Book Review: The Bogus Read - Divyamaan

The Bogus Read Book Review Divyamaan

The Bogus Read by Divyamaan is a novel in which the author pulls all his ingenuity, his keen sense of satire and his powers of observation to show, as in a mirror, the new, absurd and disturbing world in which we live with the crudest scenes, where the author delves into the living flesh of surreal characters, who bring the vices and the ideological contradictions.

India and Pakistan one way or another remained in a constant state of conflict since their freedom and Pakistan has at the present come up with the decisive plot to assault the minds of the Indian masses and confine the country and in a partly successful stab, it captures some fraction of India.

The Indian Government, led by its extremely nationalistic PM, Narendar Mody and His Royal Highness, Arnub Gooswamy, takes charge of the state of affairs and comes up with a master plan of defeating Pakistan, using some of India's largely strong armaments like corruption, political hooliganism and irritating celebrities.

They are supported by five engineering students who, inspite of their otherwise ordinary lives, get entangled in the disorder and set themselves on a terrifying expedition only to find out how profound the entire conspiracy is in the really treacherous Indian political jungle, even for the most adventurous men.

With eternal themes, dramas, wounds and rifts of the Indian political landscape, this is a real graphic novel, a political satire in which the author manages to make us laugh with a critical eye on our society by an attentive narrator of the national costume.

You’ll be amazed what you will enjoy after reading this book even if you were never interested in politics. You may not like the graphic style or you may not like irony or a political party or may not like the politics or the simplification of situations, but this book is beautiful in its kind.

The strength of this book is the perfect synthesis of almost comic irony and social and political criticism and the possibilities provided by the author with clarity and completeness to understand and appreciate the inserted occult meanings.

The author is able to mix irony and social commentary and to unmask with a bitter laugh the paradoxes of Indian society with political corruption, the power of the media and the exploitation. The book talks about politics, criticize it, mock it, observe events and characters in the distorted perspective of the classic satire, but with considerable complexity in the analysis and social policy in the use of metaphors.

The author seems to have a really clear understanding of his characters of who they are or what they will do, in circumstances where he manages to surprise you with some brilliant narratives, both for the writing style for the psychological depth that will make your jaw drop.

It is also a novel that questions the effectiveness of humour in laying bare the evils of a society, and in the new world order there is no welfare, no safety nets and there is no trust in political elites. This is as looming as an original novel, capable of binding its content of popular literary genres to a fierce and deep satire of modern Indian society.

The author tends the threads of the story one by one, tracing furrows and connecting seemingly irreconcilable facts. The result is a political novel, liquid such as our times, which can be read from a thousand different angles and contains within it many kinds embedded in one another the elements of humour and mystery, with some characteristic brushstrokes and a short flight to a magical realism.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 290 ♥ Published: 14 October 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352017447