Book Review: Paper Cranes - Tialila Kikon

Paper Cranes Tialila Kikon

Paper Cranes by Tialila Kikon is a collection of true and pure poems with verses on the dark background of displaced negative emotions, but do not forget, that it becomes surprisingly bright with lightness and positive spirit.

Who said that the chimeras of every individual hardly toast to their realization? The verses here are a special example of the capability of carrying over the common vision of life and the material conception of existence.

This collection of poems is special because it manages to differentiate itself from many others. It is a book in which a pristine bulb is enclosed which in turn contains a great message, a hymn to hope and freedom, the fight against evil, the desire to move forward, the desire to live life infinitely, leaving no stone unturned, even the slices to love, those dark and gloomy moments that often leave their mark in all of us.

The writer incessantly gives voice to the radiant energy of her hands, which comes to light through the lucky pen that addresses issues such as sadness, grief, courage, strength, hope, freedom, endless desire to live, love for nature, and the ability to go further.

Reading this book was like putting on a warm, soft blanket. From the first poem itself, I realized that the poetic style was always sweet and relaxing. The narrative voice, drags you into a whirlwind of different emotions, but every situation, every feeling, even the most extreme, fanciful, strong or dramatic, comes along with a positive sense of inevitability.

You know there will be suffering, you know that sadness is always just around the corner there, you know that things will never go as you would like, but this does not discourage you, as if the author flash in the distance a spark of happiness, because in the midst of all that is painful and unjust, there is a common thread of sweetness and love that quietly meanders between words and that drives you, almost smiling, toward the next difficulty.

I can say, I have just finished reading this book and I still have tears in my eyes. This was one of the few books that managed to make me cry, and leave at the end of a feeling of emptiness and sadness. The words are beautiful, simple and pure that it seems an illusion and yet so full of difficulties and suffering.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 97 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: 1 October 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9385945502