5 Super Bowl Food Ideas for Super Bowl 2017

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There are only a few hours to the sporting event of the year. Let's talk about the other aspect that helps to make the Super Bowl the number one event of US. The Super Bowl is the second most important day in the US for food consumption, after Thanksgiving.

If Thanksgiving Day is the kingdom of the turkey and pumpkin, Super Bowl Sunday is considered the official day of the snacks, typically nachos, corn or those Doritos with sauces to dip the chips in guacamole, made of avocado, which is a mexican tomato sauce, whose origin comes directly from the Aztecs, cheddar cheese, concoction of spinach and artichokes from Philadelphia.

If you want to be like the Americans and watch the Super Bowl on television eating like in the US, here are foods that are for you. For three weeks stores advertise super offers at bargain prices for takeaway pizzas and call them Big Game Specials because then people start to think about it. Obviously the more you buy, the more you save! For the rest are hot dogs, beautiful oily and greasy fried chicken wings, bomb balls, sandwiches, cakes and sweets to no end. Also for chicken wings there is a slight light sauce which accompany them.

The important thing is that all these dishes, if you can call it, should be easy to serve and easy to eat. What you drink during the Super Bowl? Pepsi and Coca Cola flows like rivers and fountains of beer. If not, how do you swallow this whole stuff?

It is said that this year's spending on food will be about $ 60 million. It's a number that makes me dizzy when I think of how many mountains of fries, burgers, hot dogs, pizzas one could buy. It must be said that the expenditure of these "nutritious" foods I listed there, seems crazy.

It is said that on average, the number of Americans who buy a TV before the Super Bowl is around 2.5 million. As the entire population of Latvia! Between television and food the best dear friends is right here. No matter how the economy is because the week before the Super Bowl sees an avalanche of people who buy so huge, that could drive the entire national economy!

The Super Bowl also delivers another record. The event of the Big Game has climbed the ranking of party hosted at home and became the number ONE, even surpassing the party last year! It means that the Super Bowl is for Americans the moment of encounter, of brotherhood, of the opportunity to be together. If you do not watch the Super Bowl, then you should consider yourself blackberries than out of the mainstream and you are downright un-American. There simply is no demographic group that uniformly ignores it. Virtually everyone in the USA adjusts their schedule on Super Bowl day to accommodate viewing of the game.

Nachos, corn chips, doritos; sauces for the fries like guacamole, salsa, tomato, cheddar cheese; pizza (in the United States in these cases are going great the Big Game Specials); hot dog; Fried chicken wings; meatballs; sandwiches; cakes and pastries.

To wash it all Pepsi Coke, Coca-Cola and everything is sparkling, do not forget the beer. For the sunday night sporting event of the year, Americans rush to hoard food for dinner and the predictions are exorbitant amount from 19 thousand tons of tortilla chips, enough to fill about 96 times the Statue of Liberty or ten space shuttles.

As for the beer, the Americans will consume 10 million barrels, at least as much to fill 168 Olympic swimming pools. And the chicken wings? The Americans will eat 1.25 billion, enough to do twice around the world. According to the papers, this year Americans will spend 55 million dollars on the table of the Super Bowl foods, let's call it.

Because the Super Bowl is not just a sporting event, but a kind of national holiday, the whole country stops to watch the game. Not only that, now the house parties of friends to the Super Bowl have surpassed in importance and participation, those New Year. Americans from the four corners of the country run in supermarkets and restaurants to make hoard food for dinner this evening will accompany the Super Bowl, the final of the American football championship. From fries, beers, pizza, onion rings and fried chicken, nothing is missing in the maxi-fridges in the kitchens of ubiquitous citizens.

But this year in addition to stocks of junk food, there are healthier novelties like carrots, celery and yogurt sauce. Sales of these foods in the week of the event increased by 25 percent compared to the previous one. And the effect of the new wave that is sweeping health-conscious part of the US population in the fight against obesity.

The Super Bowl Party, gathered around the TV for the final of the football league is a great American liturgy and a triumph of junk food.

super bowl food images

The 51 edition of the final of the National Football League (NFL) is the most watched sporting event in America and one of the most watched of the year in the world. The place is the NRG Stadium of Houston, Texas. The teams are the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. But these are details, the real news is the renewal of a truly great ritual that transcends social, gender classes, geographical distances, ethnic origin, urban or rural.

Nor it is crucial if you are really passionate about the game or you rooting for one of two challengers. Because the Super Bowl is an American liturgy with its rules, its symbols and its numbers. Here's what you need to know to understand the Superbowl Day.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Even if you are not able to win one of the expensive seats at the stadium and the figure has now exceeded $ 6,000 to cutting, it is not impossible to make a pilgrimage around the center of the city that benefited from the event, Houston in this case, where a week before the final operated a Superbowl Village, a large theme park attractions and themed banquets Football.

Super Bowl TV

People must to be able to follow the game in the living room with a group of friends and or relatives. It ranges from the one that has the largest and high-definition TV. They will be turned on, and in the US alone, more than 114 million do.

Super Bowl Party

The Superbowl Party is prepared several days in advance, as every American family spend at least $ 70 in the last hours of the little party.

Superbowl Anthem

The national anthem, as indeed happens with every sporting event in this country, is performed immediately before the start of a star. After Cher, Billy Joel, Mariah Carey and many others, this year it's up to Lady Gaga. At home people naturally follow up and with their hand on the heart.

Super Bowl Commercials

The advertising in the key moments of the match are considered the most valuable in the global TV market. This year one 30 second spot will cost $ 5 million (10% more than in 2016).

Super Bowl Halftime Show

The mini pop music show at halftime is automatically the most watched event of the year. This year will be up to Lady Gaga.

Sports Bar

The alternative for those who have a large living room or out of the office is the local mega-equipped bars with beer, big screens, snacks and the certainty of always finding an audience.

Super Bowl food

Immense. The official match lasts 90 minutes, four times of 15 minutes plus two intervals of 15, but the vision of a Super Bowl, including ceremonies, intervals, comments and interruptions is a full day of TV. The party is split into two main meals in the intervals, but usually it ends in a finger continuously fooding which platters as an aperitif and dinner. According to statistics in recent years 4000 tons of popcorn consumption was calculated on a day in the country, and equally of guacamole. 14 and a half million tons of chips. Oh, and about three liters of American beer.

Super Bowl Snacks

Those really creative put together in living room, within reach of television, the whole scale reproduction of a stadium of American football consisting of hot dogs, pretzels, chips, onion rings, cheese nachos and all the typical apparatus trash food made in the USA, call them Snack Stadium and, of course, be photographed before the assault and share on the web via Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp or Facebook.

Super Bowl Recipes

A superbowl party is a triumph of junk comfort food that mixes all cultures of America, from Tex-Mex to noodles, from donuts to hot dogs. The important thing is that we speak of strong flavors and dishes to eat quickly sat in the couch or standing. And we have chosen the best and the most exaggerated.