Why is Trash Dove all over Facebook?

Trash Dove sticker meme gif facebook

Since the weekend, you may have observed a phenomenon on Facebook of a mauve bird that appears everywhere. It appears in the comments under a serious discussion, under the articles of the Journals, under your profile photos. The mauve bird is everywhere. And the worst of it all, your friends embark in the phenomenon, and pass it on to others. Her name is Trash Dove. Trash Dove is actually a sticker that you can use on Facebook, much like the famous cat Pusheen.

The bird was designed by artist Syd Weiler in January, but became viral last week. The whole thing started in Thailand, when several users began to publish the sticker everywhere in sections of comments on Facebook. If you wonder where the strange creature comes from, you are not alone. Community managers, facing the proliferation of the mauve beast on their Facebook pages, have gone back to the root of the problem in Thailand!

But it is thanks to a strange video that has become viral in Thailand that the bird with the giant eye gets its hour of glory. The video showing the bird dancing with a cat was seen more than 4.5 million times in a week.

Trash Dove is popular because the word bird, nok, also describes a desperate single person. A good timing for Valentine's Day. The phenomenon has evolved, and now appears almost everywhere on Facebook as the same time. Its use is simple. Instead of participating in a discussion, Trash Dove is added in the comment section. The bird was published more than 92 times in the comment section of a New York Times publication. Obviously, like all good, Trash Dove is the star of several strange mounts.

Since then, the dancing pigeon and its multiple declensions have taken Facebook by assault. If Trash Dove seems relatively harmless, it has a dubious connections. In recent days, it is increasingly associated with neo-Nazi and alt-right groups. But it would rather be a tactic of trolls to banish the omnipresent winged beast.

The problem is that the strategy of the trolls seems to have worked too well and that racist Internet users have decided to take ownership of it. So, neo-Nazi symbol or not, it's best to avoid sharing the Trash Dove sticker. Or, better yet, stop using Facebook stickers. Forever. If the bird disturbs you, wait a few days before visiting Facebook as it is just the beginning.