of religions. The sacraments are considered as part of the wholeness of life and rituals are included in the experience of the true singularity.

Also important are the reflections on constant prayer as a daily acceptance of the will of God, which help the reader in understanding the signs hidden in joyous as in difficult human affairs.

The author uses a clever yet simple language that accompanies us through key ideas such as the meaning of happiness, the search for God through his word and his sacraments, the function of the religious intuitions as a spiritual compass, the role of sin and the opposite of life, death.

The plot of the book arouses long meditations on the intimate relationship of each one with the innate need to believe. One of the objectives of the volume is overcoming the idea of God as a pure theory.

Nevertheless, the prevailing theme is of genuine concern with respect to a human history that religious fanaticism can terminate prematurely.

Publisher: Lulu ○ Published: 21 January 2016 ○ ISBN-13: 978-1291772920 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 326