Sunday, February 12, 2017

The meteoric rise of pornstar Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa debuted in October 2014 on Pornhub and in just two months she was elected the number one ranked porn star, who was most clicked and most voted on the site. Mia, born in 1993, is a native of Lebanon. She was born in Beirut, where she spent her childhood, before moving with her family to America.

She received death threats and messages on all her social accounts as such a blatant lack of respect for the precepts of Islam is outrageous. Especially considering that the actress has turned for BangBros videos, which are considered extremely damaging to the Islamic religious dignity.

The short film shows Julianna Vega and Mia Khalifa having threesome sex in hijab, which would be the icing-cap traditionally worn by Muslim women. A further cause for indignation is that the two protagonists are mother and daughter, several times mentioned with a certain dread and share everything, even the biker boyfriend of Mia who finds himself embroiled in a kind of competition for the best blowjob.

Joking with Islam can be a risky practice, nevertheless, and there are those who continue undaunted to do satire, fortunately. And some have decided, consciously or not, to go even further. The name Mia Khalifa could not tell you much, but lately is quite inflated on the web and in social. She is a young Lebanese American naturalized become quite popular in the moment that she decided to enter the world of porn and do it wearing the hijab, the veil with which Muslim women cover their heads.

The title of our debut is, Mia Khalifa is cumming for dinner. Rather thin but effective plot. Mia finds herself with her mother, played by Julianna Vega, and boyfriend to dinner, and ends up in bed. All hell broke loose. Scandal. Fatwa against Mia, actually yes, but Lebanese Christian. Scandal, fatwa, and Mia that in a short has become a more sophisticated character within PornHub, as well as among the rising names in the US porn world.

To the point, porn hijab has become a genre, that is, the porn star with her head covered by the veil. It was something that unleashed the ire of Islamic fundamentalists. And something that has attracted the attention of other producers of the red-light areas. So on August 5 the first feature film came out inspired by Mia Khalifa and his flirt with the veil, Women of the Middle East.

The film produced by Kelly Madison offer five different situations where sex and Islam have the opportunity to interbreed. Five situations in five different contexts, because obviously the controversy to be found, but the real risks are kept away. Madison, who has ridden the big long triggered by Mia Khalifa wave, wanted commitment to color his work, going to suggest, without much conviction, to all women to break free from the oppression of the veil.

All conveniently she is sitting in his studio in Los Angeles. Actually playing in advance of all, putting her face and really risking their skin was a German artist of Turkish origin who made sex her way to break the bigotry of her countrymen and groped to free, albeit to a questionable, the woman from sexist rules imposed by men. It is Reyhan Sahin, better known as Lady Bitch Ray. Rapper and actress, Lady Bitch Ray were upset with her rhymes the Turkish public stationed in Germany, certainly not finding in the German shores unconditional support.

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Her Decalogue with the vagina, her songs peppered with texts porn references, from Suck it, to Fuck me, through Bitchism, titles that already say all, his photos and his videos were a constant provocation to the point that she, like later Mia Khalifa, received death threats and ostracism by their community.

She did not directly bring up Islam, unlike Mia and actresses of the film produced by Madison, all Middle Eastern and whose casting, by admission of the producer, has been the most difficult part of the film, but her being of Turkish origin has been seen for many German Turks as an insult to their religion and their culture.

The name Sahin, moreover, was the result linked to another scandal linked to Eros. The model Sila Sahin, known as a wag, the girlfriend of German Ilkay Gundogan, has posed for the German edition of Playboy. Naked and on top of that in a location clearly Arabic. All this was accompanied by statements that leave no room for doubt, at least on the intentions. These photographs are a liberation from the restrictions of my childhood.

I feel like Che Guevara, I can do anything I want. The controversy is not missed, as well as the surge in the beautiful Sila prices. Sex is understood as a way of fighting the limitations in some of his utterances the fundamentalist Islam requires women, will ensure an interesting road to the revolution, but also a way to become very, very famous.

Mia has split Lebanon as part of the public supports her as a model of liberal emancipation across the border, who could also divide the people of America.