Mia Khalifa: The Porn Queen in the Headscarf

With a height of 158 cm, a weight of 55 kg, double D cup size, Mia Khalifa hardly differs from other pornstars. What sets her apart is her headscarf. Next to the headscarf is a pair of glasses with a thick, black border, the second trademark of Mia Khalifa.

With the traditional Muslim head cover as a trademark, Mia Khalifa rose to the star within a very short time. She filmed her first film in October 2014. On PornHub, Mia Khalifa landed in the first place in the ranking of the most popular actresses.

Mia Khalifa was the most wanted pornstar in the world a few years ago. She is an icon in the porn industry. Mia Khalifa became a star and hate object through the Internet platform PornHub. In many of her scenes, the native Lebanese wear a hijab, the headscarf.

This young woman, also known as Mia Callista, was born in Beirut. She moved with her parents to the USA at a very young age. Even if she made the headscarf her trademark, Mia came from a Christian family. She grows up in Maryland, goes to school after school and studies history there.

At the age of 18, she marries an American, moves to Miami and begins her career at the age of 21 in the porn industry. Her parents disowned her when they learned about their daughter's activity.

Although she started porn at an early age, she was only known when she was in a scene with Julianna Vega. They play as an Arab mother-daughter team in Hijabs. This is the reason why she has also become very popular in the Arab world. And hated too. Every day, her face and of course other body parts flicker over millions of screens. Also in the Arab world.

Today she lives in Texas and has completed her studies. Today she deserves to be a sports blogger and social media star. Khalifa has more than two million followers on Instagram and Twitter.