Travel to Greece to Athens, Santorini and Mykonos

We traveled to Greece to visit Athens, Santorini and Mykonos, which would allow us to elaborate a complete Greece travel guide. After traveling to Rome, we had decided to take a trip that combined monuments and beaches. Is there any better destination than Athens and the Greek Islands?


We arrived in a low cost flight to the Athens airport. There was a suffocating heat, something typical in Athens in the middle of August. We took the X95 bus to Athens. The journey lasted about 70 minutes, although it was about two hours since the bus had no air conditioning. We were like sardines in a can! Once in Athens, we got off at Syntagma Square, since our hotel was a few steps from this central square.

We stay in a budget hotel, that offers us buffet breakfast. After a shower, we went out to have a first impression of the city of Athens.


I did not expect to find much since the comments I had read about Athens were very poor. However I was pleasantly surprised. The area of Plaka is beautiful with small bars whose terraces were on steep stairs, cooled with water sprinklers and filled with pots. We took a walk and went up to the Acropolis of Athens. However, we did not enter the site since we would leave it for the next day. On the way back we had a lemonade and headed back to the hotel for dinner and rest.


Second day in Athens, we decided that we would only stay one night. So we got up very early and went to visit the Acropolis of Athens. The truth is that in the Acropolis there is rather little to see. There are only four or five buildings full of scaffolding.

But going to Greece and not visiting the Acropolis is like traveling to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower. One recommendation is that you visit the monument as early as possible. We did it around 9:00 and we had to fight the intense heat and the hordes of tourists. On our way back, we were able to visit the Ancient Agora and stroll along the central and commercial Ermou Street.


We finally picked up the suitcases of the hotel. We returned by bus to the airport of Athens, and at about 6:30 pm we flew to Santorini. Upon arrival in Santorini our hotel pick-up service was waiting for us at the airport. We were transferred to the hotel located in Firostefani. It is a small family establishment that also provide a pick-up service and transfer to the port and airport. The girl at the front desk is very helpful and helped us in everything. We arrived around 8:00 pm. We contemplate walking that leads from Fira to Oia to see the sensational and beautiful sunset. It was something unique!


We picked up the car we had rented and headed towards Oia. Upon arrival it cost us a bit to park because it was packed with tourists. When we finally did, we could walk and see the typical blue domes, and the main street that is full of small shops. Just at the end of this street there was a small viewpoint from which we can see the caldera.


Then we take the road to Ammoudi Armeni, a small fishing village at the foot of Oia. In Ammoudi we leave the car and continue walking along a slightly steep road until we reach a small islet with a hermitage. There we snorkel. It was something absolutely incredible since at the foot of the chapel there is a free fall so the bottom is not visible. The sensation is amazing! In the evening we return to the hotel for dinner at one of their restaurants. They serve the fish that they have caught the same day. The only downside is that we had to wait a long time to get a table.


On our fourth day, we set out to visit some of the beaches of this wonderful island. We opted for the beaches of Kamari and Perissa, beaches of songs and not of sand but highly recommended. The most advisable is Kamari, since it is a beach with all kinds of services. There are bars, bathrooms, showers, and the possibility of water sports. However, you should bear in mind that you have to go at this beach in the morning, since in the afternoon the sun hides behind the mountain and covers much of the beach with shade.


In the evening we headed back to Oia to see its famous sunset. The truth is that comparing it with that of Firostefani, I prefer the latter. Firostefani is less crowded than Oia, besides having more charm. At night we walk from Firostefani to Fira (Thira). It was something beautiful and very romantic if you go as a couple.


On the fifth day, we tour the Nea Kameni volcano. We walk along the promenade to the port of Fira. You should bear in mind that Fira, Firostefani and Imerovigli are connected as if they were a single city. When we arrived in Fira, we made the big mistake of the trip. We went down to the port on foot and not on a donkey or funicular. We spent about twenty minutes going down stairs and avoiding the donkeys and their poop.

My advice is to get off the funicular. If you go down on a donkey it as well as being slow and expensive, you will end up with your legs destroyed because they stick to the wall and rub against you. The boat ride was very beautiful. We could see the caldera. It was a real show. Everything went well, until we reached the volcano.

With a tremendous heat, we climb to the volcano hoping to find at least one crater. However, our joy vanish since the longed for hole did not exist. It was not the typical volcano that we all have in mind. However, the climb served us, in addition to exercise, to see the sensational views that the volcano offers from its peak.

Later they took us to the sulphurous waters. There all the passengers of the ship went down to feel the sensation of bathing in a pond whose waters reached us by the knee. On our return to Santorini we go for lunch. We return again to Kamari and later to Perissa.


We started the day to set off to visit the Red Beach. On the way to this beach, we stopped at a viewpoint from which we could see the entire caldera. It was something spectacular! The visit to the Red Beach is worth it because of the curiosity of the place. However to take the towel you had to "take number", and there were many people. We hit a bath and headed towards Vlychada. It is a spectacular beach with rake-shaped cliff walls, a chiringuito and is almost deserted. It is something incredible in Santorini and a perfect beach to spend the day.

Finally we visited Perivolos, a beach very similar to Kamari and Perissa but much less crowded with tourists. On our last night in Santorini we opted for the walk to Fira and there buy some souvenirs.


The guy from the hotel took us to the port, that was absolute chaos. Nobody knew since the dock sailed the ferry to Mykonos. Finally, thanks to a couple of Argentines, we found the pier. Although normally in Greece ferries work very well, ours started with an hour and a half of delay. About 2:30 pm we arrived Mykonos. They pick us up at the port and take us to the hotel.

It is a budget hotel with breakfast included, but with one drawback, and that is to get to it we had to climb a hellish hill. After showering, we decided to go for a walk around Chora (Mykonos Town).


If I had to choose what surprised me most about my trip to Greece, I would opt for this small city that stole my heart. Chora is a city with a lot of charm. It is totally white, with balconies of blue, yellow, red or green colors and with small streets all adorned with bougainvillea, and beautiful purple flowers. From the Little Venice we could see the sunset while listening to Chi Lau music, in addition to the incredible windmills. It was all beautiful.


It was the eighth day of our trip and second in Mykonos. We picked up the car we had rented. My advice is to rent quads. There are many establishments that are dedicated to the renting. Once in the vehicle, we set out to see the beaches of Mykonos. They were undoubtedly some of the best beaches in Greece. First of all we headed towards Super Paradise. To get to this beach we have to go down a very narrow and sloping road. This beach has crystal clear waters and no waves, and is one of the few where hammocks do not occupy the entire beach.

Some play music and people dance in the establishment on the beach. The only downside in this beach, and in general in all the beaches of Mykonos, is that the fish have complex of piranhas. They are hungry and when entering the water they give you pecks. When you are on the towel it is fun to see how people, when they enter the water, scream and complain. The problem comes when you want to take a bath and you are the one suffering from the famine of the carnivorous fish.


Falling in the sun, we went to watch the sunset of Mykonos from a small terrace of Little Venice. There we had a great cocktail, with Rosario Flores as background music. There is nothing to envy at the Santorini sunset! After we went through the streets of Chora and visited some of its many shops. We bought rather little since everything was expensive.


On our ninth day of travel, after visiting beaches like Platy Gialos and Psarou where it is not worth going because they are very small, full of people and hammocks, we decided to visit Elia. Elia is one of the most extensive of Mykonos, where you had to pay to lie down in a hammock since there was no place to put towels. At night we left the march for some of the premises of Chora.


Tired of this agglomeration, on our tenth day we visited Panormos and Agios Sostis, possibly the most beautiful and quiet beaches of Mykonos. There were very few people, something strange in Mykonos, and in August. Panormos has a snack bar and a cocktail bar.

In Agios Sostis the chiringuito is not on the beach itself. To access it we have to go down a hill and get around some rocks. At night, again the body asked us for a walk so we came back out. After several days, we finally found the famous Petros pelican. Until now there had been no sign of the bird. The little bird slept right next to the church.


Last day in Mykonos we took advantage of the beach. In short if you're looking for dreamy landscapes, filmy beaches it is a joyful trip where you can combine culture, beaches, nature and walking.

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