Donald Trump - President with no room for maneuver

The most controversial, disputed, thwarted candidate in American history, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. The whole nation assists, stunned or excited at what a few, a few months ago, would have predicted. The podium where Trump will be sworn in before the Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts and the Lincoln Bible is ready.

The Capitol is festooned with thousands of red flags and festoons, white and blue. The party, however, is likely to be a further opportunity for confrontation, tensions, and divisions. Washington at this time is manned, divided into zones where thousands of people celebrate or will contest the new president. The capital, divided into segments and opposing areas visions and political passions, is the symbol of a split nation.

The first thing is the clear object of such opposing passions, Donald Trump, who in a tweet yesterday wrote, it was not Donald Trump who divided this country, the country is divided for a long time. The need is to go back to being one indivisible nation, with liberty and justice for all seems to be one of the inaugural address issues for Trump. Yesterday the president-elect has hinted, participating in the Welcome Concert on the stairs of Lincoln Memorial with a promise to unify the country and bring back America for all including those of the inner cities, said Trump, who then somehow allowed the disorientation of many Americans.

Many people did not give us great possibilities, but we understand why this has happened. To give a sense of a possible continuity, on his arrival in Washington for the inauguration, Trump announced 50 officials in key positions appointed by the previous administration will remain in place.

Despite relaxing statements, pre-inauguration day is lined with episodes of tension. The same Trump, with a series of new statements, helped rekindle the controversy. No other administration has had people with an IQ so high, said Trump while visiting his Trump International Hotel, where he was greeted by his supporters and where, referring to his own hotel, he said, only a genius could have built a place like this.

Trump also reiterated his readiness to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. On the other side of the fence, they continued the positions taken. Sixty Democrats of Congress will not participate in the inauguration ceremony. Anti-Trump protesters, last night, met with the supporters of Trump throwing insults and objects that are presented to the deplorable, the pre-inauguration ball organized at the National Press Club. The demonstrators were evicted by police after they set fire to a couple of trash cans.

Today the city is strictly divided into sectors. The area around the Congress and the National Mall will be reserved for those who want to attend the oath. Pennsylvania Avenue will be closed for the parade. One million people are expected at the ceremony. Particularly expected, the Bikers for Trump, fell on the capital with their bikes from all over America. Their founder, Chris Cox, was assigned the role of service of order in the case of too strong protests. I do not anticipate any skirmish, at least I hope, said Cox. But if the security of Trump and his supporters is taking the risk, Cox said, I think my boys will intervene.

Hundreds of people will march not to celebrate but to challenge. The occasion certainly more important is the Women's March on Washington, which will move on Saturday morning from Independence Avenue, not far from the Congress. The march, in all probability, will lead to Washington with a crowd at least similar to that flocked to celebrate Trump. The Washington Post said that while 200 buses have asked to be allowed to park on opening day, 1200 arrive for the Women's March.

The march launched on Facebook by a lawyer in Hawaii, Teresa Shook was quickly endorsed by thousands of people which will be open not only to women. The new president, as usual, will assist to a religious service in St. John's Episcopal Church, next to the White House. In the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, there will be a counter-religious ceremony to love one another and to continue the struggle for justice.

A much more aggressive approach is instead adopted by DisruptJ20, a coalition of groups and activists who plan acts of civil disobedience and direct action to derail the inauguration ceremonies and all the related celebrations with parades and dances.

The activists of Free Weed will instead distribute 4200 reeds at 8 am in the Central Dupont Circle. The gesture wants to remember how many states in recent years, have legalized the use of marijuana for purposes recreational and therapeutic purposes. Marijuana use, however, remains a crime, at the federal level, although the administration of Barack Obama has avoided any conflict with States on this issue.

The government of Trump, in particular, the new attorney general Jeff Sessions, however, could try to enforce the ban. To revive the battle pro-legalization activists will light the reeds in the National Mall, four minutes and twenty seconds into the Trump speech. In the area, again to protest, there will also be those of Occupy the Inauguration, a group created by the Greens, which aims to represent 99% of Americans.