Rose Bowl Parade In Pasadena, California

The Rose Bowl Parade or Tournament of Roses Royal Court was performed for the first time on 1 January of 1890 in Pasadena, California covering 13 kilometers north of downtown Los Angeles. It is the most popular annual parade of the United States, which is held every on New Year's Day, except when the new year falls on a Sunday. In that case, the tournament is held on the following Monday, on 2 January. This situation occurred for the first time in 1893.

All of the cars that parade should be covered by natural elements such as flowers, leaves or bark, thus obliging the volunteers who prepare the wagons some hectic work in the days before the parade. Traditionally, the parade is retransmitted by several television networks local, national and international, with thousands of viewers watching the floats and people along the route. Since 1923, after the parade, the college football is played denominated Rose Bowl.

Created in 1890 by members of the Club of Hunting Valley of Pasadena, the tournament has changed dramatically since its inception. Originally, the Hunting Club members, who were former residents of the East Coast and Midwest of the United States, celebrated with the Tournament the goodness of the California climate. At a club meeting, Professor Charles F. Holder commented, In New York, people are buried in the snow. Here, our flowers are about to bloom and our oranges ripen. Let's celebrate a festival to show the world our paradise.

And so, the Club decided to organize its first New Year parade. Horse drawn carriages covered with flowers were followed by races of athletics, pole games, and Tug of War. Upon seeing the display of roses on the day of the parade, the teacher decided to name it the Tournament of Roses. In the following years, several bands of music were invited and the floats were motorized.

From the year 1895, the event had become so great that the Hunting Club was insufficient for its organization, so then was founded Tournament of Roses Association. For the 11th edition, in the year 1900, the land has renamed the event where it celebrated Park Tournament. It is located next to the California Institute of Technology. The activities were growing and soon became nationally renowned.

When the parade was created in 1890, Pasadena was a small town and not the city that is known today. The noise made by horse-drawn carts interrupted the religious service of the devotees, who attended their churches interrupting and distracting the faithful. From 1893, it is held on Monday, January 2 when the 1st coincides with Sunday. This is every 5 years.

The president of the association chooses each year a theme for the Rose parade, which inspires the carriage ornaments. The annual party of college football known as Rose Bowl is an event celebrated on New Year's Day in the Rose Bowl Stadium, following the parade. It is nicknamed the grandfather of all bowls, being the oldest and, for its long career, the most prestigious. It is part of the annual Tournament of Roses event.

From the year 2001, Latin music bands have participated in the Tournament of Roses Parade.