Book Review: Upon the Radiant Isle - Arun Gartadkar

Upon the Radiant Isle Arun Gartadkar

Upon the Radiant Isle by Arun Gartadkar is a collection of poetry born from the need of the author to make an essential inner journey aimed at the search for identity of self and the meaning of life in a particularly critical period of his existence.

They express, therefore, erratic impulses suspended between lives in an atavistic dual opposition that has always characterized the tormented man's journey. Through the poems the author managed to find the deep foundation of his personal stability, calling for awareness of self and of the world that goes beyond the mere material and temporal boundaries to embrace a vision of cosmic existence.

The poems always express something very personal, feelings and emotions of those who are put out and proposed to the reader, as we find ourselves faced with an author whose feelings ooze with strength from his verses and expresses them in his poetry with ease, in a direct way, managing to strike the reader and make us feel the lines, giving many the opportunity to identify with those verses.

This anthology born, perhaps, for the author's personal need to fill a void has hope and love with all the feelings that agitate the human soul according to the time that you live,.
The poems of this collection express an awareness of self, first of all, which is the basis for a happy life. They are suspended between feelings, joy and hope with the author perfectly able to convey his feelings, touching the mind of the reader.

The poems proceeds along a narrow ridge, the watershed between me and the world, individual destiny and history collective, extreme ability to represent or narrate and likely impossible to find a way, light and dark, of memory and forgetfulness duty.

With a skilful interweaving of rhythms, the result is a musical rhythm in the narrative with the deliberate lack of rhymes and traditional techniques favours full freedom of evocation of images sometimes defined and sometimes intentionally confusing.

The verse has the formal peculiarities with bursts of poetry in poetry and the culmination of their manifestation in repudiation of each metrical pattern. Through these conventions the author expresses outlined contents, especially, from the memories, from which filters the relationship with the era in which he lives and the places inhabited by little and those who live now.

The lexicon is very nice, and the writing seems more instinctive, with wise use of adjectives. It operates very personally with stretches of romantic spirit, influenced by the great poets of our tradition. The author has the ability to permeate every line with deep reflections which project the reader in a personal sphere.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 103 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: 9 November 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9385945557