Tips To Traveling Alone In Hong Kong

by - February 27, 2017

Are you planning on traveling alone for the first time in Asia but not quite sure on where to go? Traveling to a whole new country is one of the best ways to experience a completely new culture as a whole, without any limitations. One of the recommended places to travel during the winter would be Hong Kong. Hong Kong becomes one of the most favorable destinations to go vacationing during the winter months, due to the cooler weather without rain. With excitement pending on traveling to a new place, you must wonder: What are the things you can do while traveling alone?

Hong Kong comes to life during the winter months. The island becomes warm and welcoming with Christmas ornaments, colorful carols and the atmosphere becomes most pleasing to accommodate the holiday cheers. It is not surprising during the winter, people from all over Asia fly to Hong Kong to experience the holiday merriment which comes in the form of chilling winds, super sales, and picturesque locations. With only a month away before 2015 approaches, it’s the best time to visit the islands and spend the new year!

First off: Accommodations. Since you’re traveling alone, a lot of your money would be going into finding a good place to sleep. Depending on your budget, you may opt for a hostel, guesthouse, motel or hotel. If you’re on a budget vacation, there are the guesthouses. Although small, the place is small, cozy and has enough room for two people in the room. If you want a cozier bed, it is recommended to choose a franchise hotel.

Second: Places to visit. Spending time outside during winter is one of the best things to do, rather being holed up inside your room. Hong Kong is best known for its open markets where tourists flock in the hundreds. One of the best places to go for souvenir hunting is Yau Mau Tei Jade hawker bazaar or better known as the Jade Market. The market contains over 400 stalls selling various grades of jades. Jade is very popular in Hong Kong and China because of its beauty, as well as its significant associating with longevity and good health. If you’re planning on purchasing jade here, do keep in mind to not spend too much on a particular item.

Although many of the trinkets are undeniably beautiful, within the mix of real jade, there may be fake jades as well. Keep an eye out for obscenely highly priced jades. It’s best to settle with something small, such as a jade charm just in case it turns out, it’s just purely refined glass.

Third: Food. It’s not a trip if there’s no good food. Hong Kong is home to heaps load delicious, irresistible dishes that beg to be tasted. Dim sums are one of the most favored dishes in town. It comes to no surprise a Dim Sum restaurant would be the best place to dig into dim sums in Kowloon.

The restaurants are best known for the cheery atmosphere, packed room, and delicious dim sums. Expect to pay roughly $35 – $60 HKD. Though make note, the restaurants are severely packed during the day and you can try to come back later at night where it’s less dense. The restaurants are open until 1 AM.

Forth: Transportation. Luckily, Hong Kong has several (and affordable) transportation routes which make traveling from island to island worthwhile. In Kowloon, there’s the MTR or the subway. The signs are in English which helps a lot. The MTR is one of the methods to choose to travel around the city as many locations, including malls, are close to it. The best part is that you really don’t need a cab, thanks to the many accessible locations within Kowloon.

Other transportation options include ferries which go to Hong Kong Island and the Outlying Islands. The best-known ferry in Hong Kong is the legendary Star Ferry, which continues to be in service since 1888. This ferry is best known for carrying passengers to and from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. Many people choose to ride on this historic ferry simply because if its spectacular views of Victoria Harbour during the day or at night. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind ride for anybody to enjoy.

Fifth: Nightlife. If you’re the type of person who enjoys nightlife but without the loud beats and drinks, the Symphony of Lights should have you covered. At 8 PM daily, Victoria Harbour lights up in a spectrum of lights and sound, foretelling of a story. The best place to view the spectacle is at Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront between the Avenue of Stars and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The best part is? It’s free!

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