Photos of Naked Women Return to Playboy

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Playboy returns to nudity, just over a year after giving it up. The famous American magazine, which had banned the nudity, will again undress its Playmates. On this Valentine's Day, the strip tease is de rigueur. The famous American magazine announced the return of the naked women in its next issue of March-April, claiming on Twitter the slogan #Nakedisnormal.

This strategic shift was decided by Cooper Hefner, who replaced his father, the founder as Creative Director, admitting that the decision made in the fall of 2015 to dress the playmates was a mistake. The 25 year-old did not hide his opposition to the decision. I am the first to admit that the magazine's presentation of nudity was dated, but to do without it was a mistake. He wrote in a post posted Monday on his Twitter account. Nudity has never been the problem because nudity is not a problem.

At the time, I could not see the strategy of hiding the breast had been justified by wanting to attract a new target of active urban men. Then the magazine had to leave the top shelf of the newspaper merchants. The group had already re-dressed women on the Internet, from the summer of 2014, to be resumed on social networks, and to distinguish themselves from all that already exists on the Internet. Thanks to this, the number of unique monthly visitors quadrupled and the readership had rejuvenated, said Playboy.

The famous magazine created in 1953, which is no longer listed since its acquisition in 2011, did not give detailed results on its modest period. The general manager of the time left the company. The magazine probably lost more readers than it won. Playboy and the idea of ​​non-nudity is an oxymoron. Today, we are renewing our identity and assuming what we are, said Cooper Hefner, to justify his decision.

Sign of a more subtle change, Playboy will however remove the mention "Entertainment for Men" from its cover. While sales rumors from the founder Hugh Hefner who is 90 years old and the investment company Rizvi Traverse have been going well in recent months, this return to fundamentals could be an opportunity to seduce potential buyers. The group earns money through its licensed versions throughout the world.

Scott Flanders, the former general manager of Playboy, had chosen to take a risk by getting rid of the nude cover, a tradition that he considered outdated. The goal was to offer a rejuvenation to the magazine whose aging editorial line struggles to seduce the younger generations. In the following month, the cover showed a picture of twenty-year-old Sarah McDaniel dressed, though slightly, decorated with a heyyy band in fashionable Snapchat.

Playboy and women is a long and beautiful story. Marilyn Monroe was the first to expose her forms on their pages in a low-cut dress in 1953 before Ursula Andress in 1965, known for her imposing diaper and then Pamela Anderson. In 1980 she poses naked in striped shirt and a small hat of straw on her belly bottom. In the same year, Bo Derek (Tarzan) took the lead with a knitted sweater and cowboy accessories.

From 1983, two other women attracted all eyes. We find a new Bond girl, Kim Basinger, the pretty blonde, who starred with Sean Connery and, a successful singer, Madonna. An artist recognizable by her glamorous lipstick and her little velvet knots in her hair. Do not forget Cindy Crawford, with her face marked by a charming beauty, highlighted in portraits of 1988.

Less than ten years after these shootings, Drew Barrymore was entitled to her share of light. The interpreter of Batman Forever agrees to remove her clothes for readers. She reveals itself with a very masculine haircut. Wicks plated on the skull and cut just at the level of the lobes and without makeup. She wants to be nature, that's all. Unlike Farrah Fawcett of Charlie's Angels, very sexy with her tanned late summer in 1997. Or the exuberant Naomi Campbell, born to wear bikini in the spotlight, in the publications of the Winter 1999.

In the 2000s, the covers modernized and presented new staging. This time, the models do not hesitate to take suggestive poses or play the game with luxurious lingerie or the objects that surround them. Among the unstoppable queens of the lens, we find Charlize Theron and the very vintage and Gothic, Dita Von Teese in lace-suspenders.

Finally, in 2014, it is the return of the famous headbands rabbits. If Kate Moss relaunches this naughty fashion to 43 years, she was in fact surpassed by the American country singer Dolly Parton in 1978.