What is Green Monday? Discounts in USA

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First was the black friday, then it came Cyber Monday. It is logical that you wonder What is the Green Monday that everyone is talking about. This guide will explain exactly what is the Green Monday and how you can use it to save money on your purchases and holiday gifts.

When is the Green Monday?

In 2016, the Green Monday will be on December 12

What is Green Monday?

Green Monday was invented by the online store eBay in 2007 and refers to the second Monday in December. Many say it is the best day to buy in December and compare it to Cyber Monday this month. Due to the dramatic growth in online shopping in recent years and increased discounts and deals when shopping online, the Green Monday has become one of the most important days for e-commerce.

What to buy on Green Monday?

We've talked about what to buy on Black Friday and what to buy on Cyber Monday, but what are the things you can buy in Green Monday? Here we show you the results of our analysis of last year's Green Monday. According to participating stores on Green Monday, the best things to buy are electronic gadgets, televisions, Toys, Christmas gifts, branded clothes, Makeup, Baby Items. Although there are other offers on Green Monday, these are items that have seen the most lower prices on this day.

The best stores to buy in Green Monday offering as many offers and sales this year are Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Buy etc.

The Green Monday is the perfect opportunity to find Christmas gifts for the whole family at low prices. Fortunately, this day falls on just the perfect time to take advantage of offers and receive gifts just before Christmas date. Just last year, on Green Monday more than 1,400 million dollar valued items were sold. Some experts predict that this Green Monday is another day for billion dollars in sales for e-commerce. We're still not sure of the final numbers, but what we have seen, many good offers will be prepared to save money.