Tata Hexa: A Spacious and Versatile SUV

Tata Hexa images

Tata Hexa debuted in India after the New Delhi Auto Expo. The final version of the Hexa is that of a long 476 cm SUV with square lines. The end result is a certain imbalance between the visual proportions of the front and rear with the front overhang is significantly reduced, and the rear is all too extended.

There are, however, some elements of style that approach the most modern SUV from Led headlights to the dual tailpipes integrated into the rear bumper. Completing the showy framework of protections is the plastic wheel arches and sills.

The interiors seem to confirm a certain vocation for not only domestic markets of Tata Hexa. There is a multimedia system with 5 " screen and touch controls of Harman origin. The driver's seat includes eight different adjustments. The audio sector is signed by JBL and includes 10 speakers.

The interior lighting can be switched on eight different shades. In the model which will be presented at home, there are also leather interiors, rear view camera and cruise control. The safety-related equipment includes six airbags, ABS, electronic stability and traction, which are essential for the more advanced markets.

Under the hood of Tata Hexa is an engine whose plate data are in line with expectations with a 2.2 turbodiesel credited with 156 hp and 400 Nm of torque, coupled with a transmission with 6-speed manual or automatic changer. There are four driving modes (automatic, comfort, dynamic plus and a one reserved for off-road. India's Hexa will be on sale in 2017.

The Hexa sports a compelling design and no frills that is appreciated for its sharp contours that blend with the details, such as the front air intakes and large 19 inch alloy wheels.

The SUV also has the versatility and comfort offered by a vehicle body of 4.76 meters, a width of 1.90 m, a height of 1.78 m and a wheelbase of 2.85 meters. The car sports a large passenger compartment, which is able to accommodate up to six passengers accommodated on individual seats. The third row can also be folded into the floor, increasing a lot of the loading capacity.

The interiors of this Asian crossover are finished perfectly and boast the presence of fine leather upholstery and soft plastics to the touch, as also the presence of a discreet lighting system that helps to create an atmosphere of a high-class car.

The comfort and entertainment of passengers are ensured by the presence of electronically controlled air conditioning system, which is completely revised in its operation and the infotainment device capable of managing all the technological functions of the Hexa.

From a mechanical standpoint, the Tata Hexa uses the all-new diesel units 2.2 liters Varicor 400, capable of a power of 156 hp and well 400 Nm of torque. The car has a driving device, torque on demand, based on the four-wheel drive, while regarding the transmission, it is possible to opt for a manual gearbox or six-speed automatic.

Even security has been put in first place, as evidenced by the presence of the electronic stability control, in addition to six airbags, the twilight sensor for headlights and windscreen wipers with rain sensor.