The Last Of Us 2: Review, Cheats, Tips

While Joel is embodied in the first Last of Us, this time the lead is played by Ellie. The Last of Us 2 will be the exact opposite of the first episode. While TLOU spoke of the love between the two characters, this time the story is about hatred and they use the gameplay and music to tell this hatred.

Why Part II? The game takes place three years later, Ellie is 19 years old. Neil Druckmann has insisted that he will not one more "easy". They would not play unless they thought they had the right idea. They love these characters and more that people have wanted to make this sequel to the finish provided with something powerful. Druckmann tried to ideas with other characters but it was not working. The story is bigger and he promises they will not disappoint the fans.

A time to start writing later, Neil Druckmann, had to put aside the iconic moments of the first part. You should not make the same styles of scenes, write something new, strong, different. Pleasure and pressure, ending up.

Ellie is tattooed because she lived the trials but Ashley Johnson cannot say more because she's afraid of getting into trouble. Ashley Johnson also said that the scene of the trailer was sent to it by Neil Druckmann it two years ago. She was afraid to sing but it's a cool moment. Troy Baker said he almost did not audition for Joel because he thought he was too young. Full of actors who looked like Joel spent as hearing and he was about to leave when the manager called the cast.

Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker meet was an extremely moving moment. They were not Troy and Ashley, but Joel and Ellie. Watch the trailer for the first time in public made them cry by Troy Baker. Neil Druckmann explains that for the demo Ashley on the song, she sang too well and they had to hire a vocal coach to make it sing so well.

New outfits performance capture. Naughty Dog teams have created digital doubles and Troy Ashley with certain physical characteristics of the characters as freckles, which they then transposed on Ellie and Joel. The characters are now merging the physics of the actor and the character.

Ellie moves differently Joel. Some things are evolutions, other reinventions of previous gaming systems. The characters are very different than they were in the first game and it is therefore not possible to create versions Part II of the memorable scenes from the first game. When they capture scenes, they do that by "Arc" to to advance the story.

Music will once again be composed by Gustavo Santaolalla. Troy Baker, Neil Druckmann is the best director with whom he worked. Ashley says it's clearly one of his favorite because he is open and working with him is fun and lets them try stuff.

There has been much discussion on the time to show the first trailer for The Last of Us 2. The idea was to present at E3, which remains the biggest show, but Naughty Dog really wanted to satisfy fans hence the PlayStation Experience.

Naughty Dog has an idea of ​​the release date of the game but as has played tricks on them in the past, they prefer to say nothing for the moment.