March for Life to Washington DC in the US

The annual March for Life takes place in Washington in the United States of America. It began just after the famous Roe vs Wade verdict in January 1973 that established the right to abortion. This year will participate for the first time in 44 years of history of this march, as the official speaker US Vice President Mike Pence.

During the Republican administrations, never such a senior member of the White House personally participate and in the previous cases, it was limited to messages and telephone calls. Moreover, since the time of the election campaign and the choice of the Vice President by Trump, all the pro-life Americans hoped that he would choose their Governor Mike Pence of Indiana for his open and strong pro-life positions.

Washington, this year will see a cold but sunny day, unlike 2016 when there was a memorable storm of snow, amidst many Catholic movements led by prominent members of the Church. Donald Trump officially and solemnly supported the March for Life in Washington, which comes now in its 44th edition. During the election campaign, he has also promised that he would do anything to throw the ruling Roe vs. Wade in the ash heap of history where they belong.

While in a few hours hundreds, thousands of people will gather from across the United States in the federal capital to challenge the Roe vs. Wade (1973) ruling which legalized abortion, the president Trump, in less than 24 hours, spoke in two events. He did this in an interview with ABC, and in his speech before the Republican Party in Philadelphia.

And in both cases, he has attacked the media, which do not give the right coverage to an event so impressive. The journalists said Trump prefer to give prominence only to certain protests, maybe much smaller like those, recently, against him, and of course orientation, but do not devote enough space to an event such as the March for Life.

A joy made even greater by the restoration of the Mexico City Policy, which Trump has taken on against International Planned Parenthood and the UNFPA, criminal organizations who spread abortion throughout the world, with the approval by Congress of Republican majority of the absolute ban on the American government to finance directly or indirectly the genocide of innocent unborn children.

Despite the snowstorm that hit the US capital, last year's March for Life in Washington saw the participation of around a million pro-life citizens. And while President Obama celebrated the 43rd anniversary stressing that the ruling gave the US rights, freedoms and opportunities, not to mention the approximately 58 million children killed "legally" in the wombs of their mothers, the polls say that most of the American citizens are against abortion, especially young people.

The March for Life continues to increase the number of universities and high school students, to show that the younger generations are very sensitive to the issue of the right to life. But the street protests, accompanied by a constant and extensive process of cultural formation, leave no trace and can make things change. It will happen as well the hope even with the LGBT marriage, once again entitled to an anti-democratic ruling by the Supreme Court.

Last year's theme was pro-life and pro-woman go hand in hand, that is to say, that the cause of life and in favor of women go together, hand in hand. The authentic feminism, in fact, the healthy one, will never oppose the rights of the unborn to those of the mother as, however, there can be no conflict between men and women.

March for Life in Washington

In his speech, the President of the March, Jeanne Monahan-Mancini recalled that abortion is never good for women, neither physically nor psychologically. Studies on post-abortion syndrome are demonstrated. Not to mention that often the abortion does not kill only the child but also the mother, despite everything, happens "legally" and with all due care, the facts prove it unequivocally.

Despite all the powers touting abortion, the cause of life sees constantly growing its supporters. Whatever the numbers of the March for Life in Washington last January 22, the figure is staggering. New York, in particular, made headlines as a few hours before the march, the governor Andrew Cuomo defined the pro-life as extremists who are not welcome in New York.

The Supreme Court decision was a legal tragedy that has so far caused 56 million deaths, an incalculable damage not only for the soul of the nation but also for its economy as more and more people recognize that fact, failing to count workers and consumers, the deep financial crisis the country as it is a logical consequence.

The March for Life is a non-denominational event. All sorts of parades group with their colors and their insignia, making it one of the most powerful Catholic events of the year by the individual dioceses and parishes to the Knights of Columbus, the TFP to the curious Pro Bikers for Life, newborn group of anti-abortion riders determined to apostolate for life riding their two wheels.

If you add to all this the numerous pro-life appointments in the administration, the disappearance of the section of the LGBT rights from the site of the White House and the promise to appoint anti-abortion judges to the Supreme Court, we can say that the Trump presidency began auspiciously and infuses all the fighters in defense of life.