Singapore City is the cleanest city in the world. Views of beautiful skyscrapers, and spotless order flash before your eyes. It is a simple mega city with order and elegance. No one throws their trash on the ground as they pass by. It is not tolerated. It is not done. The result is a beautiful city-state, beyond your dreams.

The English name of Singapore city comes from the Malay word of Singapura. Singa is lion and Pura means city. It is often called the Lion City and the Lion is the city/state symbol. Though it is called the Lion City, there are no lions in Singapore City. In fact, there never were lions in the land.

The Republic of Singapore gained its independence from Malaysia in 1965. The Golden Jubilee or 50 years as an independent country was celebrated in 2015. Celebrations have been taking place all year-long. This tiny city/state has a marvelous future among the nations of the world. It is well-respected among the giants of the financial world.

For ten consecutive years, it has won the World Bank award as the easiest place to do business. This is a well-kept city. It is a city of intelligence. It is a land of financial smarts. The people of Singapore have a very high standard of living. Over 90% of its citizens own their own homes. What a major achievement!

Singapore is famous for its amazing shopping district. No matter what you may be looking for, you will find it in Singapore. Singapore celebrates fashion on a major scale. What are you waiting for? Let’s go shopping!

There are many activities and things to do in this city. There are countless museums and art galleries. Enjoy a major theater experience on the waterfront. You will find a wide range of entertainment in the city. Whether you like the arts or prefer a good concert, you will find it all in Singapore. Several festivals are held throughout the year. This is a country that likes to celebrate. The food is excellent and there are all types of dining experiences.

Singapore is home to the Singapore Food Festival. Here you can feast to your heart's content! Singapore’s Food Festival highlights Asian and international cuisines. This city is also home to the annual Gourmet Summit. You will find some of the world’s top chefs at the Summit.

Singapore is second only to Monaco as the most densely populated country in the world. It has a government that is free of major corruption. Its people have a mindset that has enabled them to become a financial giant. What it may lack in land size, it has in financial smarts. Singapore is a giant among the countries of the world. What a legacy this country has!

If you are looking for adventure, consider exploring Singapore. It will be a lasting experience. Explore the history! Discover the beauty! Immerse in the arts! Taste the cuisine. It is a modern city. It is an independent country, Make this the year you enjoy this exciting destination.

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