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Niantic announced the highly anticipated Pokemon Go Gen 2 on the official website and through social channels. The fan base is reducing by the day as players are now tired of a game that although innovative and fun is long and weary and is really too monotonous. Pokémon GO now stagnates in the lower areas of the charts in the Play Store and App Store like it was a Temple Run clone, but it is now time to reverse the trend.

The news greeted with joy by the fans as by the end of this week all the pokémon second generation will finally be available other than those already arrived earlier. Besides the introduction of the new Pokémon, the founder and CEO of Niantic, John Hanke, assured players that the next update will be good, which will introduce in fact, the two features most acclaimed by pokémon trainers around the world, the one on one battles in PvP and the ability to trade Pokémon with other coaches.

The two features, said Hanke, were already provided for the launch of the game, however, because of problems unspecified server, Niantic was forced to always postpone to a date of this implementation. The two new products will be introduced, albeit at different times depending on the regions, in the next OTA update and the good news is that the update will come in no time.

By introducing the trading, the coaches will not only plug the holes in the Pokédex, thus completing their collection, but they will also be able to create better teams, perhaps to use them in PvP. The way this will work is still unclear, as are the rules of the PvP battles.

As regards instead the important news of the day, in addition to new pokémon, more than 80, other news will be available, namely the introduction of new berries, as the baccabana and the baccananas that respectively will slow down the movements of the Pokemon selavitici, facilitating the capture, and will double the candy obtained with the capture itself, will also be available new avatars and new clothes to be able to further customize our alter ego.

In short, the new irons in the fire for the killer-app by Niantic, among the new features listed above and the possible implications fururi, Pokémon GO could even live a second youth, a game that has become, not too slowly, a tap-to-win, could begin to give variety to the gameplay resulting in recovery of the fan base.

We only hope that the CEO of Niantic, this time, was telling the truth and is rumored to be far too long exchanges, PvP battles and events for pokémon legendary, would also time to please the fans, by now tired of a game where the only activities are defeating pokémon in the gym and catch others found by chance. For now, in any case, let's enjoy the new wave of monsters and focus in filling the Pokédex!