Sunday, February 5, 2017


What are the colors and combination trends for the furnishings of 2017? According to Pantone, the Law, in the field of graphic design and cataloging of colors, so as to influence the choices of furnishing by architects and designers around the world is no doubt the colours and combination trends of 2017 and those described in this post. And if they say it is to be trusted!

1) Techno color

A combination of colors with a great personality, and unusual silver, emerald green, turquoise blue, purple, blue majolica, dark lemon yellow, bright orange and black.

Our advice: emerald green (emerald) to paint the walls of a living room or study to facilitate conversation or stimulating concentration, combined with furnishings silver, purple or blue.

2) Physicality

This color palette is characterized by the contrast between strong colors (gray wrought iron, satellite gray, olive green and moss) and colors that beckons guests to rest and reflection (grapes, lavender, brown and pinkish gray fog).

Our recommendations : gray musk combined with the satellite for those who love a modern house and trendy.

3)  Sculpted Simplicity

This color combination is perfect for lovers of sober colors, and elegant combinations. Colors that go well with both classic and modern furnishings that enhance and discreetly without being intrusive: ice white, charcoal gray, brown anodized, iron, mauve, marble, travertine, ethereal gray and silver. Our advice: ice white, mauve, silver travertine and cleverly combined to create a dream bedroom, classic and elegant, regal and important.

4) Fluidity

Bright colors and cheerful that draw inspiration from water and sea creatures, for free spirits and original, quirky and imaginative: dazzling blue, deep blue, green absinthe, two different and intense shades of coral, purple tulle, wild blackberry and sun samoan. Our advice: the perfect coral, in different shades, both for the walls to the island of a country kitchen or rustic cheerful and lively, combined with the green.

5) Collage

A palette of colors that predominate in bold colors and intense (pink tea, rhubarb, pumpkin, and various shades of blue) combined with romantic colors and delicate (sheep wool, margarita green and teal.) Our advice: margaritas as green color dominant with a touch of pink (sheepskin), green water (cascade) and blue (teal blue or provincial) for those who love romantic and delicate.

6) Intimacy

A combination of extremely romantic and feminine colors inspired by flowers: white gardenia, pink lotus flower, pink cloud, coffee cream, fallow deer, lavender, gray mist and gray opal. Cool colors and sober but that, combined together, make it comfortable and cozy together.

Our recommendations: a combination of colors perfect for a romantic bedroom but not childish, reassuring and intriguing together.

7) Fashion

Color plays and great visual impact, but certainly not easy to combine strong character and personality: amber green, lime green, blue Corsica, magenta, violet wood, blueberry, red dahlia and gold.

Our advice: purple for the walls of one room with a few ethnic and scenic detail cranberry and magenta in the choice of furnishings.

8) Tribal Threads

Understated tones and elegant overall pretty easy to combine with each other and that is predominantly neutral colors that are inspired by the land and natural elements: sand bleached, incense, brown kangaroo, dusty cedar, red arabesque, blue elf, curry and black pepper.

Our advice: this combination allows combinations of colors perfect for those who love modern with a touch environments predominantly ethnic and exotic.

9) Eccentricities

Bright colors and fun combined together in an unusual way for an audacious and original result and eccentric: lemon yellow, neon green, peach, electric blue, red, brown, caramel, strawberry pink, magenta, matte black and mauve.

Our advice:  those who loves very colorful environments can use this palette of colors to paint the walls is that for the furnishing of a living extravagant and original but very cozy.