Honeymoon in Hong Kong

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Around 1800 Hong Kong was established in the place where was a small fishing village, which in a dynamic environment in the 21st century became a cosmopolitan metropolis. It is a bustling seaside town full of impressively high peaks, and a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Proudly the city of Hong Kong calls itself Asia's World City and remains a key cornerstone for China.

Hong Kong, literally scented port, is a city full of contrasts, between tradition and modernity, the East and the West, chaos and tranquility, the effectiveness of its transport network and the roads, the redesigned area with those of the chaotic suburbs and that leave something to be desired, the heart of international finance but also of oriental culture, the downtown skyscrapers and suburban slums.

In a metropolis so contradictory and varied, here are the attractions that we did not lose.

Victoria Peak is perhaps the most dramatic point of the city and the most photographed. From this 400m high promontory, it dominates the skyline of Hong Kong Bay, the majesty of this city.

The markets in Hong Kong are all an experience in itself. Colors, sounds, and so many people and so many products from the most common to the most strange and certainly a lot of junk and many smells, to say the least intense.

In the markets of Hong Kong there will of all types, to suit every taste from the Ladies Market, namely the market for The Lord, in Mongkok where, as throughout HK, are imitations of fashion more prestigious brands, in Temple Street that begins to come alive in the late afternoon when it is invaded by the stalls of street vendors and numerous themed markets like that of birds in Yuen Po Street, flowers or even fish, the Goldfish Market, or that of electronic gadgets Sai Yeung Choi Street South as well as the jade market in the streets of Kansu and Battery.

Hong Kong is the home to shopping. In Charter Road you will not be disappointed by many shopping centers and designer boutiques, though also always crowded here.

Avenue of Stars, along the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui and the way of the stars is not like those of Hollywood, but mostly of Chinese and Asian actors. The only prints we recognized were those of Jackie Chan and the bronze statue of Bruce Lee. To tell the truth, we did not go here because we are fanatics of Eastern cinema but rather for the fame that has this walk has that is definitely charming, along the Hong Kong bay dominated by large stars. Not to be missed especially the spectacle of lights and sounds of skyscrapers, Symphony of Lights, held every evening at 20:00.

Man Mo Temple is one of the most ancient temples of Hong Kong, dedicated to Man, the god of literature and Mo, the god of War. The atmosphere that surrounds this house and 'definitely mystical and very impressive. For a moment he seemed to be in a world apart, away from the hustle and urban Hong Kong, perhaps even about the fumes and strong smells of incense and of which 'impregnated the air; as well as those lit by the faithful devotees there are also huge spirals suspended from the ceiling.

Nathan Road is one of the main arteries that breaks Hong Kong from South to North, and a glimpse of the busy Hong Kong. The attraction of this street and just the swarm of life day and night and some characteristic buildings that overlook as the infamous ghetto of backpackers, the Chungking Mansions, not that it is a tourist attraction but it a place to see but I recommend not to stay overnight!

Kowloon Park is one of the many parks in Hong Kong and green oasis of peace and coatica in Tsim Sha Tsui where you can immerse yourself in complete peace. At Monday, Wednesday' and Friday 'from 8.00 at 9.00 you can also restore harmony between your body, mind and spirit by participating in the free classes of Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese martial art. It is worth also be only as discrete as spectators to admire the performance of slow movements of this art are turned into a silent dance.

Hong Kong Museum of Arts with more than 14,000 Chinese art objects and one of the most great museums of the city and know how to make you blow away a few hours of your day. Admission is usually and '$ 10 but on Wednesdays you can enter free!

Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens is a park surrounded by skyscrapers: will be less famous Central Park in New York, but it is definitely worth the time to visit. The sunset is a great time to go, few visitors, almost absolute silence and a special atmosphere. Unfortunately, the little light will prevent you from seeing the animals in their cages (which are not lit), so if you want to see orangutans, monkeys, birds of different races and colors have to go in daylight hours.

Victoria Harbour is almost synonymous with Hong Kong. The Victoria Harbour is the portion of the city that you see in all the postcards, and yes, definitely is a view so beautiful it will leave you speechless. Strictly from dusk onwards, in order to appreciate fully the magic.

Star Ferry is not a simple "yes", but is a "definitely yes, and even more." In the sense that what I recommend is to take it more than once, in one way or another, uppe and lower deck, to enjoy Victoria Harbour from all points of view. You can afford it: transport in Hong Kong are very cheap.

Club71 is a local club recommended by Lonely Planet, and I join in the praise. Do not be afraid because it is not as hard to find as the Lonely says. It is a small, elegant dining room, almost a den for artists, musicians, philosophers and bohemians of all sorts, nationality and bank account, but instead of the left. It is run by friendly staff (very rare quality in Hong Kong) and the name is a poster of the owner's political ideas.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and you do not feel at all out of place among the regular customers of the Club71: indeed, I immediately felt at ease. I found a perfect room for individual travelers, because it is one of those places where, depending on your mood you can choose to be for a long time in silence, awkward to drink a beer in your favorite book or start a conversation with the waiters and other clients.

Cable car on Lantau. I love the cable cars, and this is worth all the money of the (expensive) ticket. The trip is long enough to give time to appreciate the view, shoot an entire roll of film (so to speak, so now who does not have a digital camera?) And lost in conversation. The height that is reached is impressive, and the view enjoyed from up there made me change my mind on Lantau, from "last choice, the right if there is time" to "my favorite Outlying Island.

Hong Kong is a paradise for walkers and hikers. The choice of paths and trails, suitable for all levels, is so broad as to deserve a post in itself, but in summary: if you love walking, Hong Kong is - despite its image of the metropolis by skyscrapers - definitely a good choice.

Wetland Park. The Lonely Planet describes it as an oasis of peace and nature, but I am of a different opinion. It is a tourist trap, but the nature there is nothing idyllic and peace is ruined by tourists, they flock to the rivers, and the worst enemy of a traveler in search of tranquility: schoolchildren.

Nicknamed Hollywood of the Far East, Hong Kong has for decades been the world's third largest film producer after the giant Hollywood and Bollywood. Although has not kept the place on the podium, it's still a city of tradition cinephile, thought he had much to offer the traveler who loves cinema: not so much in terms of tacky tribute - see the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui East but the chance to see good movies that never reach Europe. It had been so pleasant a surprise to discover that often the films are subtitled in English!

I planned to get me my own film festival, with at least three screenings during my stay in Hong Kong. But cinema in Hong Kong has been a huge disappointment. Find the halls of film programs on the internet is a difficult task: some cinemas have no website, some have it but either there is no program or there is only a list of films with no schedules or do not specify whether the film it is subtitled or not.

In short, non-existent or useless sites. In two cases I tried to go directly to the movies and see what they projected, to discover in both cases that it was vulgar Hollywood blockbusters. I do not need a flight of 12 hours for certain junk.

Information and advice:

Tsim Sha Tsui, in the south of the Kowloon Peninsula, and undoubtedly the most striking zone by tourists and one where many end up overnight. If you want an alternative away from this chaos try the modern Causeway Bay. Here are some tips on how to find a cheap hotel in Hong Kong.

The cost of the Peak Tram and HK $ 36 or, to access the Sky Terrace not that it is necessary to admire the beautiful view from the Peak. HK $ 56 while for the bus (the 15c) of HK $ 9.80. Certainly take the historic tram from Garden Road - always if you are armed with patience for the inevitable and long tail will give his emotions but if you are lucky to have our same driver, the bus does not even less, in which case, however, I do not recommend to look out the window down the cliff.

From Victoria Peak, there are beautiful walks such as the Peak Circle Walk, for a panoramic view of 360 degrees, or leisurely walk on Old Peak Road which reports to central Hong Kong.

Hong Kong and a super-popular destination for shopping for many, for this reason, a good excuse for a stopover but it's also the home of false even when it comes to technological gadgets, so watch what you buy!

If you are a traveler geek you will be pleased to know that in Hong Kong there are over 7000 places where you can connect to the network for free wi-fi to download tourist information on the city 'and other useful applications.

If it's your first time in Hong Kong, once landed at the airport make a stop at the desk of' Hong Kong Tourism Board to make full of maps and tourist information leaflets on the city, of course, free.

Take a Octopus Card if you intend to move a lot with the public transport then this rechargeable electronic paper and the most cost-effective and convenient solution that will save you 'time and the hassle of always having the right coins needed to pay for many of the transport. And it is also accepted to pay in many supermarkets, fast food stalls, parking and many shops. Do not worry if at the end of your stay you will still have a balance, it will be returned when equals the card. Here's all you need to know about this paper .

Food stalls are everywhere, the food is yummy and cheap: why not take a break?

Where is Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic, is located on the southeast coast of China and faces the South China Sea. It is about 3½ hours from Beijing and 2½ hours from Shanghai.

With an area of ​​1,110 km², Hong Kong is made from the island of Hong Kong, Kowloon, the New Territories and a group of 260 outer islands.

Overnight Visa Waiver

Hong Kong offers the possibility of access without a visa, this mode is intended for passports from 170 countries including the US, Canada, Australia and most European countries. The term has a range that goes from 180 to seven days, depending on nationality. Learn more about the visa policy of Hong Kong.

The main reasons to visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fusion of East and West. There is no better place to try both the Eastern and Western cultures, in a mix of traditional and modern life. Hong Kong is a paradise for shopping , into which all the most famous brands in the world. The shopping centers, neighborhoods full of shops, boutiques and streets with the markets are everywhere on the island.

Hong Kong also provides a delicious international cuisine that makes you mouth water. Hong Kong has a highly developed network of transport based on the ferries. It is very convenient to get to and leave from Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is the ideal starting point for visiting the rest of China as well as the rest of East Asia.
The best things to do in Hong Kong Hong Kong is the center between East and West, between tradition and modernity; It offers plenty to do and see.

Climb the ancient tram to Victoria Peak, and have a nice vantage point from which to admire the city skyline. Ride the Star ferry to totally immerse yourself in the beauty of the shore of Victoria Harbor. Visit historic temples such as Man Mo Temple and Po Lin Monastery. Enjoy the Feast of dim sum dumplings, sandwiches, spaghetti and even more. Stores in upscale malls or in the busy market street.

Hong Kong is a perfect destination for a family vacation. It offers a wide range of attraction suitable for children ranging from interactive museums to amazing theme parks up to the reserves. Here are the best things to do in Hong Kong with children.

The Popular Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has historical sites, modern museums, quiet gardens and interesting theme parks. Victoria Peak is the highest peak on the island of Hong Kong and is the best place to get an overview of all the Victoria Harbor.
Disneyland is a magical kingdom filled with beauty, excitement and Disney characters. It is the best place to go with the whole family.

Victoria Harbor is one of the most beautiful in the world, the Symphony of Lights is spectacular skyline.
Lantau Island is highly populated island, mainly composed of theme parks, tourist sites, parks and areas.
Repulse Bay: with clear water and a white sand beach, is a great place to relax.

When to Go to Hong Kong

The best time to go to Hong Kong from October to early December when there are nice weather. The climate from May to mid September would be too muggy and humid. The typhoon season runs from June to October and sometimes in April and May.