Book Review: The Rich Labourer - Parthajeet

The Rich Labourer Parthajeet Sibani Sarma

The Rich Labourer by Parthajeet and Sibani Sarma understands how important it is to really understand the concept of personal growth and the help we can get through innovation. It lets you see the attention on everything that has value and all that is wasted. I can say that the authors have taught me a way of thinking, of living, of facing problems.

The theme of innovation is very timely for any company or government and is one of the key points for success in this difficult economic situation. The focus of companies, the set of products and services offered on the market, allows it to recover precious resources and devote to what can make a difference over time.

What can you say about a new book on this topic? Well, this book says something new and has a great advantage as it is full of interesting examples. The book clarifies and analyzes very rigorously the rules underlying the innovation, with a particular focus on the role played by the people.

The originality of the author's work is also in place to have the first time in this field of study the people at the centre of business growth processes. Innovation yes, but not disconnected from the welfare of individuals.

The ability to deeply engage people, motivate them and really putting them at the centre of the business transformation process is the key factor that guarantees full sustainability to any change in the company, so that helps us bring out the human potential in submerged our companies.

Being able to applying the principles of this book, it attempts to derive the maximum result with the least effort, in the processes where innovation is a key in the enterprise, which can become today the most powerful weapon at the most competitive cost.

This book aims to transfer a methodology that includes products, processes, people and tools through a system applicable in any business environment while making use of the examples of many fictional stories.

The book has something concrete that companies can do to recover the competitiveness gap that separates them more and more from the rest of the industrialized world. The book does not talk, but as we see is full of fictional examples. Particularly interesting is the attention given to people in a field where others often focuses exclusively on the technical aspects.

A book that demonstrates how, even in the reality, in contrast to what you might think, it is possible to implement the "Probe-Ponder-Prove method" towards innovation and make it the key to success for company!

The presentation enhances the book with the principles described in this book allow you to thoroughly understand how to create a system of people, processes and technology that can project the company in the future, with products that actually solve customer problems and this is the way to become a market leader and excel as a company.

An excellent book, written in a clear and simple language, the concepts are explained in an excellent way and the narrative is a treat where you see that are not real cases and is recommended to all for both those persons directly involved in the development of products and to all those who are involved indirectly.

The book will be able to give a new way of thinking and growth oriented goals as the authors pose a considerable difference on when and how it should be done today, in which the market conditions have changed significantly, and in an economic time like this, where innovation often means survival.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 136 ♥ Publisher: idream ♥ Published: 1 January 2017 ♥ Language: English ♥ ASIN: B01MSZGIL9