Think like an alien: When NASA came to Mars

NASA announced a discovery beyond our solar system. During the event, which was attended by astronomers and scientists from around the world, NASA released more information on the so-called exoplanets, the planets that are outside the solar system and orbiting a star other than the sun. From time is believed that some of them could harbor life.

The press conference will be held on Wednesday, February 22 in the afternoon (New York time) and will be broadcast live on NASA's website. There will also be the scientists who deal with the Spitzer Space Telescope, which observed in the infrared and who discovered the existence of one of the exoplanets closer to us, HD 219134b, at a distance of only 21 light years from Earth.

The NASA announcement, in short, will be full of surprises and novelties, especially when you talk about planets capable of supporting life. Recently, a study published in Nature, an international team of scientists reported the discovery of Proxima B, exoplanet similar to Earth, potentially habitable. I wonder if the press conference will be able to shed light on this and other issues. For those who are curious and have questions to be addressed directly to the scientists, the agency invites users and the media to use the hashtag #askNASA on Twitter.

A discovery that surely will delight all lovers of astronomy and science fiction films such as Alien is that a rover from NASA has discovered a big spoon on the surface of Mars. Is this a dramatic indication of the existence of life forms on the Red Planet or is it the usual hoax?

However, it is the second time, in recent years, that a spoon is found on Mars. All this does is to reopen the debates related to hypothetical life forms on the Red Planet.

nasa exoplanet mars spoon

In the past, on Mars, various objects, such as gloves and rings were found. Now the Martian rover NASA has cut a large spoon. The video went viral after being published on YouTube from a UFO Hunter. The video was accompanied by the following words: There is a giant spoon on Mars! This thing is amazing! Probably left by a lost civilization.

Many internet users are left stunned in front of the video of the NASA rover. One wrote: Considering that this is the second spoon found on Mars, this could be a sign of intelligent life. Some people are skeptical, however, and believes that spoon on the Red Planet is a mere optical illusion. A wary user, for example, wrote: Some people see the face of Jesus in the tea leaves and a few the lady on the moon.

What is this mysterious object captured on Mars by NASA's rover? A petrified relic belonging to a Martian civilization that died out or a fun optical illusion? It is difficult at present to provide an answer. According to a theory on Mars formulated by Dr. John Brandenburg, there could be intelligent life that at some point was eliminated by a nuclear war. This theory has been revived recently.

The experts from NASA have dampened the enthusiasm of many internet users, claiming that the spoons and other objects captured in recent years in the Red Planet are nothing but illusions.