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On the eve of the debut of the fourth season on The CW network, the cast of The 100 anticipated the changes that will suffer the main characters in the forthcoming new chapter in the series.

The premiere of the season will resume after the final moments of the third, with Clarke and Bellamy who will have to find the strength to reveal to others what they have learned from ALIE on the future of their world . As anticipated from previous sneak peek, not everyone will react well to the terrible news and their attitude will affect the rest of the season. Some members of the cast of The 100 threw four spoilers of Clarke, Bellamy, Monty and Octavia.

The 100 season 4 will be back on air with the episode 4×02 and advances and spoilers on the plot are available. The second episode, entitled Heavy Lies The Crown, will air Wednesday, February 8, 2017, after the season premiere that aired on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, on The CW.

The TV series by Jason Rothenberg is based on the homonymous novel written by Kass Morgan. The fourth season of The 100 will see Clarke (Eliza Taylor) fight to save her people and to overcome the loss of Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey). The burden of leading the people towards salvation will weigh heavily on Clarke and Bellamy (Bob Morley) when especially some different challenges between of them will force them to decide who shall live and who, instead, will have to die.

All this will happen, while, in the previous episode, as anticipated by the trailer on the season premiere of the fourth season of The 100, Echoes, Clarke and his friends had to decide how to act and especially what strategy to use to save the world from self-destruction, after that in the season finale of the third season of the CW television series had been revealed that the world would soon come to an end, due to some bombs placed in different points of the Earth.

The protagonists of The 100 will undergo several changes during their attempts to save themselves and the planet Earth. Clarke, for example, will have to come forward and accept themselves as leaders, but above all learn not to care about what the others say. The character played by Eliza Taylor is, among other things, been up a very difficult task: to explain to its people what is going to happen in the world and has had to make in order to avoid the outbreak of a revolt against him, despite having saved all from ALIE.

Even Bellamy will have to cross the difficult times in the fourth season of The 100 : in fact, the young man will bring in a lot of emotional scars, mainly due to the loss of his sister, Octavia (marie avgeropoulos), which, after the death of Lincoln's boyfriend, who decided to separate himself from his brother's group, to go their own way. Bellamy also will live intense moments with Clarke, as they will collaborate on close proximity to save their people.

Octavia, however, will now be separated from the main group, think again Licoln, but will not let this heartbreaking loss to kill her. Octavia is no longer the frail girl of the first season of The 100, but it will be one that will fight harder to save planet Earth from his tragic fate.

In the fourth season, much of Clarke's path will come forward and accept himself as a leader, revealed Eliza Taylor. It is very amusing to see how he is re-evaluating this role regardless of what others say. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility with quote Spider-Man. It must be very careful as apocalypse tells the truth, looking not to trigger a revolt, continued Taylor. Do not expect much romance for Clarke, because the girl is still trying to overcome the death of Lexa and therefore does not really have much time for a relationship right now.

Bellamy promises a great story arc made of redemption. The character played by Bob Morley will make amends for his actions, taking with him emotional scars. To increase his feelings of strokes, there is the loss of Octavia: her sister took a different road and did not need him anymore. On the romantic front, Morley admits that it is difficult because Bellamy is difficult to open up to people. In this context that its important relationship with Clarke there is a part in him that only she can come up with.

Octavia is no longer the frightened teenager who we met in the first season, but a deadly warrior mo 'Rambo . So marie avgeropoulos anticipates his character in the fourth season. Octavia still thinks in Lincoln, defining the two characters as a modern Romeo and Juliet, but he will not let his grief destroy it. Killing becomes his way to externalize his feelings.

Finally, Richard Harmon talked about the relationship between Murphy and Emori, who lived in The 100 4 will be at full speed, with the knowledge that the world is ending. As we have seen in the sneak peek, Murphy will not be found at home in the group and the voltage will be the stars especially with Jaha and Clarke.

Before you start this dangerous adventure, let's recall what happened in season 3!

Each season of The 100 has had a great enemy. In the first were the Earth, in the second the Men of the Mountain and in the third there was ALIE. A really strange enemy, because on one hand would help people, disappearing sadness. The other, however, would create a way where memories do not exist, and where people can no longer feel any emotion if not joy. That it would be perfect, no worries, no alarmism but only serenity. It really is not that simple. But first things first.

You will recall that at the beginning of the third season, Jaha has established contact with ALIE, becoming virtually his right arm. But who is ALIE? Artificial intelligence, created by Becca, who turns out to be the first Commander of the clans (Bekka Pramheda). Becca designed ALIE on the space station Polaris, which then fall to Earth. Who should prepare for a war against ALIE is Clarke, but at the beginning of the season was not with his group. After the massacre at Mount Weather, in fact, she decided to spend some time alone. His reputation was not the best, was in fact called Wanheda, or Commander of Death. In short, when his companions discover that there is a price on his head, they decide to look for her to safety.

In the research led by Bellamy, the group Arkadia (the village of Men of Heaven) is attacked thus discovering new survivors Ark. We are talking about a group led by Pike, where there is also the mother of Monty. Here we know the second villain of the season, Pike, who, with his hatred of the Terrans will only bring trouble. The story begins to form, especially when they come into the field of Ice Nation and Commander Lexa.

Bellamy continues to search for Clarke, and is on the verge of finding but is wounded by Prince Roan of the Ice Country (Azgeda). He is to hunt down Clarke, but only to hand it to Lexa, who wants to spare her life. Clarke, in fact, is brought in the presence of the Commander, which will surely save your life, unlike the Queen Azgeda . What Clarke has to do is bow down in the presence of Lexa, giurarle loyalty. In this way the group Arkadia would become the thirteenth clans, protected by the powerful Commander. Clarke, however, refuses, saw the betrayal at Mount Weather. We also find out more about the City of Light . Murphy manages to reach Jaha to the villa, and discovers that something is wrong. Jaha is allied with ALIE, and try to do on their side the boy. He is not stupid, and decided not to accept. But does the return trip to Arkadia with him, where we find out what really is the City of Light.

If the seasons of The 100 had the subtitle, that the third season would be just betrayals and conspiracies. The first we saw was undoubtedly that between Emerson, the only survivor of the Mountain Man, and Echo, Earth Azgeda. Echo Bellamy did believe that, in the throne room of the Commander, there was a spy ready to kill all the clan representatives. At that moment, in fact, Lexa was formalizing Arkadia as a new tribe. But no one wanted to kill the clan leaders, but it was just a way to get away from Mount Weather Bellamy, so that he could initiate self-destruction and kill all the Sky People present them (there had been transported the most seriously injured, after considering the medical equipment). Lexa is locking up the representatives of the Ice Country, thus re-establishing a relationship with Clarke. The commander then makes sending an army of 300 land near Arkadia, to protect the new Clan.

Clarke decides to stay in Polis, while at Arkadia begins to form a new boss: Pike . And here comes the betrayal. Pike is against the land, can not see them and wants them all dead. He knows how to dupe the people, and Bellamy is currently very fragile with the loss of his girlfriend. Pike can slowly build his army, ready to fight against any Earth. And it is precisely what they do, killing 300 warriors, sparing only Indra to send a message to Lexa: Earthlings can choose between going away and die. Octavia manages to reach Clarke and Lexa, explaining to them what is happening.

A beautiful and good conspiracy is certainly the intent that they Jaha and ALIE. Former Chancellor, in fact, begin to spread the word to Arkadia, he promises happiness and carefree, with only the intake of a chip. It is a dark time, then people accept without too much effort. Among these there is also Raven, who decides to take the chip saw the continuous leg pain, which does not allow her to do what he wants. Abby realizes that those chips cause strange effects, and tries to requisition to Jaha, without success.

Thanks to Murphy discover that the City of Light is something very important, but especially the chip that leads you to it. On the chip, in fact, we designed the infinity sign. While it's in the woods along with Emori, Murphy is nearly killed by two Grounder that they stop, when they see a chip in the boy's backpack. For them, that symbol on the chip is sacred, and decide to take him to their commander, Lexa.

The woman, meanwhile, delves into his relationship with Clarke, so that the two now seem to be in love. But it is time for Lexa to let her go, along with Octavia, that they may come to Arkadia and stop Pike. Titus, the Lexa adviser, disagrees. Clarke sees a threat to his commander, who seems to have become weaker since she spends time with her. Titus is also the man holding prisoner Murphy. Before that Clarke leave Polis, he discovers that his partner is, chained them. When he tries to free him, Titus tried to kill Clarke to save Lexa. Shoot the gun shots but, Lexa, alarmed, runs to see what's going on. At that time Titus accidentally shoots at Lexa, killing her. Here we discover how important the chip, in 100. Lexa, in fact, had a chip implanted on the back of his head, and it is a very important tradition, because it is said that the chip contains the soul of the Commander. In fact the chi contains ALIE 2.0, which is even more dangerous than the first version.

Meanwhile, at Arkadia, the situation has become terrible. Power passed into the hands of Pike, which is locked up in a cell all Earthlings in the field, including those who betrayed him. Kane tries in every way to deliver Pike to Earth, ending so that massacre. But fails in his plan, because it is stopped by Bellamy. Kane, then, was imprisoned and sentenced to death. Bellamy begins to understand that the situation is getting out of hand, so would like to fix that, rebelling against Pike. But no one trusts him were imprisoned in a cave, his sister and Indra. Octavia, later, with the help of Monty, is able to release all prisoners who escape. To avoid this, Pike says that if someone will leave Arkadia, the Terrans in the cells will die. Lincoln decides to stay, and in fact is executed, while Octavia and Kane look from a distance, outside the fences.

At Polis, meanwhile, you are playing the Conclave, to elect the new Commander. The main requirement, to be among the aspirants, is to have black blood. Ontari, Terrestrial Azgeda, wants at all costs to the throne, and even to be elected kills all Natblida. Actually it is not the only one left alive because, far from Polis, lives a clan led by Luna, another Natblida. Clarke, therefore, is able to convince Titus to let the chips (called Flame), to convince Luna to become a commander. Meanwhile, however, Ontari takes the place of Lexa, and decides to keep a prisoner Murphy.

Octavia is devastated by the death of Lincoln, and Bellamy realizes she made a huge mistake. He wants to fix things, and so he decides to set a trap to Pike, which is then delivered to the Earth. Raven let ALIE uses her body to get Abby to take the chip. He fails to do so, and even Abby enters the City of Light.

Clarke and Jasper meet in Bellamy, Octavia, Monty, and Sinclair. Must find ways to remove the chip from the body Raven, and to do that go nell'emporio where Clarke had taken refuge at the beginning of the season. They build a contraption to electromagnetic pulses, which would negate the effect of the chip on Raven. Once saved, Raven says that the Flame is the only way to stop ALIE. The boys return to Arkadia, where they are hit by an attack: it is Emerson. Forgiveness Sinclair, but manage to kill the last man on the Mount. Raven and Monty remain at Arkadia to find a way to hack ALIE; the remaining group embarks in search of the clan Luna . They manage to find it, and after a long boat trip, they find to their sorrow that the Moon is not going to become the new Commander.

Meanwhile, Emori under control of the chip comes with Jaha in Polis. Ontari wants to help Jaha, then invites the Earthlings to take the chip. At the same time, in the city they arrive Kane and Pike, who are imprisoned in the same prison where also are kept Indra and Murphy. Together they decide that it's time to rebel, and stop the terrifying plan Jaha. The man, however, tries in every way to convince people to join the City of Light, and promises to kill Kane Clarke if you do not take the chip. While Kane is tortured until taking the chip, Pike, Indra and Murphy are able to escape the prison and destroy the processor ALIE.

But nothing happens. In Arkadia, in fact, Raven was able to enter the ALIE firewall, but she had already succeeded in entering the dell computer Ark, but is still in orbit. ALIE, then, seems to be indestructible. Come back after clan Luna, Clarke and his companions know how to stop ALIE, but not how to destroy it. They should implant the chip in Ontari so ALIE not can use it to update itself. Jasper, however, took over the chip while a prisoner on the boat Luna, and then tries to stop Raven and Monty from any attempt to annihilate ALIE.

Clarke returns to Polis with the help of Roan, but when it arrives in front of him a terrible sight. Who has not wanted to take the chip is crucified and tortured until taking the chip. Clarke, however, does not know that his mother and Kane are on the side of ALIE, so he decides to continue his plan and implant the Flame in Ontari. Jaha not allow it, and Ontari hits to the head, so that his brain no longer functions properly. Clarke is kidnapped and tortured by her mother, who tries to extort the Flame of the wakeup phrase. Meanwhile, the rest of the group, has to fight against supporters of ALIE, who try in every way to kill them, including Kane. Once you find a way to stop them, Bellamy and Murphy saved in time Abby and Clarke . Abby comes to himself.

Clarke, therefore, must annihilate ALIE. To do that she needs a transfusion of black blood, and given the brain death of Ontari, took advantage. Once the chip (Flame), was implanted Clarke is in the City of Light. She is not alone, it is protected and followed by Raven, who managed to enter the firewall. But there is someone else who tries to keep her alive in that world so twisted Lexa.

Clarke finally found the brain of ALIE, which is an exact reproduction of Polaris. In fact, there is Becca. The woman, therefore, finally shows the lever, which will deactivate ALIE forever. Even the spirit of ALIE is there, and tries to convince Clarke not to turn it off, because that would activate the further destruction lever of many nuclear power plants, which would cause the destruction of the Earth in less than 6 months. Becca convinces Clarke told that that is a lie, and she believes it, turning off forever ALIE but by blowing up the nuclear power plants. All awaken from the City of Light, discovering what they had done under the effects of the ALIE command.