Yuri on Ice Full Episodes Online

It's impossible not to mention a new hilarious Japanese series entitled Yuri on Ice, which is enjoying great success, not to count on new social accounts under the name of the characters. We mention it because the general feeling is that the creators were inspired from some real characters of the skating world including Plushenko.

In summary this is a series of episodes that tell the story of a Japanese skater of 23 years called Yuri Katsuki, a character who definitely seems to be inspired from Yuzuru Hanyu and reminiscent of both his idol, the twenty-seven year old Russian Viktor Nikiforov and Plushenko. A third character is the fifteen year old Russian Yuri Plisetsky, star of the Junior skating and mate Viktor track, but here are wasted assumptions.

Yuri is an emotional guy who tends to gain weight. Ice is a very talented skater, but cannot handle the pressure of the race and hit the targets. Viktor is a living legend, five-time world champion, thanks to unique technical skills but also artistic and initially undecided whether to abandon the competitive activity or not for lack of new ideas.

He has the charisma of a rock star and has great charm and beauty and also has a fierce following of fans of all ages and journalists. He is a positive character, who has experience and is awfully sure of himself. Noting the talent of Yuri, he instinctively leaves his coaching career, to be his coach helping him to blossom.

This causes the wrath of Yuri, who wants to make his debut in the Senior Grand Prix and win it and certainly doesn't want another rival for Yuri. He is ambitious and sometimes behaves like a thug reaching even to threaten his good Japanese rival. Viktor had promised him help for his debut. We do not add more.

It's really funny with many similarities to real people. To mention just a few the idol of Hanyu has always been inspired of Plushenko. Evgeni noted the unique talent of Yuzuru and is his first fans. The second name of Evgeni is Viktorovic. Evgeni has always been self-confident and a large following of fans and was undecided about return to competition with the relationship with his coach, the costumes, the character of an independent Yuzuru, the Iceberg Palace of Sochi, etc. There is fun guaranteed!