5 Travel Ideas with Friends in January

by - December 31, 2017

January begins with great uproar in most of the planet. The excitement of New Year helps mitigate the fact that much of the northern hemisphere is frozen. The New Year's resolutions to keep fit can be promoted with ski trips to burn calories to Europe or North America, and the mild climate of southern Europe is also ideal for tennis or golf games. Nature also is sensitive to the seasons, be cold, and in the forests of Poland, or warm, and in the waters around Indonesia. Include Viking celebrations in the Shetland Islands or the firework display Chinese New Year later this month.

January is a good time to get away as a group and there are several reasons for this. First, the supply pressure to the holiday season has passed, secondly, the month of January is usually a relaxed working level month - unless you work at an agency, of course - by allowing you to travel with those you most want without the obstacles that may result in having to seek specific dates. And the beginning of the year is usually one of the times when flights are cheaper.

5 Travel Ideas with Friends in January

These 5 trips will delight in January

1. The south of Tenerife for diving enthusiasts: If you are someone who never tires of discovering new coral reefs, Tenerife is your place. Traveling with friends on the beach of Los Cristianos is an experience and the best success because, unlike what will happen if they do not, it will be possible to enjoy a trip with unforgettable friends if you do this way. Choose a diving course or do on your own, make excursions to Mount Teide or forest Anaga in the north and do not forget to enjoy every second.

2. The road to Santiago: It's never a bad time. If you want to visit the Camino de Santiago , this is a good time. True, it is a pretty cool time to walk but summer is not a better proposal because you'll encounter too many tourists. It is for this reason that can be a good alternative to make way at your own pace. An advice? Try the excellent Galician and Leonese cuisines. You'll love yourself and your friends!

3. Safari in Africa if you have a good budget: Traveling to Africa and to know the Masai Mara is no small thing, of course not, but if your are economic travel, be aware that this will not be one of them. That's why you will be worth having your own budget and which have your friends before doing anything.

4. New York for groups of friends: Perhaps this is one of the great trips you expected and may also never, ever, can enjoy it as much as I do this. If you want to travel to New York, do not hesitate and do it easily thanks to the many bargains that currently exist and include everything needed for two. Of course, do not forget to travel in even number!

5. Interrail, for those who never tire of Europe: If you love traveling around Europe and you are unsure, do not hesitate to travel by InterRail. Currently there are very good deals with what you've achieved a lot more than you'd imagine. Enjoy Do!

Weather conditions:

- USA is frozen in the cold

- Caribbean enjoys sun and heat. Jamaica is less hot by the sea air, for them January is the driest season.

- Costa Rica; It is the best time to visit this country.

- Scandinavia: lots of snow. The climate is harsh and like Alaska. St. Petersburg is pretty snowy, but very cold.

- Tanzania: its location is near the Ecuator so its temperature does not vary much.

- Hong Kong has a tropical climate, but January is the driest and coldest month. The daytime temperature is very nice.

- Australia: can be very hot and dry. If the wind blows from the interior, on the coast may have very high temperatures.


Bangkok (Thailand, Asia): A frenetic city with beautiful temples. Marvel at the huge golden Buddhas, the bustling and colorful markets and the splendid Grand Palace, Wat Phra Keow.

Lalibela (Ethiopia, Africa): Amazing churches carved directly into solid rock. Visit the wonders of the castles of Gondar handmade, natural beauty of the Simien Mountains and rock churches.

Shetland Islands (Scotland, Europe): Up Helly Aa is an impressive sight. Lewick midwinter in processions with torches and burning of a Viking ship is the culmination of the festival.

Monte Carlo (Monaco, Europe): Attends race car or try your luck in the casino. Elegant destination on the French Riviera. If you're not a fan of cars, in receipt of the opera, ballet or play roulette.

San Pestesburgo (Russia, Europe): Imperial City of the Tsars, full of great art. St. Petersburg, located in a beautiful network of canals, is one of the cities in the world with more culture, the Ermitage.


Patagonia (Chile and Argentina, South America): Take a journey of discovery through the "end of the world". Follow legendary sea by the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel to see whales, elephant seals and glaciers.

The Ghan (Australia, Oceania): The top - down country by train. Cross an as large as Australia should not be taken lightly subcontinent. The Ghan is the ultimate train journey from Darwin to Adelaide.

Aviemore (Scotland, Europe): The center of racing sleds in the UK. English sled race lasts a week, and can be interspersed with rugged hiking or traditional dances from the highlands.

Siwa Oasis (Egypt, Africa): Camels, dates and mirages on a route through the oasis. Take a historical journey through the heart of the North African desert, among sand dunes and plateaus.


Costa Rica (Central America): An exquisite natural beauty and coastal rainforest. Manuel Antonio National Park combines with palm-fringed beaches and mangrove forest.

Bunaken Park (Indonesia, Asia): pristine coral reefs and brightly iridescent bright fish. With excellent visibility and a variety of fish and corals, this park is one of the best to see marine life.

River Gambia (Gambia, Africa): Merge with nature. Experience the authentic Gambian culture first person staying in a little house on stilts surrounded by a river full of animals.

Forest Romincka (Poland, Europe): A medieval forest where bison and wolves abound. Visit ancient forests, unfrequented by man, and one of the last bastions of the great European mammals.

Tromso (Norway, Europe): The best place to see the aurora borealis. It will be cold, and snow will be nice day and night. During this month there is also film and music festivals in the city.


Merida (Venezuela, South America): This wonderful city is flanked by two mountain ranges. Romantic stay in posadas outside the city, crosses the Sierra Nevada during the day and relax in a luxurious balenario before dinner.

Jukkasjärvi (Sweden, Europe): Enjoy a hotel built almost entirely of ice. Acurrucaos together to watch the spectacular auroras from the bed while you spend a few days exploring a winter wonderland.

Jamaica (Caribbean): Savor the heady scent of warm rum and reggae rhythm. There are more than holidays; try diving, or hiking in the Blue Mountains, before soaking up sun on a great beach.

Maldives (Indian Ocean): More than a thousand islands in waters submerged sunny turquoises. Cruise through the peaceful atolls in a luxury sailboat, swim in crystal clear water on bright coral reefs and relax at a spa.

Crans Montana (Switzerland, Europe): Indulge in a perfect alpine bucolic setting. This sophisticated Swiss Center explodes with color in the annual balloon festival. Spectacular views are in the cart or skiing on the slopes.


Kilimanjaro (Tanzania, Africa): An adventure that can be enjoyed at any age. Watch the sunset from the Kilimanjaro is for contarl or grandchildren. It needs to be fit, but not a mountaineer.

Algarve (Portugal, Europe): Improve your technique tennis or golf (or both). Sunny all year, but with a climate cool enough for sports, the Algarve is perfect for tennis and golf. Cairo -

Cape Town (Africa): From north to south by bike. You may not want to travel the 12,000km - it takes more than three months - so you can choose one or more stages.

Bansko (Bulgaria, Europe): Beautiful skiing (and economic) in a beautiful village. The picturesque streets of Bansko, taverns wood and its friendly people you'll love.

Jackson Hole (USA, America): Very exciting for skilled skiers. Excellent skiing opportunities with huge drops and a small town, friendly and inhabited by real cowboys.


Hong Kong (China, Asia): Contemplate the arrival of Chinese New Year. Hong Kong mixes tradition and modernity: visit temples wrapped in incense and skyscrapers to the clouds.

Center Parcs (England, Europe): Hundreds of activities for children (and adults). Outdoor, kids can splash around all you want and there are many more things to do.

Miami (USA, North America): In this vibrant city many things happen. It has beach, excellent shopping, marine aquarium, Art Deco architecture and visits to the Everglades and Cape Kennedy Space Center.

Kiawah Island (USA, North America): A beautiful resort on a quiet island. The water is too cold for swimming, but the open spaces of the beach offer plenty of activities for children and adults.

Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain, Europe): mild all year and plenty of attractions climate. Swimming, surfing, cycling and exploring the island are enough activities for everyone are busy and happy.

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