Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Review

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 is finally available in the old continent and will be well worth the wait for the last piece before the grand finale. It seems to be the right time. Unless special surprises, this latest trip, more or less new to suit your previous experience, will prove to be the last antecedent to that Kingdom Hearts 3, which for a decade we are waiting.

Passing through a couple of important chapters and a myriad of minor iterations, we talked about for a decade as each new exponent would have been the final connection to the third numbered title of the series. And so came the various Birth by Sleep, Coded, Unchained and so on. Needless to hide behind a finger, we all knew the exit of the two previous collection - 1.5 and 2.5 - that Square Enix, Nomura and all his team would find a way to bring on home console also the last chapter important to come out of Nintendo 3DS: Dream Drop Distance.

With the imminent release of the previous remastered on Playstation 4 and the addition of this last iteration, the circle will be complete and perfect. Nine titles which together form the path of the saga waiting for that tenth, that will put an end to it. Nothing can stand in the way of closing this trip it lasted more than fifteen years. Then we go to see how this Kingdom Hearts II.8 is on the market, analyzing the three works contained within it and localizing it in a time line more and more confusing.

Kingdom Hearts HD is the conclusion of a work of unification that takes us to the grand finale! For those who missed several years ago in the infinity amount of securities that the series has generated, it will definitely be blown away by the presence of a real movie in this collection. Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover does is retain, in about an hour of computer graphics scenes in total, what is the path experienced by the masters of the five factions of X - Japan's first browser game, then turned and perfected in its mobile version with the addition of Unchained name, it came to us just last summer.

If the masters the pleasant Portable title tells a story set a thousand years before that of Sora and his companions from the point of view of a number of children able to use the Keyblade, the film introduces us what are the political implications and power of those same children, and the facts that led to the first, famous, war Keyblade. Given for granted that anyone who is accustomed to Kingdom Hearts knows what we're talking to all the other enough to know that, in a world poised between light and darkness, very few people are able to handle the artifacts - so-called Keyblade - we know be of three different types (light, dark and heart of the people). These weapons from the boundless power are able to bring either peace and chaos, according to the use made of it.

Although you do not know really and in detail the course of the thousand years preceding the beginning of the adventure of Sora and his companions, the certainty is to not want to replicate that bloody war which is told for the past one thousand years. In practice, the experience translates to about an hour of good scenes, written discretely and animated even better.

The visual impact is far from that of other film productions of Square Enix, but you can not hide a certain pleasure in seeing what Kingdom Hearts could become if it became an animated series. According to the same Nomura, this totally new and unpublished work, precisely because of the portion of the history that tells, it is accessible at any time and without the need to be inserted before or after another under the same collection. Narrating the facts so far away in time, the only organization that performs is to go to give a context to the Keyblade War, and then add another piece to the big picture.

What makes Back Cover even more important than his own position in the Kingdom Hearts history is the fact that finally puts bare the will to Nomura to relegate the relationship with Disney to something totally marginal. If you have not by now understood by many years, collaboration, initially important in the project, has gradually turned into something secondary.

Hence Back Cover Disney characters is completely free, except through a vague reference to a universe initially joined under the name of "World of Fairytales". One final note about Back Cover is made on productive effort on the cast of voice actors exceptional. No high-sounding name as the main series that includes (is) the never too late Christopher Lee in the role of Ansem the Wise, but everything is still at the highest level, with actors been run and felt recently also in Final Fantasy XV.


Speaking of the remastered version of Kingdom Hearts 3D is both easy and difficult time. In the first case because it is a work that makes a miracle for how it manages to carry on PlayStation 4 a Nintendo 3DS title five years ago. The other because just this miracle, makes it difficult to tell the operation as a simple remastered. Even with regard to this, Nomura had been quite clear in recent weeks, emerging as the new edition of the portable title could be considered a true remake.

Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also for what concerns the readjustment of the mechanical linked to the dual screen and touch the nature of the platform on which it was conceived. First things first: Dream Drop Distance is then placed to the events of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Coded. With a now run-in group formed by Sora and company, Yen Sid is ready to warn the lords of the possibility that the Keyblade Master Xehanort, has returned to his human form after the defeat of his Heartless Ansem and the respective Nobody Xemnas. The mentor of King Mickey has therefore decided to submit Sora and Riku to test for declaring whether or not their official handover to the rank of the Keyblade Masters.

The two are then shipped to an alternative form of the past in which they are called to close the seven locks of "sleeping worlds", those places closed in limbo and not entirely free from the darkness. This pretext has allowed, among other things, to place next to the old knowledge also of the unpublished worlds for the series. Ritrovatisi in Traverse Town, Sora and Riku before after, they will encounter a series of characters that take the place of the old inhabitants of the city. Farewell Final Fantasy and welcome The Worlds Ends with You.

The crossover in this case it involves those who are the characters of a Square Enix title for Nintendo DS in 2009, but questionable choice justified by the platform to which the title was originally intended. Another peculiarity of the extremely particular title is represented in the "fall", means by which Sora and Riku will discover to their cost that they are not the same version of the worlds they visit, but in two parallel realities within which they live their stories in totally independently.

Two campaigns inextricably linked to each other, but alternated by a bar, one of the "fall" in fact, that she has offloaded regularly while using a character to bring it to sleep and immediate exchange of alter ego playable. This mechanical, that only the folly of Nomura could be able to emerge, there where on Nintendo 3DS appeared so fast that it becomes frustrating, it was extremely softened in this reissue. Here, therefore, that the emptying times of the bar and the duration of the fractions with each of the characters have lengthened exponentially.

Speaking more specifically adaptation of the title, it is amazing to note that each of the mini games and activities available in portable version has been adapted and brought back in this remastered. There are the "dips", comparable to the old Gummi Ship routes; or the simple but never too obvious opportunity to take advantage of the touch pad the DualShock 4 to stroke their own spirits, on which we will return shortly.

They return the characteristics which form the basis the combat system and the exploration and which consist, in essence, the possibility of exploiting the environment to quickly move in and hit enemies with special attacks, according to the specific action it took. The spirits, as mentioned before, is one of the two faces of the new creatures introduced in this chapter.

Its difficult to summarize in a handful of characters the amount of variables that these little creatures can generate, but just know that there are two versions of each of the nightmare and spirit. While the first is the new equilibrium real threat, the second feeds the nightmares themselves and for this you can create and of various types. Here is that Kingdom Hearts is approaching the prevailing collect them all Nintendo home.

Each of the spirits has its own level, an affinity system fortunately not too stringent and a tree of customized skills on which to spend the so-called union points and unlock commands to insert in Sora and Riku console. A system similar to that of Birth by Sleep, but that takes full advantage of the introduction of these new creatures. We conclude the excursus on the adaptation of this Dream Drop Distance speaking appearance which leaves you speechless is the visual impact.

The fear that we would be faced with a very difficult title to digest on PlayStation 4 was rampant. Nomura and his team have rather amazed, managing to High Definition reproduce almost any environment, that does not stand for certain depth or destructibility, but are a real miracle considering the starting platform. The character models have a substantially higher amount of polygons and all the particles have been recreated from scratch, approaching fearfully to those present in the prologue of Kingdom Hearts III.

An incredible job that related to this remastered / remake, which will dictate new standards in this market segment and that drives us to warmly recommend the title to all those who had already consumed the game on laptop now five years ago.

The collection boasts a total of 70 trophies, divided into 55 for Dream Drop Distance and 15 for Birty by Sleep 0.2. There, where the first has 47 bronze, 5 silver, 2 gold medals and the coveted platinum, brand new chapter must be content with 13 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold, missing the most coveted trophy. The tasks are more or less always the same. We find the request to finish the campaigns at various levels of difficulty, kill a certain amount of enemies and unlock the final secrets and various top secret. There will be a lot to play to achieve 100%.


It is the moment of truth, the first taste of a homemade Kingdom Hearts two generations away from that memorable pearl that is the second chapter. With the help of Unreal Engine 4:01 generational detachment which is the only element capable of repaying of waiting, we got our hands on this prologue.

Trying to avoid as much as possible to talk about the plot of the title, given its nature as fleeting in terms of longevity, just know that the events take place after the final Birth by Sleep. Aqua, mistress of the Keyblade, Kairi initiator of the use of the weapon and fraternal friend of Terra and Ventus, is determined to find a way to regain his friends and so embarks on a journey that can take out of the Realm of Darkness which she remained locked up at the end of the chapter for the Sony portable.

With this background it plays the entire arc of the title, be able to answer a few questions left open and introduce many more. Nomura was clear: this prologue is to be played as the last element before the next Kingdom Hearts III, and actually is being a real prologue. From a gameplay point of view, being the opening words of the next chapter of the numbered series, it's back to the classic setting of attacks and spells.

Disappear through the control menus and returns to wear the mana bar whenever you casting spells. But this has not prevented the development team to integrate some of the innovations of the last decade. Hence it reoccurs the "Focus", an indicator able to charge through the damage carried out and that allows to launch a series of attacks in succession, against a number of previously identified targets.

Next to it they place the "situational control", which are nothing more than the union of the reaction controls the second chapter and the Birth by Sleep command styles. What emerges is a screen swirl, variety in combos and spectacular nature that hardly can remember in the gaming landscape.

Kingdom Hearts has always been the festival of colors, but in this case what we face is beyond imagination and can see a classic Blizzaga that turns into icicles Heartless or a Bramamagia that twirls Aqua releasing particle effects galore is visually crazy. Not much else to say about a title that, when taking off and one can not do without, ends leaving a bitter taste of an adventure lasting a few hours.

Beautiful, interesting, which portends a third chapter in the saga able to conclude in the best way, but that is nothing more than a beautiful taste. Is it right to spend a few lines on some nice ideas like that of wardrobe: this is nothing but the aesthetic customization of the protagonist, with an inordinate amount of clothes and accessories that you can unlock after completing a series of objectives. As extremely marginal, these are elements that prolong the experience of the real "completists".

The last call before the epilogue

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 is the perfect end to a path, beyond the mere commercial purpose that has always denoted the love and passion of Nomura and his team for this creature, with which so many have grown up in the last fifteen years. Kingdom Hearts III is coming, hopefully, and from next March 31, all of the PlayStation 4 owners will be able to enjoy the entire securities park waiting for his epilogue series.

In this specific case, we are dealing with a medium quality movie, a remastered so amazing to look like a true remake and a new prologue so beautiful brand however brief. One can not recommend their purchase to anyone who is a lover of the saga and wants a whole day on a single console. For everyone else, given the amount of securities and the storyline absurdly difficult to disentangle without proper analysis, the advice is to recover previous remastered ones and then conclude with these three titles. Kingdom Hearts 3, we are waiting with open arms!