A beautiful White Christmas in Austrian Winter

What makes a typical Austrian winter? It is the ​​white Christmas and white Advent season anyway. In any case, a weekend in the mountains is one of them. Morning skiing, lunch in the hut, in the afternoon in the sauna and then the evening in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine. That's exactly what I did this winter.

To get out of town before Christmas and enjoy the fresh air. It was a magical Christmas, because there is enough snow, and it was definitely relaxing. Now you definitely want to know where I was exactly. I'll tell you in the beautiful Mühlbach in Salzburg, more precisely on Mühlbach, just a stone's throw from the ski slope of the Hochkönig ski region. Publicly a bit harder to reach.

But we had really great rental cars and I was allowed to drive a huge SUV with four-wheel drive and automatic. It was a small challenge and I was afraid for the first few minutes, but actually is the simplest automatic ride in the world! Small anecdote by the way. When I came out of the ski rental and wanted to start driving again, three men stood around my car and examined it extensively.

When they saw that I just carelessly unlocked the car and drove off, they did not look bad. Well, they would not have expected a 22-year-old to drive such a box! I spent 2 days in the beautiful Mühlbach at the Hochkönig in Salzburg.

A cuddly bed with red and white plaid bedding, a cozy fireplace in an even cozier living room and hanging pigs that run past my window. I think with these three things describes Mühlbach quite well. Actually almost a typical Austrian cliché! If only a little more snow had lain.

Nonetheless, it was just amazingly idyllic and perfect for watching the fir and birch covered in snow. After the somewhat longer journey, we were all but quite tired anyway and had trouble the next day to be punctual at the ski rental. On the first evening after an incredibly delicious cheese fondue with a full stomach, we go to bed.

One thing I really miss in Vienna is pets. When I arrived at Mühlbach I was greeted by a big furry dog. I used to be terrified of dogs, especially those big ones. But fortunately that has settled and the furry dog has hugged me once. I was just taking photos outside when the furry animal rushed towards me again and did not want to leave. We were all very enthusiastic but also from the alpaca, which when photographed from below looks like it would smile. But if you come too close to the camera, it has taken flight faster than you thought.

The huts are actually more chalets and you can believe me they are even more comfortable. Sitting in the evening after a long ski day with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace has something! In addition, the private spa with sauna and bath in the cabins, the many animals and the hospitality of the family makes the farm something very special. Everything is done with so much attention to detail that I feel well from the first second.

It was perfect for a typical Austrian weekend in the mountains with the beloved ones, the best friends or for the whole family. I think this is the perfect place to stay, especially for families, because I know how much I loved having animals when I was little.
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