Hichki Movie - Review, Cast, Songs, Story

She was the queen of Indian cinema from the late 1990s to the mid 2000s. Black's unforgettable performer has gradually moved away from the stage, reappearing from time to time for some notable movies like No One Killed Jessica until the surprise success Mardaani in 2014, which seemed to mark the end of her career. Indeed, despite the commercial and critical success of the film, the actress had since refuted the rumors of return and had claimed to want to focus on her family life and her child.

However, it must be believed that Rani has the cinema in the blood, since she joins her cousin Kajol in the list of former female superstars, who cannot help but return, who are so appreciated by fans from time to time. And if Kajol should have two releases in the coming months, Rani Mukerji confirmed her big comeback with a project titled Hichki.

No surprise for the production side. Hichki will be co-produced by her husband Aditya Chopra under the banner Yash Raj Films, which has signed many of the actress's big commercial successes. The film will also be produced by Maneesh Sharma (FAN) and will be directed by Siddharth P. Malhotra (not to be confused with the actor) who directed the family drama We Are Family in 2010.

Hichki is presented as the story of a woman, who is a source of inspiration, a woman who transforms her greatest weakness into her greatest strength. Interesting terms but that do not tell us much about the specific subject of the film. We may have to be satisfied with these mysterious elements for the moment, but this film is already on the list of projects to watch closely!

It would seem that after Mardaani, Rani signs a new woman-centric highlighting her great actress talents. I was looking for a scenario that would challenge me and made me want to, and Hichki came in. We all have a great weakness, it can be a handicap or whatever, but if we consider this weakness as a simple hiccup, we can come out ahead. It will not stop us from achieving our dreams. Hichki is built on this positive idea and I decided to sign the bill, said the actress.

For the moment, no release date has been given but the project should start shooting in the months to come. Can we hope to see Hichki before the end of 2017? Everything will depend on the shooting time but this is likely. That's good news for all fans of the actress.