Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X - Review, Price, Specs

Apple introduces the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. For the 10th anniversary, there will be an extra model. There should be a further variant besides the usual 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch model. With the iPhone X, the Californian company wants to give an outlook in the future. The small dimensions of the device are impressive. Despite the largest display, it will not be the largest iPhone.

The iPhone X will position itself between the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus at least in dimensions. This should come with an oversized 5.8-inch display. In contrast to the previous models, Apple will not put on an LCD but will install an OLED display on the iPhone. Thanks to the new technology, the real highlight is still possible. Despite the 5.8 inch, the iPhone X is smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, which will have a 5.5 inch LCD. At the same time, it should not be much larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 8, which could make it for me the perfect iPhone.

iPhone X with its borderless OLED display will only have three colors on the market. The leaked final version (Golden Master) of iOS 11 brought many new details to light. The iPhone X creeps into the gap between the two device sizes and could prove itself as a golden center. Apple reduces the dimensions despite high-end hardware and innovative ideas. The price Apple will demand is still uncertain and should be the most important thing for the scales.

The features in iphone 8 include an edgeless screen, no home button. It also has 3D facial recognition scanner a glass case, OLED technology, and more. There are also two other models that are currently traded as iPhone 7s.

iPhone 8 - iPhone X in a new design

Apple will succeed the trick to pack a 5.8-inch screen into a case that is only about the size of the iPhone 7 in 4.7 inches.

More biometrics in the iPhone 8

The missing home button could be a potential technological challenge for Apple. The manufacturer should consider an alternative to secure the smartphone. There is to be a face recognition, something that others have already failed. Apple wants to recognize the face in 3D, to counter such manipulations. For this purpose, an infrared camera is in the front next to the normal camera. It can recognize an image in the dark and contribute to a 3D image through its spatial boundaries.

Charging without cable

The Apple Watch has already made it, the iPhone could follow. The talk is of cordless charging. Apple would develop a new technology, which can recharge the battery.

OLED instead of IPS - better image for the iPhone

Another important point, the iPhone 8 is the screen technology. Apple was stuck in the IPS TFT technology since the iPhone 4 (2010). Other manufacturers have been using OLED panels for years. These are cheaper and offer a better black spot and come without background lighting. Apple Watch is a pioneer, equipped with an OLED display since the first generation.

Memory, Battery and Price

The memory is something that makes Apple look good. The iPhone 8 is to come in either 64 or 256 GB. Apple removes most of the options from previous generations. The memory is 3 GB. That sounds a lot but is actually no change compared to the iPhone 7 Plus that was also equipped with 3 GB. Apple had chosen to pay extra attention to the extra data generated by the dual camera.

The iPhone 8 price should be above $ 1000. That sounds like more than it is. Because it is the top model, so the one with 256 GB will cost 969 dollars plus taxes. Also, there are rumors, which say that the battery is about to be at the level of the iPhone 7 Plus, as regards the capacity. At the same time, the OLED screen is much cheaper. One can look forward to a tremendous increase in battery life.

Besides the iPhone 8, Apple will also have two iPhone 7s in preparation. The selling price is to be more competitive than the iPhone 8 is the case. But you will have to do without the borderless design and the OLED screen.

When does the iPhone 8 come?

If Apple is on its own rotation, the iPhone 8 should be in September. The launch in the market is likely to take place around the same time.