Fire Emblem Heroes for Android and iOS

Fire Emblem Heroes is the new Nintendo game after the success of Super Mario Run for iPhone, iPad and Android, where you lead turn-based battles on a board optimized for mobile devices. Fire Emblem is the popular series of role-playing games of the Kyoto multinational, now reinvented for mobile devices.

The player will be tasked to engage in turn-based battles, within ever-changing arena, with of course a system optimized for touch screens. The user can then summon characters from the Fire Emblem, improve their skills and make them grow in power, fight after fight.

The adventure is divided between different worlds, such as the Empire, who craves control over the entire world, and the kingdom of Askr, which opposes. To save the kingdom from destruction Askr, the user will have to join the Guardians face a challenge and timeless. The title, as anticipated, is almost entirely based on strategic turn-based combat, where you can drive your troops with simple touch and drag controls: to attack, for example, simply move its own ally of an enemy by sliding a finger across the screen and performing a simple slide.

The player finds himself in the new Fire Emblem Heroes many of the heroes who have characterized the Fire Emblem series on consoles, as well as new characters created by the artist Yusuke Kozaki, famous for his work on titles Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem Awakening Fates. In addition to the main story, the new mobile game offers the player many ways to enhance its allies, as well as allow you to challenge other players. In addition, Nintendo has already promised free upgrades to on-court new heroes, and other content to increase the longevity of the product.

Among the various modes of play right now available the "History", but also Torre workout, Arena where clash with rivals from around the world and "Battles of the heroes", which will be available for a limited time with special maps. Fire Emblem Heroes is available as a free download and can be played without paying money, but the exact developer who for some functionality you need to use crystal balls. These can be obtained for free within the game or alternatively you can also buy them through in-app purchases. Recall that as Super Mario Run, also this new Nintendo game requires an Internet connection always on.

Fire Emblem Heroes makes its debut on the Play Store and Google on App Store Apple from February 2, 2017 as well as planned. If you have not you understood it is the new video game dedicated to mobile devices published by Nintendo, which has finally decided to also bring the RPG Fire Emblem series on this platform.

For the uninitiated, Fire Emblem is a series of role-playing and strategy games that involve heavy use of tactics and a progressive difficulty level. It is in this case a game format and adapted to mobile devices touchscreens going to draw freely from the previous chapters of the saga. We will find ourselves in the middle of a war between the Empire, who yearns power over the world, and the Askr kingdom. To save Askr we can summon legendary heroes from different worlds of Fire Emblem, deploy them in battle and take part in many strategic turn-based battles that make up the campaign game.

Paced battles - Attend passionate struggles strategic shift for mobile devices in the palm of your hand! Guide your troops with simple touch and drag controls: to attack, for example, moves an ally of an enemy by sliding a finger across the screen. New characters meet legendary heroes - In this game, you will find many heroes of the series Fire Emblem and other new characters created by the artist Yusuke Kozaki, famous for his work on titles Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem Awakening Fates. Some heroes will fight by your side as allies, while others might as powerful enemies to defeat and to add to your troops.

So many ways to never stop playing - In addition to the main story, you'll have several ways to strengthen your allies, challenge other players and much more. Also, free upgrades and continuous introduce new heroes, content and other surprises, to give you hours of additional gameplay.

Maps story - the story does meet new heroes with familiar faces in the Fire Emblem series. Guide your troops to victory to save the Askr kingdom.

Torre workout - Special maps of varying difficulty you can replay as many times as you want to get rewards points and Exp. The enemy and the battlefield will change every time you in these challenges.
Arena - clashed with rivals from around the world. Depending on your best score and ranking will receive rewards, that is, tools that enhance the heroes' abilities.

Battles of the heroes - discover the battles available for a limited time on special maps. Defeat the heroes who oppose you and convince them to join you as allies.

Fire Emblem Heroes is free to download, but they are obviously provided in-app purchase option. Nintendo, however is keen to specify the following: Warning: you can play for free, but some features require the use of balls, which can be purchased with real money. You can also earn the balls for free.