best places to visit in february

So you are are thinking for a while to go for a low-cost weekend or take the flight to an exotic destination, or take advantage of Valentine's Day to visit a romantic destination with your better half. Good! We have selected the cheapest destinations for the month of February.

February is a great month to go in search of the sun. Taking a vacation somewhere warm in February will also mean avoiding the resorts that often in this period are very crowded as resisting the Christmas chimeras and starting in just over a month away allows unexpected savings.

If you need sunny and hot weather, then the deserts of Morocco in Africa or Mexico or of Central America may be the ideal choice. In Africa, a Nile cruise will offer bright days in this period with cool, calm evenings. Lovers of open spaces and country walks can enjoy hiking in the Canadian forests or go to Asia and walk along the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal.

If you cannot do without the skis, then ski resorts in the European Alps will be right for you, even if it could be crowded at this time. For those who prefer the milder spring weather, spring begins to make its presence in the South of Spain, Italy and Greece with sunny days and warm temperatures.

In Europe, winter continues unabated and the cold and weather have the upper hand, with short days and rare glimpses of the sun. The winter sports centers are popular in France for the period due to the school holidays, but the neighboring nations Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Andorra and Spain offer various possibilities. These countries in the south of Europe can be very pleasant destinations in this part of the year as everything starts to bloom and spring is near.

In Asia, various destinations are ideal at this time from Burma, North India and the Philippines and the west and the south of Sri Lanka and Laos are perfect if you want to avoid the mountains. Trekking in Nepal is beautiful during this month with lots of sunlight, although at high altitudes the temperatures can be very low.

In Africa, it is the right time to go trekking in the desert of Morocco, a trip across the Maghreb or visiting countries like Senegal or Egypt, before there peep higher temperatures and even the prices are accessible at this time. South Africa offers a warm climate with little precipitation. Mauritania, Jordan and Syria are sunny with cooler nights, and so do not forget the sweater for the evening!

America, Argentina, Peru and Nicaragua have pleasant temperatures in February and is also the right time to discover the Southern California and the desert areas of the Southwest. Mexico and the Caribbean offers beautiful sunny days although you could prefer the colder climate of the magnificent Canadian winter. In Hawaii surfers enjoy themselves very much in riding the giant waves.

Avoid Indonesia, Seychelles and Polynesia as those are at the height of the rainy season and Madagascar, Mauritius and Reunion, where there is still a high risk of cyclones.

Where to go in February


Dry heat, white beaches and few crowds. This is the month of Thailand, to get in touch with the beauty of its nature, to be enjoyed thanks to the typical dishes and the spa treatments, while sleeping in romantic bungalows and private villas with sea view. For those who wants to combine relaxation with Buddhist traditions, exotic wildlife and a city of a thousand contradictions, starts instead with the tour to Bangkok, amidst enchantment of the ancient temples, which also touches on the ancient Ayutthaya, the archaeological remains of Kamphaeng Phet, the Sukhothai historical park, to the caves of Phuket.


With Latin atmosphere, refined structures or adventure trails, wild beaches, you will find yourself in the fashion promenade. Amidst populous seabed for lovers of tropical fishes and remains of ancient civilizations of the Mayan acropolis in ruins, the Mexican Yucatan peninsula, the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and a beautiful lagoon with brightly colored coral gardens, here you can indulge in water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, flying trapeze and beach volleyball.


Nepal is a small universe and a world apart that includes unique landscapes, mountains worthy of real trekking, ancestral cultures and timeless traditions. Here, in short, it begins the ideal season for one the Annapurna circuit, that encompasses all the typical features of a trip to Nepal. It is one of the most spectacular trekking circuits of the Himalayas, which still offers rigid nights and snowy passes, but also ensures the tranquility of staying away from the summer crowds which already will begin to populate the streets in a few months and the presence of porters and guides.


The sea is warm now, and in the evening you can take the pleasure of enjoying a trip without the crowds. Venezuela blends fun and relaxation, between the time that has gone. From Caracas and Margarita Island, Venezuela, provides horse rides through history and culture. Close by are the fort of San Carlo Borromeo, the city of La AsunciĆ³n, the village of Tacarigua, the Bay of Juan Griego and the canals of Laguna La Restinga.

Alternatively glam is the archipelago of Los Roques, which is a short flight from Caracas, which is also the largest coral atoll in the Caribbean, as well as National Park with one of the largest marine reserves in the world. Here you can sleep in colorful posadas, the guest house from which starts each day a hike to a nearby island.


In Malaysia, there are the 99 islands of Andatane, which are all ideal for an exceptional winter getaway. Given the choice, you can leave for Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah, which joins the sea all the local charm of rice fields and hills shrouded by a tropical vegetation. It is a trip dedicated to those looking for traditional atmospheres, typical seafood and seaside resorts, which still are not too affected by mass tourism and in this season is less than ever. Without forgetting the other great points of interest, Langkawi, the shopping paradise. Besides the convenience of duty-free area, here you will get the best of local crafts, primarily the beautiful batik.


Even those who were there before the new course of Raul Castro, has to return to Cuba now that the climate (not just political) is ideal with the lowest prices, with revolutionary offerings amidst the unmistakable buildings and the vitality of Havana, while you can seek tranquility in Cayo Largo in the south of the country.


This is one of the most spectacular carnivals in the region. Spain of the Moors do not just mean Cordoba, Seville, Granada and Malaga but also a jewel like Cadiz, where the dress parades has made it a national event that lasts for ten days, including the crowning of the carnival queen, the magna ride, the carousel through the streets of the city and the inevitable fireworks full of music, color and joy.


The safari in Tanzania are the direct competitors of the most famous tour for lovers of the sightings in kind in Kenya. To this must be added that this is the perfect season for large migrations, all to be observed from the wildebeest to zebras. The bushes and wooded savannah of Lake Manyara National Park is famous for its tree climbing lions and the famous Serengeti Park is not only the realm of the wildebeest, but also zebras, gazelles, cheetahs and hippos.

The area of fossil remains of Olduvai Gorge and the immense caldera of Ngorongoro Crater, with descent into the crater which is surrounded by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is home to the Masai people.


Everybody knows, here is the eternal spring. In February, then the prices make it not only warm and lush, but also extremely affordable.

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